Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just now:
"Hey Brookie!  Wanna come play in my room?!  Wanna come play in my room?!  It's almost naptime... come play with me for a minute.  I'll find some fun toys we can play together.  Come on, Brookie!!  It'll be fun!  Here, let's shut the door and play together."
Sweet Big Sister.  I treasure these times!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Catherine's Wedding Weekend!

Another gigantic post!  Mostly for my family, especially those who couldn't come to the wedding.  But I took over 400 pictures that day, so I have to be proud that I narrowed it down this far!!  But if you want to see the most precious Flower Girl EVER and one of the most beautiful brides EVER, keep
scrolling down.  :)
We all got hotel rooms at a hotel downtown near the church, so of course the girls had the TIME OF THEIR LIVES with their cousins.
 The kids had this game going where they would all put their heads down then pop up together...
 ... Brooklyn got another idea...
 ... climb on Corbin's back...
 ... She found this HILARIOUS!!!
 All the kids got new halloween shirts and fun cards to color from Granddaddy and Grandmommy.
 This would be my Uncle Jimmy, "working" the camera.  I absolutely could not love these pictures more.

 Cutie kids.  Seriously, B is the smiliest kid EVER... except when you want her to smile on command.
 That is maybe a little better?  Not sure.
 All kids!  Pile on Aunt Missy, Uncle Adam, and Granddaddy!!  Ready, GO!
Reagan and I got all spiffed up and headed up to the church for pictures.  We found this BEAUTIFUL bride and her friends all getting even more gorgeous!
 One will notice a theme in the rest of the pictures:  Reagan in TOTAL AWE of Catherine.  Guess that is natural for a 4 yr old girl.  Look at how she is STARING.  :)
 I absolutely LOVED her flower girl dress.  Perfect.  She was in love with her bracelet and peep toe shoes that were like the "big girls."
 Little Miss Vanity, getting a glimpse of herself all dolled up. Her face cracks me up!

 Then, back to staring at Catherine. :)
 My fave picture.  Catherine looking in the mirror after her veil was put on:  "I'm a BRIDE!"
 Reagan didn't get her basket until the day of, so she did some practicing before the ceremony dropping the petals.  And walking in her heels... that was hard!
 Picking them back up to practice again.  She was obsessed with the petals!
 I hate that this is not in focus!!!  My brother and Catherine have ALWAYS been good friends.  I think he really liked it that he got to do part of the ceremony.
 Surprise for the Flower Girl: a wristlet corsage.  SO SPECIAL!
 Outside pictures.
 Patting her corsage VERY carefully.  :)

 Catherine was so sweet... held Reagan's hand through this whole set of shots with the photographer.
 But it was windy and her petals kept blowing out of her basket.  DRAMA.  Can't have that!!
 Catherine made her headband for her... made it that much cooler to R.
 Big girls, concentrating on carrying the train.  Little girl, concentrating on finding acorns.
 This shot was kinda staged, but I still love it. 
 Gonna blow this one up for Reagan in her room.
 I waited until after ALL of that to get a picture with my girl... she was all smiled-out at this point. 
 SUCH a sweet moment.  Her brother, my cousin Mark, is stationed overseas with the Navy.  He couldn't come for the wedding, but he called her right before the ceremony from Spain.  Not a DRY EYE in the room.  See the girls' hands as they are fanning her?!  Had to pull out the kleenex to blot the perfect makeup.  :)
 Practicing walking in her dress... as Reagan looks on in awe once again.
 Her dress kept catching on her shoes, so my aunt grabs scissors and just cuts off the front!  With the kind of skirt it had, that was possible!  But this just looks so WRONG, doesn't it?!
 Heading to the chapel with my Uncle in his fancy uniform.  LOVE those dress blues.
 R with her new friend, Weylen, the ring bearer.  R started kinda wimping out at the last minute (my worst nightmare!), but Lana came to the rescue and settled her. :)
 Aaaaannnndddd... she did AWESOME.  :)
 She stood up there the first half of the ceremony, then they had the kids come sit down.  NICE.
  Funny story:  all Reagan really knows of weddings and "the kiss" is what she sees in Disney.  Tiana changes from a frog to a person, the Beast changes to a human, etc.  So when they were about to kiss, R excitedly  says to me "what's gonna happen, Mommy?!?!" :)
Here's our crew at the pre-reception reception.  Food, drinks, lovely garden... and nothing had even started yet!  Awesome.  And yet again, couldn't get Brooklyn to smile to save my life.  Stinker.

 B was happy to partake in pre-reception reception food.
 And happy to give kisses to Adley.
 FIRST THING when they introduced Catherine and Colby, Reagan wanted up there.  I held her off for awhile, but then Reagan just HAD to have a hug.  Here, Catherine is promising her a dance later.  :) 
 The actual photographer got this from the front.  Hope I get one.
 Cousin dance party!

 This reception was SO fancy and nice.  But the waiters were AWESOME and brought around kids' plates with chicken nuggets, green beans, and mac&cheese!  Genius!!  Thoughtful of them when they knew families were coming... I love it.  Adley and Corbin got to drink DP in their wine glasses.  :)  Cracking me up.

 Her promised dance.  The first one. 

 Reagan taking a little rest in the middle of the floor.
 Uncle Ronnie promised Adley the first dance after his father/daughter one.  Sweet.
 Aaaannndddd.... Reagan was back following her like a puppy.  Can you tell Catherine was SO sweet to her?!?!?!
 Colby too!!
 Reagan sees this picture and kisses the computer screen.  Might have to frame it for her too!  C&C are just the sweetest couple.
 LOTS of cousin dancing!  Love it.
 And Granddaddy dancing!
 And Daddy dancing!
 Love this: mid-twirl.
 Some pooped out kiddos.

 This is out of order I think... I think this was their goodbye hug at the end of the night.
 The Twist.  If you didn't know, my Daddy can DANCE, and he's a Twist Master.  ;)
 Weylen came up and asked Reagan to dance!
 Thennnnnnnnnnnn, Corbin saw.  And cut in. 
 See all the grownups around laughing?!  It was hilarious.  Don't think Corbin approved of Weylen asking his Reagan to dance.  And Corbin was SERIOUS. 
 Wait, this is out of order.  But shows off her dancing skillz.
 I promise Catherine had time to dance with other people besides kids, but not much.  :)  Adley is certainly telling her something, here.
Even danced with Brooklyn for a little bit.  ;)

 In the other room, killing time before the grand exit of the bride and groom, Reagan and Daddy had some fun with the tall ceilings.  LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Wow, that was ALOT.  Maybe I'll someday get better at narrowing it down for you!!!  But it was SUCH a great party I had to put lots!!  Congrats to the BEAUTIFUL Bride and Handsome Groom... we just love them to pieces.
(all these gorgeous Longhorn cheerleaders made me feel OLD and somewhat flabby.  But I'm almost over it.....)