Saturday, June 30, 2007


You absolutely MUST read Jaymie's blog... Kanyon is coming home! The doctors think either Monday or Tuesday. I am currently wiping my tears and PRAISING GOD for this amazing miracle!!! I mean, seriously, what a testimony this precious boy will have to tell his entire life about his entrance into this world. Do you believe in miracles???!! I DO!!! Do you believe in the awesome power of prayer?!?! I DO!! So please pray for the sweet Phillips family. This transition is hard for any parents bringing home a new baby, but this is extra special in a lot of ways. And I know that no matter how wonderful, it will be bittersweet for Jaymie and Kory to bring home one baby instead of two. But thank you LORD for that wonderful baby!!! God is so good!!!! We love you Kanyon, and Reagan can't WAIT to meet her new friend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catching Up

It seems like it's been forever since I have been able to blog. That is because it has been! So I have lots to share since it has been so long... hopefully blogger will cooperate. Anyone else having issues with blogger??

Reagan and I flew to Granddaddy and Grandmommy's house last week to be with her cousins for a few days. She is finally big enough for her big girl car seat, so we checked it as luggage and she got to ride in it for the first time home from the airport! (Thanks Alicia for picking us up!) She looks SO big in it!
Then we drove to Paris so I could pay Dr. Clint a visit. (Thanks again to Dr. Clint for that!!) She took her first nap in her new car seat. I actually took this picture. Probably not the safest thing to do while driving, but I just stuck the camera in the air and snapped it. Turned out ok.... :)
Adley came with us to Paris for a girls' trip! It was so fun, and she got x-rays of her teeth for the first time! Now, she is obsessed with going to the dentist. Thanks again for that Clint! Anyways, here is Adley getting to know sweet Roselyn, and showing her where her tooth is missing.
Reagan was of course super glad to see her BFF Roselyn. They played and played together. Funny, you can't always tell how much fun they are having from the looks on their faces.... Roselyn didn't know what to think about this loud girl who wanted to play with HER toys.
See how wrinkled her eyebrows are?!? Hilarious! "Move your hand... that is MY catepillar book!"
Reagan of course has her tongue out, concentrating on how to get Roselyn to share her block.
Roselyn looking to Rachel for some assistance! :)
Reagan found that funny!
Roselyn didn't understand what Reagan was so happy about!
After Paris, we went back to Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house for a few days. We got to go swimming with lots of friends, but I never got my camera out! Hopefully someone will send me some pictures from that day?! Anyways, I did get pictures of the sweet cousins swimming in the tub together. Notice Adley the Snaggletooth!
There is this new pizza place by my parents' house that has TONS of cool kid stuff. Movies, go carts, bumper cars, arcade games, mini golf... you name it. We took the kids there, but really only had time to eat and play a few games before bed time. But they/we had a blast! Reagan too. She stood at this game, stared at the lights, and slimed the plastic dome! Adley however got lots of tickets from it!!

Sweet Grandmommy stood there forever letting her "play."
Here is the slime...
I wish you could see this better! Her mouth is WIDE open and sucking on the plastic! It was so funny. The workers might not have thought so since they came by twice to wipe it down with Lysol!
The next morning the kids hung out in pj's and watched Noggin. They needed some down time after their fun night before! Could this BE any sweeter?!?!

We then spent the weekend, after David drove up, at Pop and Grammy's house. Reagan had so much fun, especially playing PeekaBoo with Pop.

"Here, Pop, I do it!"
Little naked girl, after her big throw up episode (yuck), getting to play with her cool new spinning toy while sitting on the table. Life is good for little girls...
Sweet smiley pic with Grammy!

Ok, that was the weekend. Here are just a few more random pictures from the last week or so. (And yes, Susan, Reagan likes to play with my scientific calculator. I didn't start this, she got it by herself out of the drawer!!) Anyways, here is Gloria being so sweet and just taking it.
This is normal everyday life for poor Gloria. Reagan just loves her!
For Aunt Julie:
Reagan's hair is finally long enough on top for a bow. This was the first attempt! :)
She would only leave it alone as long as she had goldfish in her hand. Typical.
Another first: the girl has learned how to clap correctly. She started clapping at 6 months, but would clap her right hand on the TOP of her left. Had done it wrong ever since, until last Sunday. She was sitting with her good friend Mr. Will, and he made her laugh and she just started clapping... for real. Honestly, it made me cry. She is just so big!
And... she got her first big girl toothbrush. Her is her first time with her cool new Baby Einstein toothbrush with the yummy toothpaste.

Must truly be an Einstein since she knew just what to do with it! Now, she wants to brush her teeth all the time!
I took these last pictures after she got the bow out that day. :) Her hair was nuts. I just loved the faces she was making, so I thought you might too. :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

I know, I know...

I am WAY behind on blogging... and have been told this by multiple people! Please, all you Reagan fans and groupies, be patient as the pictures are coming soon. :) I am still out of town and pulling double duty as fabulous Aunt and Mom, so life is full and too busy for picture uploading! How all you guys do it with multiple children, I will never know! Well, I hope to know SOMEDAY, but we'll have to ease into that! :) More blogging to come, I promise!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Just a bunch of pictures....

And I really mean a BUNCH. I had a Rachel moment where I just couldn't decide which pictures were better, so I just put a lot. :) You must know, however, that I did delete some. Really, I did. Hope you don't fall asleep before the end!
Our sweet girl is 11 months old! I just can't believe how big she is. Can't really call her a "baby" anymore, but I do anyways. Taking her 11 month picture in her chair was a challenge! She doesn't sit still anymore! This is how it went for about 15 minutes:
Trying to escape!
Succeeding in escaping! Which meant nose-diving onto the floor.
She thought this game was REALLY funny. We had some laughs with it too!
"Here I go again!"
Capturing the escapee...
She yelled at me for capturing her this time, and she gets in trouble for that. This is the look I get when she gets in trouble. Man, we have our work cut out for us with her little attitude!! She's lucky she's cute! :)
She perks up though. And this is the best shot we got.

Reagan is working on the walking thing. We decided to get her a birthday present early and buy a walker/push toy for her to help her learn this big-girl skill. It also is a ride-along toy, and I think she liked it!
Here she is on the night we brought it home. She needed help keeping it from going too fast. She would push really hard, couldn't keep up with her legs, so then she would face plant! So David and I crawled along the floor holding it steady so she could walk. This walking thing is hard work!
Concentrating.... Of course with her tongue out, just like Cousin Noel!

Fast forward to the next morning. She had this thing figured out in less than 12 hours! Now she is all over the house. Crawl up to it...
...pull up...
"... and off I go all by myself!"
"Did you see me, Mommy?" (there's the tongue again)
Ok, she is just like Noel with her tongue sticking out. And she is JUST like Cousin Adley with her sleeping habits in that she is a head-sweater. When she starts getting sleepy, you know it because her hair gets wet. Well, now that it is summer, she sweats like CRAZY in her sleep! Just her head! David got her up from a nap and found her like this! It happens almost everytime she sleeps now. Check out her 'do! We laughed SO hard, and she laughed really hard at me laughing!

Check out the marks on her face from her Snugglie. Her sheets had a huge wet circle on them where her head was!
Cute, crazy wet bed head!

This is the next day.

I just LOVE getting her up from sleep. She is always so happy!

This is her good friend Baby Doll. She sleeps with Reagan.
And she really does love her, although she looks like she is getting punished for something in this picture.
Well, she may sleep crazy, but it sure is cute! I went in to get something out of her room the other night and was SO glad I did when I found this photo op!
Hard to believe in a month I'll be showing off birthday pictures! I've already cried about it... :)