Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Links

Is technology amazing or what? Seriously, (beware, I am about to do that rambling thing again) what did we do before cell phones, text messages, websites, digital cameras...? Thanks to these tools, we have TONS of people praying specifically for these families today, many of whom wouldn't know to do so otherwise!! And I have been on the phone nonstop the last 2 days, long distance. Before cell phones, that would have been so much more difficult. So right now, let us all thank God for the technological age! I know I am a dork, but it is so true! :)

I have added new links, if you will gaze over to the right of your screen and look for Jaymie P. and Holly M. Just with the click of a button, you can get pictures and updates on the precious babies of my precious friends. Just point and click! And keep praying!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Cup Overflows

I am feeling so unbelievably blessed today. When I mean today, I mean starting at 12:00am today. I was blessed to have my sweet husband hold me as I cried and prayed for dear friends. I was blessed to call on a sweet friend and pray together on the phone as if we were in the same room holding hands, approaching the Father's throne in the middle of the night. I got a couple of hours of sleep. :) My precious, healthy baby girl called me from her crib at 6:00am... "Ma ma ma ma ma..." and I got to snuggle her and rock her and watch her drift off to dreamland. I have been off and on the phone all day with concerned friends and family who are all joining in prayer. Reagan has taken a good nap. I ate a good lunch. Seriously, I am blessed beyond measure today.

My heart is full. I am walking that fine line between faith and worry for my sweet friend Jaymie (Spencer) Phillips and her precious twins, Jayde and Kanyon. I look forward to witnessing God demonstrate his Majesty in the lives of the Phillips family, and in the teeny tiny bodies of Jayde and Kanyon, born way too early just this morning. Thank you Lord that you know best in all things, and help me to trust You completely. I am walking that fine line between faith and worry for little 11 month old Corbin Mock who will undergo major surgery on his spine tomorrow. I look forward to witnessing God demonstrate his Majesty as the doctors work to repair his poor body. Thank you Lord that you already know tomorrow and have your hand on that little boy and his parents, Holly and Jonathan.

Join me in praying for these sweet families. You'll feel blessed too. :)

And thank you blogland that I can sit and type and ramble.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Givin a Shout Out

I was just thinking today about our sweet friend Lee who always checks on us in blogland. So Reagan and I wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Lee!!! We love you and hope to see you soon!! :)
Shout out #2 is for Miss Cassidee Brooke who is ONE today! Love ya sweet girl!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fun Weekend

I was so sad when they left. The Brooms came and got to stay until Monday, and upon leaving, I kinda went into a little mini-depression. Ok, that may be exaggerating, but I was so sad. Just reminded me of how many of my friends I miss! Anyways, after a really fun weekend together, I had so many pictures that it was nearly impossible to pick which ones needed posting. But I tried. I am sure Kendra has good ones too, so please feel free to click on her link and see more! I am SURE that is what everyone wants to do, right?!?! :) We went to the zoo, went to church, the boys played golf, Kendra and I did some shopping, the girls played and played... it was just so much fun.

I am hating the fact that we won't be able to make Cassidee's party this weekend (Happy Birthday tomorrow, sweet girl!), so I made (or attempted to make!) a cake for her for a mini-party at our house.
She totally went for the sprinkles. Reagan enjoyed a lick or two of her fingers, but Cass went all out. Couldn't quite blow out the candle by herself though.
This was the beginning of the cake experience...
And this was the end! Reagan only had a little icing on the corner of her mouth, so I didn't show it because she looked like a wuss next to this picture!
Here is the damage that was done!
Reagan still hasn't quite figured out the crawling thing. She can go backwards, but not forwards. Jeremy got down and tried to help her out... taught her a thing or two.
Her reward for her hard work on was a flight around the living room!
Saturday we hit the Houston Zoo for a few hours. I had never been before, and I was kinda impressed! (After the San Diego trip, I didn't think I would find much to like at any other zoo, but it was great!) Reagan had to glance at the map and tell us where to go first.
So we went to the giraffes first. There was a sweet baby one nursing with his mama, but I didn't get the camera out in time to catch it.
This may be my favorite pic of the weekend. I am no photographer at all, but I caught a sweet daddy-daughter shot.

This is a pretty good shot too. :)
At the exhibit to see the eagles, there was a fake-eagle's nest. Here are the baby eagles in their matching blue-eyed-girl shirts.
After walking around a bit, the mama's had to take a potty break and the girls needed a little refreshment.
Pretty girl!
The flowers everywhere were gorgeous! Had to pose for a cheesy family pic.

Several of the animals were behind glass. We got the girls out of their packs for this one since there was a "floor" to stand on. They were intrigued by the otters!!
Cassidee wanted to slide, or maybe Kendra wanted her to! Reagan did it too... her first slide! The picture didn't turn out though... bummer.

