Friday, February 27, 2009

Check this out...

Cropped pic (from previous post) of
Brooklyn at 11 weeks
Reagan at 12 weeks

... guess they do kinda look alike. :)
PS. I am apologizing right now if this gets old... I have a feeling I will be going back to Reagan's pics alot!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Couple of Fun Weekends... Part 2

Last weekend, we packed up the girls and met my parents at my Grandparents' house. It had been awhile since I had been there, and I didn't realize how much I missed it! Their property is GORGEOUS, and the yard and house hold so many memories for me. I hope we can make it there more with the girls so they can have their own memories there. Plus, I am beyond blessed to still have my grandparents, so our visit was priceless.
I had been telling Reagan all week about the lake and how much fun we would have outside. But the weather took a turn and it was COLD. She so didn't care. So we spent as much time outside as possible. I mean, when you are two, you find a fallen limb like this one... and it is a treasure. Therefore, their yard was heaven to her.
I brought her umbrella, and she wanted it out in the drizzle. But, Daddy ended up holding it most of the time. It's a good look for him.
Here she is, soaking her pants, jumping in puddles.
Action shots!!!

So, to warm up after this particular playtime outside, a bubble bath was in order. I have lots of memories bathing in the yellow tub with cousins... wish her cousins had been there too!
Here is my sweet Granddaddy... B and R's GreatGranddaddy. Can you believe he is 90?!?!?! Has to be the youngest 90-year-old ever. It was B's first road trip, so of course their first time to meet. I love this picture in particular because it shows his college ring from Pepperdine.
I love this one for obvious reasons!
Reagan's Granddaddy and Grandmommy brought her a Dora fishing pole. It was her first time "fishing!" (we didn't put any bait on it... too cold to even try... next time we'll fish for real.)
So, she had to practice casting and reeling in the living room. Concentrating of course with her tongue out.
She did pretty well actually! It was fun... the rubber weight on the end was a pink fish, so we caught something every time!

Then, she wanted to just watch Daddy do it. Too bad he didn't have the pink butterfly umbrella to go with the Dora fishing pole...
LOVE this one.
Then, Granddaddy got out the riding mower. FUN! I was snapping pics as fast as I could... I had to put several because I just couldn't decide.

I looooooove this one! Totally getting framed in my house.
My pretty girl "driving" the "tractor."

Many of my memories revolve around bike riding with Granddaddy. He still rides a bike (a stationary one in the house so he can be with my GrannyJo) like 30 miles everyday! Anyways, he had lots of old bikes in his shop that we used to ride, some that he made himself from junk yard parts! So, he let me take home this Strawberry Shortcake one that we can maybe repaint and let the girls ride. :)
The girls' two Granddaddys. :) (love their view out their back windows!)
She then needed Daddy to take her for a spin on the "tractor."

GreatGranddaddy suggested a warm drink when we went inside, so this was Reagan's first hot chocolate. Of course, this sweet-toothed girl loved it!

Aren't they sweet?
Grandmommy taking R to feed the ducks.
They weren't hungry... just a little scared of us and swam off. Reagan tried to entice them to come back with bread, but to no avail.
Don't know what they are doing, but I liked the picture.
Here is my sweet GrannyJo. Four generations of girls!
She got some sweet snuggle time with Brooklyn. LOVE this picture.
Ok, on to a few pics of the last couple of days. Just some of the sweet sisters.... and Brooklyn's first time to sit in her Bumbo!

Reagan had two dressup days at school this week. Tuesday was Mardi Gras, so they were to wear funny dressup clothes and/or beads.
Sweet smiley girl!
This is what I am blessed to see when I enter the room these days, if she is awake. She full-body smiles... with face, arms, and legs! So precious!And, today at school was either School Spirit Day to wear their shirts, or Go Texan Day in honor of the Houston Rodeo. We did both.
This is her tipping her hat... "Yee Haw!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Couple of Fun Weekends... Part 1

This is a catch-up blog, worthy of two separate posts. The weekend BEFORE last was Valentine's Day. We had a great, fun family weekend. It was rainy on the actual Heart Day, and we had told Reagan we would play at the park. Woops. So, ChickFilA playground did the trick. Try and hide your jealousy, Rachel. She is SO big and such the climber... she works playgrounds like it is nothin'. This pic is 5 "stories" up.
That evening, I gave R her very first big-kid haircut. I was DREADING this because I just knew her curls would be gone, and I was right. But it had to be done. And she still looks darn cute.
The "after" pic. And it isn't lopsided in person.
Since our park day was cancelled, we hit the zoo after church on Sunday. WAY fun. Here she is peering at an octopus with Daddy. It was HUGE and scary.
Sea Turtles just like on Nemo!
There is a crawl tunnel through the barracudas. Ick. But she loved it!

The Houston zoo has this gorgeous fountain down the middle of it.

This was Reagan "being a bird." Hope you can click on it to enlarge it and see her face. :)
Here we are looking at the giraffes, and the new baby one, Miles. He was 16 days old that day! You can kinda see him with his zookeeper lady if you look closely.
Here you can see him better... Reagan REALLY liked him.

Checking out the cheetah. Learned something new that day... cheetahs make this really high pitched noise that sounds like a bird. Who knew.
This is Max the baby elephant, and his Mommy.
This is one of my little cuties, and her cute Daddy.
Of course we had to pose on this.
Here, you can see that Brooklyn actually did come with us. YAY for the fantastic double stroller! She was an angel.
LOVE this shirt that Aunt Mary got Reagan. Isn't it awesome?! Too bad I don't speak French, but at least it is something I knew.
She picked the lion to ride on the merry-go-round.
This girl would have stayed all day on this thing! It was great!Peeking through a "window" at the city playplace for kiddos.
At the petting zoo, this rooster was pacing the fence. We stopped and looked at him for a minute...
... then he came and looked at US for a minute! Reagan was playing with David on the playground, so I was standing in the corner with Brooklyn in the stroller. I look up, and this is what I saw! Scared me to death! I grabbed my camera and snapped a pic, with no zoom whatsoever. This was how close he was to my head.
I ended up wearing Brooklyn for the last part of the day. I love how she puts her arm!
There are no live beavers at this zoo, but there are fake ones. So, of course, we stop and take a pic everytime we go. This was B's first trip, so we took a pic next to the sleeping fake beaver in her honor.
As soon as we got in the car...
Close up so you can see the ice cream still on her mouth...
We tried this pillow so her head wouldn't fall forward, but no such luck. Poor baby...
This is the picture of her battle scar the next day. On the playground, she busted and split her top lip open. That pretty much ended our zoo trip, thanks to the major blood that went everywhere. I didn't take a picture, but I thought about it.
Can see her busted lip better in this one. It was a first for us.
That's all for now! Will post more pics of our last weekend soon! Hope everyone has had as much fun as we have!