Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More March Madness

The girls, taking pics of each other on my phone.

 One day, before David and I left on vacation, I checked Reagan out of school early because we had an "appointment."  Best way to play hookie.
 Field Day!  It was freezing first thing that morning.
 Brooklyn crawled up in Mrs. Parker's lap (Reagan's teacher).
 This is where she spent the rest of the time, on her throne.  :)
 Reagan - far left.  She was so funny... this race, she won first place blue ribbon.  Her next race, she got a red second place.  So she told me that she really wanted to get 3rd and 4th place in her next two races so she would have one ribbon of every color.  :)  Priorities, people!
 Her throne.  She always draws a crowd, my little extrovert.  I really try to remedy this as best I can with Reagan's feelings in mind... it's hard.  But I tell her that her friends LOVE Brooklyn because she reminds them of her!  :)  Truth.
 Class competitions.
 Quick Change Relay.  Run, Iverson!!
 Gotta LOVE the tug-o-war!

At the end of March, the girls started swim lessons.  These pics are horrible since they are off my phone, through a glass wall, through a humid indoor pool area.  But they are LOVING swimming!!

 Reagan getting her award at the PTA meeting for her artwork display in Feb.  I love this pic of Reagan... so "her".  Natural pics of her are hard to come by...
First Grade Easter Egg hunt!!

 With her BFF, Amory.  Sweet friends, these two!
 I just happened to have my camera close by while she was drinking her coffee-milk one Sat.  Love it.
March is Rodeo Time in Houston.  Each year we take them to the stock show and fair on a Sat.  It was COLD this time... so weird!  But they loved wearing their hats and hitting the rodeo.
 Baby Longhorn


YEEEEEHAW!!  Pony Ride!

 B was funny... kept reaching down and patting her horse... "Good girl, Tiki. Good girl."

 The egg/chick area is always a hit!

 We had to take this pic for Uncle Ronnie... since we met Ronnie the pig!
We don't always do this, but this year we bought tickets for some rides.  SOOO worth it, since every pic I have has smiles just like these:

 Had to eat inside because it was so cold... CROWDED.  So, the floor became our friend for our fair food.  So fun.... the Rodeo is one of my favorite things about being in Houston.

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