Friday, June 26, 2009

Had to Post This....

Just walked in to see Reagan nose to nose with Brooklyn, both of them with huge smiles, singing "Yes, Jesus loves Bwookin. Yes, Jesus loves Bwookin. Yes, Jesus loves Bwookin... The Bi-bowl tells me so." Oh, be still my heart.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reagan's Tribute To MJ

OH, how I loved MJ. Not the psycho, the King of Pop. Some of my favorite music of all time.

Thanks for all of the FABULOUS memories, MJ. You rock.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Movie Night and Gymnastics Greatness

(All these were taken with David's new camera! It ROCKS. We have no idea how to use it yet though, so these are all just on 'auto'. Hopefully we'll get better at it!)
Our city does fun stuff in the summer. We've been hitting the "Concert in the Park" series a few Fridays lately. But this past weekend was "Movie in the Park" night. FUN. Only, made for a late night seeing that they couldn't start it until dark. BOTH girls stayed awake the entire time! So, getting up for church the next morning was a bit brutal after getting home after 10pm. But SO worth it!! Here is B hanging out in the stroller for the first time out of her carrier. Enlarge this one to see her GORGEOUS baby blues!! :) Gotta love those Beaver blue eyes.
B is just so laid back. She sat there the entire time, ate, smiled, chilled. :)

Some peas for our Sweet Pea.
Reagan was really into "Horsey" with Daddy.

One of my faves of her recently. :)
Here she is LITERALLY jumping back on the horse.
Pointing out the characters to Daddy from Madagascar2. We have the first one, never seen the second. So, she was excited!

I put B's seat back flat, but she never zonked. R kept going to check on her to make sure she was doing ok. Sweet girl. It was really fun, and we look forward to the next one!
*Warning: LOTS of pics here. Mostly for Grandparent viewing*
Our big girl started gymnastics this summer! And oh man, does she EVER love it!! Yesterday was her second day. Her class is for 3s and 4s, but they let her in it even though she isn't quite 3 yet. So it is obvious that she is the youngest one. And the new kid... some of these kiddos have been here for 2 years already. But her coach said she is doing really great! Here is her class and another class getting warmed up... not sure what they are doing. But that is her cute little hiney in the black leotard.
There are only 5 in her class, which is awesome. As is this face she is making....
Here is her "pike" with her arms up. :)
She concentrates SO hard... it is really cute. To us at least. :)
Watching intently on what she is supposed to do next.
Each station has about 4-5 activities on it, and they change stations about every 10 minutes. This was Beam... they had several balancing things to do here. Including crawling on the beam...... then walking it. Her coach (Dan) does an AWESOME job with her... always looking out for the little kid. :) She had never done a beam that was not on the ground before, so he was sticking close to her. But the second time... she did it all by herself!
"Ta-da!" He makes sure they salute everytime they finish. This may be her favorite part.
Nope, her favorite part is the pit. She LOVES the "blocks." Here she goes swinging!
While she was swinging he hollered at her to pull her feet up to the bar... and she totally did it! And kept them there while she swung! I think he was even surprised... he goes "WOW! You really did it!" Then she got to let go and fall in after about 3 swings, which she loved.
All of these pics are not as good as they should be with our new camera because they won't let us flash in there. And they are taken through the glass window. So these are a bit blurry. But Here is another winner for Reagan... the big trampoline!
Jump to the end and "Ta-da!"
Finishing her "cartwheel." She actually does pretty good with it! (and by "good" I mean better than some of the other kids.)

She LOVES how bouncy everything is in there! This girl loves to bounce. You can just jump off the mat and...
"Ta-da!!" Getting the hang of it.
See?!? :)
Just more bouncing in the line.
Time to go home. "Ta-da!"
And here is Brooklyn the entire time we are there. She REALLY liked watching all the action. She was squealing nonstop!
Here's some video... again, mostly for grandparent view-age. Some are longer than others, but all hilarious to us!! I just love that she loves it so much! You'll really be able to tell how little she is compared to the others.

The "bars" station. They were supposed to cross their ankles on the bar and swing, but she liked this instead I guess!

The last 5 minutes, all the kids in their gym get together for something fun. Parachute, bouncy castle, something. This time is was a "bear hunt." There was a bear hiding in the gym and they found it in this corner. They all had to RUN away back to the "tree" by "crossing back over the river," etc. It was hysterical.

Whew! Ok, kudos if you made it all the way through that!!! Hopefully we'll get more figured out on the new camera for even better posts soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Half Birthday!

Every mom says this, but seriously, where did 6 months go!!! Brooklyn is just such the sweetest, easiest baby.... time has FLOWN. With Reagan, it seemed more like 6 YEARS than 6 months. (not that we didn't adore her, she was just a trying infant!!) With B, we blinked and she is halfway to her birthday. Crazy. Here is our sweet, smiley girl in her chair for her 6 month pictures. All we have to do is say her name and we get the biggest smiles. She seriously rocks my world.

Reagan pulled her pink chair right up next to her so she could talk to her and get her to smile too. Such a SWEET big sister! Can you tell Brooklyn LOVES her?!?!
She got a little loving ear pull in response.
Sweet kisses! Sweet sisters!
Her 6mo checkup isn't for a few weeks, for shot reasons. But last week she weighed right at
16 lbs! No surprise since she eats like crazy. We've had sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, cereal of course, apples, prunes, and blueberries so far. Hasn't met a food she didn't like! She sleeps 11-12 hours straight through at night too! Her therapy is going well... she is starting to sit up for little bits of time on her own. I bet it won't be more than a week or so before she is sitting up for real. Tummy time of any kind is still a HUGE struggle... we keep working on it and building those trunk muscles. But she just hates it. Makes me hate it. But, we do what we can when we can. All this to say, easiest baby ever. When I think back to that day when we thought for awhile that we wouldn't get to have her.... well, it just makes her THAT MUCH MORE of a joy. She's a total delight.

Waking up from her nap, giving some lovin' to her baby. I like in this one how you can tell how big she is smiling without even seeing her mouth. :)
Just a couple cute naked shots in her high chair.
This one is SO Brooklyn.
Not sure what Reagan is doing in this picture, but it makes me laugh. Like, "Hello Mommy!! Over here!! Your first born!!" :) Yeah right, like she gets no attention.
Pulled out R's new pool last week, only to have about 15 mosquito bites at 3pm within the first 5 minutes. (Not sure what to do about that.... if you know of any waterproof mosquito solutions, please pass my way!!)
But, as you can see, she still had a blast with it!

I looooooove how this one shows off her big blue eyes!

This video will show why Brooklyn is going to eat us out of house and home. (yes, I know. It is another video of her eating. But this is my life, people. Feel free to skip it.) :) I'm gonna have to figure out how to make my own baby food! (I know HOW to, just don't know how to find the TIME to!) She scarfs down HUGE amounts of food, and if it keeps up at this rate, she'll be eating close to $20 a week in babyfood jars! So... any hints will be helpful. Notice how she squeals between bites if I am not getting it to her mouth fast enough! Cutie. :)

And here is the day I blew up the swimming pool. :)

And YAY!! We just got a new camera last night... an early present for David's birthday. It is AMAZING, so I am so looking forward to putting the gorgeous pics up for everyone to see! I'm still thankful for my little camera too that will always stay in the diaper bag... never know when the photo ops will hit! Happy weekend, everyone! :)