Friday, February 22, 2008

Cousin Austin and BFF Cassidee

Here is Reagan's new baby cousin, Austin Beaver! She hasn't been around him much because she has a cough, but we sure look forward to them getting into lots of trouble together!
James, Brenna, and Austin are all doing great. Not sleeping much, but such is life with a newborn. Here they are leaving the hospital.

Not sure what Blogger did to the rest of my pics, but they are quite out of order. No idea what that is about! But I finally got up the pics of when Cassidee came to visit... she is one of Reagan's bestest friends. They had a short visit, but tons of fun.

This one was supposed to be about 10 pics down. But this is the second time the girls have climbed into the eagle's nest at the zoo. The first time, they weren't NEARLY this mobile!

Ok, this is actually pic one. On accident, we had matching pjs! While getting them ready for bed, Reagan is telling Cass a secret, that this box is really fun and you can jump off of it!

Cutie cutie girls!
You may have to enlarge this one to see this hilarious look on Cassidee's face as she is about to launch off the box!
Reagan had a lot to learn from Cassidee about her letters. Cass knows lots of letters, while Reagan calls them all E. But hey, we're working on it! Here she is playing school with Cassidee as she learns her letters from her teacher. :)
Doing a little reading before bed... Cass asking for her paci. Aren't they just so cute?!?!
Reagan pointing out to me that Cassidee has a paci and she doesn't. :)
Now, there is brushing teeth....
...and brushing teeth in STYLE! Awesome!
These are the sweet girls a little less than a year ago on their first trip to the zoo together. Wow, what a difference a year makes! Not on Reagan's belly though evidently, because it still looks just like that.
Zoo trip #2. Hopping in the double stroller for a ride. Cass needed to check to make sure Reagan was ok back there.
Here they are eating some "yummies" at the zoo. Big girls who got to sit in the booth together on their side by themselves.
Reagan LOOOOOVED the Children's Zoo section where she could just take off and roam. Kendra and I just played chase with the girls.
Nothing better than pushing some buttons for some animal sounds!
Ah yes, here is where that other pic was to be. This is the girls in the eagle's nest last March. :)

Playing a little leap frog on the giant fake lily pads.
The petting zoo was Reagan's second favorite part of the zoo. She kept "baaaaaa"ing at the goats, but was calling them "Puppy." Maybe a bit confused, but she loved it.
Not sure this goat loved her though.
It kept trying to hide from the crazy little girl chasing it.
These guys stayed put and let her talk to them and pet them for quite awhile.

Waving "Bye-Bye" to the goats.
Last year, she just sat and smiled for the camera next to the fake beaver dam.
This time, she just said "Hi Bee-buh (beaver)," and patted it on the hiney.
Reagan's favorite part of the zoo was the playground! She and Cassidee had a BLAST going up the stairs...
...across the bridge...
... and down the slide OVER AND OVER. Check out the looks of pure joy on their faces. Too fun!

This one is my favorite b/c of Cass cheering Reagan on.
We can't wait to get the friends together again soon!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Cousin!!

Baby Boy Beaver was born yesterday morning! He and Brenna are both doing great, and James is surviving too I guess! :) He kept saying all day yesterday how much his feet hurt, and I dared him to ask Brenna to rub them. Anyways, I think the child may have a name today... as of last night he was still just a "boy." But I'll find out for certain this afternoon when we go visit again. And he is now out of the NICU, so I'll be able to take pictures! Stay tuned!! Yay for Reagan being the Big Cousin!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweet Valentines

We had a fun, relaxing Valentine's Day. David is sickly, so we ate "in" and just hung out. What am I saying, we would have done that anyways. Just easier with the kid around! But he came home with a dozen roses for "each of his girls", and some fun prizes. Here is Reagan getting flowers from her first love. :)


Then we tried to get her to open her prize, and this was the reaction we got.
She quickly recovered and found that Daddy has great taste! If you can't read that, it is a chocolate apple with a gummy worm inside. Apples are her favorite, so this was a hit. Special day when you get to eat chocolate even before supper!

It gave me great joy to watch her eat this. So funny. She just kept scraping away with her teeth in the chocolate. Made a few good holes in the apple!

Oh, the joy. We regretted this a bit when she was still awake at 10:30!!!
Hope everyone had a great day! (Oh, Reagan and I also got the Little Mermaid DVD to share :) , and I got a Keith Urban (yummy) cd. Gotta give the sweet husband credit for a job well done!)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Fun Week

Sidenote: As I type, my child is sitting in her high chair, dipping all her mac&cheese, carrots, and fish in her tartar sauce, and yelling out all the letters that she knows one by one at the people on Wheel of Fortune. Made me laugh out loud, and I needed to share with "someone." :)
We've had a fun week around here. We've had a fun Super Bowl to watch (as fun as it could be considering who was playing), yummy weather outside to play in, David got to see a shuttle launch in Florida, Reagan and I had company come play with us... fun times! Here are a few pics from the beginning of the week, and I'll have to post the rest later.
Mr. Will is one of Reagan's favorite friends. He and Natalie came over to watch the game on Sunday, and she always has fun with them.
Here he is getting her naked tummy!
The other day she woke up from her nap in a fabulous mood with some fabulous sweaty bed head. I just love that smile!
We went outside and ate our picnic lunch a couple of times to enjoy the weather. She LOVES to be outside so much, and I look forward to the spring when we will have weather like this more often!
Little stinker stole Mommy's drink!!! Ran off to sit in the flower beds and hide. Yeah, right.
Even though her look is kinda funny and you can tell she is tired, I think she looks so pretty in this picture. Am I aloud to say that?
Mommy's drink is heavy!!!
Pics of our playtime...
"I'm running, I'm running!!" (another pretty one to me!)
This was my clue it was time to go in. She just plopped down there and said "nite nite, Mommy."
As my friends, I am trusting you to ignore my extreme close-ups here. But these just turned out so funny! Here is what happens when you try to take one of those "self portraits" with a 19-month-old.

Her Majesty having her tea party with Cookie Monster. She got this tea set from Rowan for Christmas, and she LOVES it. We have pretend tea a lot. She has a GORGEOUS hand-painted porcelin tea set from Japan that her Daddy brought her, but we don't use it yet for obvious reasons. This one is cloth, and maybe soon we'll graduate to a plastic set we can actually put "tea" in. :)
Cookie gets a bite.
This is Reagan "helping" me sweep the back porch. She is actually sweeping dirt back ONTO my porch from the hole Gloria dug. Such a big helper.
Is it wrong that I love this pic so much!? She is chasing Gloria with the broom. :) Gloria's quite blurry because she was trying to quickly escape.
Hmmmm. Nice finger up the nose. Now that it is swept, Daddy gets to power wash. :)
Sweet smiles for a job well done.
Soon to come, fun pics of our zoo trip with Cassidee! Reagan cried all the way home from taking them to the airport today! She misses her friend! Happy weekend everyone!