Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rat Tails, Caffeine Fixes, and a Big Cough

Our little one has had a rough week. Our Kentucky trip was a great visit with family, but unfortunately Reagan was sick the entire trip. She still has RSV, is on meds and feeling better, and I will keep you posted with all that. I will have to post the family pics maybe tomorrow... some of the best pics are on Brenna's camera from when mine died! But here are a few from this week that make me smile.
I gave Reagan her first hair cut a couple of days ago. She has these 2 hilarious cowlicks (is that really how you say that? I have no idea...) in the back, where her hair was longest. So all the long hairs fold to the middle looking like a rat tail. We have had many a laugh about her crazy hair, and I finally decided to cut it off. The tail is saved in her book for later laughs. :)

This is the little bear feeling sick at the airport. Honestly, for how horrible she felt, she was so good! Pretty mellow though...
Sucking the thumb is the new passion. She is an equal opportunity thumb sucker... left or right, doesn't matter. I know that some may frown upon this, but I think it is so cute that I kinda encourage it. Especially since she won't take a paci. You can see the redness around her sick little eyes... poor baby.
Guess she is going to be a coffee drinker! She wanted Aunt Mary's coffee so badly. Guess that was her way of making up for a long night. Too funny.

We were packing for the trip before we left, and I set her down against my pillow on the bed for a second. When I came back, I found this photo op. Here, Aunt Brenna is helping the little sickly girl feel better. She was stingy with smiles on our trip, so I am glad I caught this one. She thankfully had lots of people to love on her. I'll have more sweet pics with family coming soon.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So Much To Be Thankful For

I just LOVE Thanksgiving. Seriously, it ranks right on up there with Christmas. :) The food is great, the time with family is great, but I love the fact that as a nation we take pause to remember how blessed we are. And to take time and watch great football. I am pumped about this week!

This year, David and I have more to be thankful for than ever. Obvious statement. But we are also getting to go to Kentucky to visit his family and Grandmother, which is a huge blessing in so many ways. Reagan hasn't met Greemy, so it will be an extra special visit with her. I'll have more to write about our trip next week I am sure.

David and I are constantly saying how grateful we are for our parents.... so true. We have so much support and love from both sets of parents, and huge examples of love and devotion in Christian marriage to follow. But right now, I would like to give special thanks for my sweet Mom. Since becoming a mother myself, I am more grateful than ever for the amazing Mom God gave to me. Last weekend, she and I got to have a bless-ed full day of shopping together, and I was reminded that all moms and daughters just don't enjoy each other as much as we do! I mean, it was really spending the entire day with my best girlfriend (BFF!). I have found that if we go a day without talking to each other, something seems out-of-whack. And she is such an encouragement to me about Reagan. Everything good in me for being a Mommy I learned from her. Reagan is so blessed to have her for a Grandmommy! So thanks, Mom, for who you are and the blessing you are in my life. LOVE YOU!
3 generation pic!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random Things

Don't have any pics to post really that go with this, but I had just a couple of things to report.

First of all, Reagan rolled over today for the first time! She hates Tummy Time, always has. But we do it anyway every once in awhile. Today, she figured out that she can just roll back over onto her back, and that makes Mommy really happy and Tummy Time is over! I must say that something so trivial as rolling over from tummy to back is something I take for granted! :) But when Reagan did it, it made me cry. I am such a dork.

Second of all, for all your bloggers out there, check your profiles if you have switched to the beta format. I just recently did, and just happened to look at my profile today. It switched my birthday to Dec 17, 1756 somehow. So I was registering as 249 years old! To avoid any confusion about that, I switched it back to my actual birthday in 1977. So all is well. Just FYI. :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

4 Months Old!

Man how time flies! We went to the doctor today for 4 month check up... and shots. Yuck. We survived though. And I say we because I think they are harder on me than Reagan! David got on to me about not getting her "stats" last check-up, so this time I got graphs printed out and everything!
Weight: 14 lbs 5 oz - 66%
Length: 25 3/4 inches - 91%
Head Circum: 16.9 inches - 91%

So I guess that means she is tall with big brains! :)

I think we finally got it right! I have been taking Reagan's pic on her month-birthdays, and didn't think until last month to be putting her bunny in each pic to see how she grows compared to it. Didn't think until THIS month (David's idea) to put her in her pink chair each time! Duh! Too cute! The original idea was for each month to be the same, but so far none of them are. But from now on I think we have it down. :) For both of us, this is our favorite outfit of hers so far in her life. She looked like such a big girl in her layered look and new jeans! Thanks Grandmommy!

And since you couldn't tell in that pic how cute her shirt was, here is a close up. I loved the little pink one so much that we now have a white one just like it in the bigger size. "Thanks Rachel for my new shirt! I can't wait to take pics with Roselyn in hers that matches! LOVE YOU!" -Reagan

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fun with the Fam

Last weekend, Reagan and I flew to Amarillo to visit Adam, Missy, Adley and Corbin. Reagan did GREAT on the planes, despite hours of delays and having to switch planes. We didn't do much over the weekend, just hung out with Grandmommy and Granddaddy and enjoyed our time together.

Uncle Adam held her while she took a much needed Sunday afternoon nap. I kept asking if he needed me to take her, but I think he was enjoying her too much! With that mouth hanging wide open, you can tell she was pretty comfy!

Happy girl had fun playing with Aunt Missy! They were both all smiles!
Adley and Corbin really wished Reagan had been a superhero too for Halloween. I told Superman and Wonderwoman that superbaby costumes were hard to come by. They had fun with the monkey anyways. :)

This is how the kiddos spent a lot of the weekend: in their pj's, "nuggling" as Corbin calls it, watching cartoons. It was so sweet how they had to have Reagan in the middle so she could hold both of their hands!

Corbin saw me with my camera out, so he got HIS camera and kept getting Reagan to smile for his pictures. Thankfully the camera has no flash (no film either!!) since it was always right in her face!!

As much fun as we had, it just reminded me how crummy it is that we live so far from each other! We are definitely already looking forward to the holidays so we can be together more!! Those of you who live close to your families, make the most of it!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Silly Monkey

Happy late-Halloween to all! Like I said, Blogger has not been my friend lately, but it did let me post a few pics today. Just know there are more to come from our weekend in Amarillo. We had so much fun and got to go to the Funival at Adam's church there. Missy even went! (She is doing much better by the way, so thank you all for your prayers for her. She still has a long way to go...) So we got the kids all dressed up Sunday night. Reagan just kept looking at me like "what the heck?", but she survived and finally smiled for the camera. She made such a cute, silly monkey!

Love those Baby Blues! And of course, the ever-present drool....

Silly Blogger

I am having a horrible time with posting pictures! Ugh!! (Insert much frustration here). I know many of you are just dying to see our Halloween pics, and as soon as Blogger will cooperate with me, I will be on top of it! So, more later I guess.......