Friday, October 28, 2011

If Anyone Reads This Anymore...

I started doing some collecting, and maybe you can help.
Anytime you go to a hotel, or get a "free gift" with purchase at Macy's, receive a free toothbrush and toothpaste after a good cleaning, or have those samples in the mail...
And send them my way.
I am starting to put together goodie bags of UNOPENED travel sized toiletries and/or cosmetics to give to moms at the Ronald McDonald House.  There are countless times that a family ends up at TX Children's Hospital (where Brooklyn was at birth) and has to stay with a sick child unexpectedly.  And most of those times, the parents didn't have time to pack a bag!  So, when the RMH takes them in to stay the night at the hospital, I hope to supply them with goodie bags with toiletries, cosmetics, or both.  At least that way, they can take a relaxing shower and feel good during a rough situation.
So, let me know if you can help! 
And if you need to ship something, I'll pay for the shipping.  Just let me know.  Or if in the DFW area, my parents can collect for me (right, Mom??!!).
Ok, that's all.  Happy Friday!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I have a million and one things to get done today. 
Instead I am uploading pics and blogging. :)

My nephew, Jonathan, day of the TX/OU game.  Cutie pie was LOVING his easy access to the popcorn bowl...

 If you know David's brother, James, then you KNOW this is his kid.  Holy moly, such his Mini Me.
 The bigger kids having their own lunch.  After several attempts, this is the best shot I got of the three of them.  :)
 Last week, Reagan got a random Tuesday off of school because her school was having a power outage.  Her bff from school came over to hang out while her mom (Brooklyn's preschool teacher) was at work.  So, it was just me and the two big girls all day!  Easy peesy!
Can you tell they were busy?! 
Thanks for coming over, Amory!
 This week, Reagan had a planned day off on Monday.  It feels like forever since I got to just take them on some sort of outing, just the 3 of us.  So, with the nice weather, we hit the zoo.
 Big sister whispering something of importance in Little Sis's ear.  I'm sure if was some stellar fact about the coral reef...
 Brook's pants are supposed to be capris.... had to state that for the record. 
When we are at the zoo, I seem to come home with mostly pictures of their backsides... oh well, still cute.  :)
 There we go!!!
 Our zoo has built a new huge home for the elephants.  We had not seen this pool before, and it was really cool to watch the two babies swimming and playing together!!!  Reagan thought it was SO cool that they swim totally underwater... but stick their trunks out like a snorkel to breathe!  Who am I kidding?.... I think it's cool too.
 My blue eyed girlie sports this color really well, I think...  :)
 My other beautiful blue eyed girl...
 Reagan had never used this water fountain before, and it was throwing her for a loop. I love this progression of pictures... not sure if she is scared of it or just trying to figure out how it works.  Funny to me, either way!

And lastly, here is the (scanned in... so not as great as the print) picture from B's preschool on Pumpkin Patch picture day.  They did a good job avoiding her CHEESE smile!

She looks WAY TOO MUCH like a little girl and not enough like a baby!!!  Ugh... baby girl growing up like crazy on me...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October is SB Awareness Month

Spina Bifida Awareness:  You should be aware that having a child with SB may cause increased motivation to help others, a newfound perspective in times of trial, a desire to enjoy the little things, and a commitment to change the way the world defines "disability."  Studies show that raising a child with SB will induce strong feelings of gratitude for even the simplest of milestones and produce a willingness to do anything, talk to anyone, try any method necessary to make life better for your child.  Side effects include feelings of worry, fear, uncertainty, and anger but are tempered with love, faith, determination, and hope.  Having a child with SB is not easy... but loving one is!!
 All strapped in for a head CT.

 In case anyone was not AWARE, we love our Brookie Brook to bits.  :) 
Happy SB Awareness month to all! 

Some Recent Stuff

Found Brooklyn like this last week playing on my iTouch...
Love that little eye peeking at me!
Reagan came home from school and took Brooklyn on a "camping trip."  Consists of packing their backpacks full of toys, dressing like this?, and marching around the house.
I love this picture not only because she is just stunning, but it shows how for about the first two hours she is awake in the mornings, her face is so swollen from sleep. :)
This is B's new favorite way to sleep.  No idea.
Last week right before church.  This was a horrible day for Cowboy fans... sheesh.  But dang, my kids looked cute!

Last Friday, on their way to DonutsWithDad at school.  Again, Reagan's face still puffy.