Monday, January 30, 2012


Brooklyn and I went to TX Children's Hospital for a check up with her neurosurgeon.  Goodness gracious, we are so blessed.  He did all the normal exam stuff... checked out her tubing in her tummy (just by feel), did some neuro-exam stuff, looked in her eyes, etc.  And she was a CHAMP about it, first time ever not to freak out even a little.  :)  But the best part was when he put her down and said "Ok, Miss Brooklyn, show me what you can do."  She took off running!  He looked at me and said "That might be the best work I have ever done."  David and I both agree that Dr. Neurosurgeon is a great doctor, but he also lets us know in lots of ways that he thinks so too.  This time, I choose to be ok if he is a little arrogant and proud of his work!  I mean, really, on Dec 10 and Dec 14, 2008 there were SO MANY people praying for him as he operated on Brooklyn's spine and brain.  It is NO WONDER he did his best work on those days!!  :)  So obviously, we got a great report on her... he again said how amazing she is.... that for a "myelo-kid" (Myelomeningocele), he is just baffled by how well she functions in all areas.  God is so good... it is so fun to be her Mommy.  :)

He also had some good news for us about her shunt.  Back in November, she had an "episode" at preschool that worried all the teachers (including the physician's assistant that works there... so blessed to have her!).  She kinda zoned-out one day, was practically non-responsive, just staring at the wall with her head down.  At first told her teachers her head hurt and she was tired, then wouldn't tell them anything.  Needless to say, I came and got her and we went straight to the hospital to get her shunt checked out.  She perked up in the car and started acting better than fine!  So, by the time we had her tests done, they all were normal... praise God.  Anyways, he told me today that he is 99% sure that she was having a shunt clog that day... the symptoms were just right for one.  But that every once in awhile the clog will clear itself, which he assumes happened for Brooklyn.  I asked him, "Ok, so now what?"  He told me to "breathe a huge sigh of relief and be happy... she avoided surgery."  WOW.  So, once again, she baffles us!! 

So, here is my walking-talking-testimony to the Glory of God in the form of a cutie-pie little 3 year old!!  Thank you for your love and continued prayers for her!  Isn't she just great?!  Isn't God AMAZING?!
Here is her "running running running" tonight while I was cooking dinner.  Just did, oh, about 30 laps so far.  ;)  This is BAREFOOT running, people!!!  When her braces and straps and shoes are on... watch out!!  :)  (and yes, my house is a total wreck today, but my kids are happy and our weekend was great!).  Isn't she just great?! Isn't God AMAZING?!