Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DISNEY! (from December)

OK, I'll start this by coming clean... there are at least 100 pics in this post.  We took 1500 with just our camera, so that is pretty narrowed down!!!  But it is the last (extra) day in Feb, and I just had to post Disney pics FINALLY!  Even if the grandparents are the only ones who make it to the end, I'll be glad I got them posted.  But it's with minimal captions... gonna make a Disney photo book for all of us with more details later.  :)
Got up at 4:00am to catch our plane!  Excited kids!!
Had to put this:

 The kids got to open some Christmas presents each night before bed... my Mom had it ALL planned so perfectly.  SUCH a great trip, Mom!!!

 First morning started out with a bang... my princesses headed to princess breakfast!

 Our first character to see during the trip, one of the girls' favorites.  When Brooklyn just got a GLIMPSE of Belle's dress from around the corner, her squeal was UNREAL.  So happy!

 This was the day after Brooklyn's birthday, so we got to celebrate!

 My girls got SO MUCH lovin' on this trip.  My heart overflows.

Naptime.  :)
 Love it.

 "Goofy" pic!
 My cousin Julie and her family had a family trip planned for the same week!  We caught up with them a couple of times... this one, for fireworks at Epcot.  So fun.

 A highlight of the trip for David... he had looked forward to this for months.

 Adam had some turkey stuck in his teeth.  :)
 Waiting for parade!
 Julie gave us some extra sound-cancelling headphones for Brooklyn.  Oh my goodness, saved the trip for her.  Poor baby, with her supersonic-hearing, I had no idea how much the noise would affect her, especially with fireworks and stuff.  With her headphones on, her whole body would relax.  So great.  We take them everywhere now!


 Guitar Dan at Animal Kingdom sang an improv-song about Corbin and Brooklyn... with lyrics "Brooklyn likes to shake her behind."  She was booty-shaking, and had a crowd in stitches!
Having fun with her shadow!
 Another long story... but direct quote from my Dad... "I like me some Pocahontas."  Hilarious.  So we made him pose with her. :)
 Many times in the trip, I would find my brother like this whispering in Brooklyn's ear.  Sometimes for several minutes.  Not sure what about, but his love and relationship with my girls are so fantastic.  Makes me melt.
 Peeking out from his hug.  :)
 Waiting for a parade while I stuffed my face.
 Beautiful girl.
 Pure happiness.

 Grandmommy and Brooklyn.
 Adley and Corbin; Reagan and me
A (rare) natural smile from Reagan for the camera... love it.  My beautiful girl!
 Love Granddaddy's excitement!
She had so much fun on all the rides!
 Rare shot of me with my brother.
 Next 3 are dedicated to my adorable husband:

 Giddy about the tea cups!!!
 I put several of this because it was my favorite moment of the trip:
Of course the girls were excited to meet Rapunzel, the newest, latest, and greatest princess.  I think this pic of Brook in her Rapunzel shirt could be in a commercial for Disney.
 It was like these were the only kids she had seen all day.  She spent a good while talking to them, then asked them to dance.  She sang and twirled them around while I just CRIED.

How sweet is this?!

 LOVE it.

They were SO happy.  Made me SO happy.

 "Look Daddy!"

 I love Brooklyn's little legs trying to do the Peter Pan "stance"
 She was thrilled here, not scared.  This was a happy hug, you just can't tell.
Reagan loves Uncle Amoo SO much!

 Not much can beat Mickey ice cream treats...
LOVE this group shot!

 Another highlight for my girls, especially Reagan.... Tiana was GREAT.
 See Brook's headphones?!  She requested them at each parade...
 Excitement over meeting Tinkerbell and fairies!!

 Julie.  Love her.  Can't WAIT to see you again!!!
 Reagan Noel and Noel Denae... these two just "click" when we are together.  LOVE it.
 The gang.
 Noel picking a winner.  :)
 Aunt Missy... my girls ADORE her.  I call her the Reagan Whisperer... here I guess she was working her magic with Brooklyn.
 We pushed Brooklyn to the limit all week, and she did SO great.  This was our last night, about 10:30pm...

Whew!  Finally!! 
Going through these pics again makes me LONG to go back!!!!!