Friday, April 05, 2013


Starting off March with the end... Easter pics!
On Saturday, David made easter egg pancakes with chocolate chips.  A little chocolate and food coloring goes a long way into the hearts of my kids.
That night, the baskets appeared and brought big squeals on Sunday morning.
 My beautiful babies who are so not little anymore. :(

Speaking of getting big, Reagan asked me earlier that weekend if I would let her wear a headband with her dress. "I'm just not that in to bows anymore, but I'm really in to headbands right now."  My heart just SUNK.  She never seems to really care about how she looks or what she wears (except she really enjoys dressing for comfort, like with "soft pants", which she comes by naturally).  But I guess she is growing up.  So, we found a perfect pink and silver headband for her dress... and I bought a few more with sparkles and flowers to add to our hair "wardrobe."  Goodness gracious, how did she get so big?
After celebrating our Risen Savior with a great service at church, we headed to Aunt Mary and Uncle Kyle's for lunch and egg hunting!
Off they go!

 Etta was big enough this year to really participate.  Her attention span didn't last long, but it was fun while it lasted!
 As the oldest and biggest, Reagan was serious in her hunting.  :)  But she was sweet and left the easy ones for the littles.
 I love this look I'm getting from David.
 Right before, at lunch, Reagan bit into her sandwich... looked at me with eyes WIDE... and told me that her tooth had just gotten "waaaaay looser."  So, David pulled it!  So, sweet girl went egg hunting with her huge front gap.  :)

 Jumpin'!  (I love how Austin and Jonathan are watching!)
 Jumpin' again!
 James and his Mini-me.
 Finding just a couple more before she was all hunted-out.
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!!!!

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