Baby Beaver with the fake Beavers!!
The only animals in the whole place that got a reaction out of Reagan were the prairie dogs... of all things! She cracked up at them!
These sweet girls are DESTINED to be best friends! (Along with Roselyn of course... wish she could have been here too!)

Before the ride home, Cass needed to take a drive by herself to clear her head. She saw this open field and took off! It is so funny to see her little self on that thing!
Sleepy girls after a long day at the zoo (Reagan was already out.)

Busy day at the zoo meant a need for baths. They had fun together!! This pic reminds me of how big Reagan's head is!
Look at those sweet girls and their big ole bellies!
Of course, more matching outfits. We just couldn't help ourselves! The girls did a little light reading before supper on Sunday.

Jeremy and David showed the fish at the Aquarium restaurant to the girls. They loved them! The tanks are huge and there were lots of colors and fishies to look at.
It was such a great weekend! (Sorry this post was so LONG, especially since now I am quite certain everyone wants to see all the events all over again on Kendra's page!) We look so forward to watching the girls grow up together! Such fun!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Very Big Week

We had a big week last week, keeping the little girl quite busy and ultimately quite tired. This post is rather long, seeing that we had a lot going on! Thankfully this is Spring Break week, so she and I both have the week off from PeeWeeSchool and get to rest and get back on schedule. But I thought I would show off what we have been up to!

When Reagan reads her friend Roselyn's blog, she always gets to see pics of her little boyfriend. Well, this is nothing official ("yet", Reagan says), but the parents have HIGH hopes for this relationship! We went to hang out at the Isbells, and Brandon and Reagan got to have loads of fun together. The dumb parents didn't take the cameras to the park, so I don't have pics of them in the swings! But later the kids had fun playing on the floor for awhile before bed. (much to Emily's and my dismay, we didn't get the kids in the tub together. Next visit...)
The fun began. Seriously, we didn't pose a single one of these pictures! Here, Brandon is showing Reagan how to work his toy.
B- "See Reagan, you turn the knobs like this!"
Reagan decided to eat one of Brandon's toys.
B- "hey, can I have that back?"

R- "sure! Here ya go!"
R- "Just kidding! Fooled ya!"
B- "Mom, did you see what she did?"
B- "guess I'll have to just play with this one again. Bummer."
R- "I'm sorry, Brandon. If I hold your hand will you forgive me?"

B- "Absolutely not! See how THIS feels when I rip out your eyeball!"

Later last week, Reagan's German uncle came to meet her for the first time. This is Chris, and he lived as an exchange student with the Beavers in high school. This is his first visit to the states since she has been born, so James and Brenna brought him over for dinner to meet the little girl.

Aunt Brenna makes funny faces!!
Chris and Reagan really liked each other a lot. She hung out with him for a long time, letting him hold her even while I was in the room (which is a big deal these days).

Then last weekend we went to the Metroplex for a party to welcome Reagan's new little cousin Noel. Unfortunately it was a farewell party too since they are moving to Virginia. We'll miss you guys! Hurry home to Texas!! Here, Adley and Corbin are getting their first look at TINY Noel. Julie and I didn't get pics of the two "Noels" together. What were we thinking!?!?!?! Next time I guess. Isn't she so cute!?
Then we got a family picture made (at a studio) with my whole family. Thus the matching shirts here. I'll show them off later. But this pic was too cute of Corbin with Reagan. He loves her so much, and it is ADORABLE to watch!
That night we went to my other cousin Kimberly's wedding. Busy weekend!!! Anyways, Adley and Reagan got the most precious matching dresses from Grandmommy! You'll see this dress again in Easter pics.
This was Reagan's first time to wear jewelry. She has on her silver name bracelet, but you can't see it that great with the picture this small. But she LOVED it!
THEN we took Reagan over to see Grammy and Pop for the afternoon. Pop was "helping" her eat her dinner by opening up wider than she did! She then went with Grammy to take a bath, and I was all armed and ready to photograph. However, the little girl did NOT cooperate and fussed the whole time. Not quite the photo op! So Grammy, she says she is so sorry and will take a raincheck on the photos!!

In addition to all of this, she learned to pick up food and feed herself last week. Thank goodness for Gerber puffs!! It is just so fun to see how much she learns so quickly! At first, she had a hard time getting them in the mouth. But after like a day, she was a pro. She is just getting so big so fast!!!

She almost always picks one up with one hand, switches it to the other hand, then puts it in her mouth. Makes me crack up!
"Did you see that, Mommy? I did it!"
Just wanted to show this pic because she got distracted by the tv and the puff got stuck in her neck rolls. :)
This coming weekend, the Brooms are coming to visit. Rest assured that Kendra and I will have PLENTY of pics of the girls together to share!! Hope your week last week was as great as ours!!