Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ok, ABC, why did you pick that song last night for Lacy and Lance?! Well, we all know why I guess... knowing that particular couple. But seriously, quite unnecessary for this type of show. Anyone else agree with me?! Katy Perry, "Kissed a Girl"... really?!?!?!?! Come on now, ABC. Let's keep it a little bit family oriented.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Have We Got A Show For You..."

Thanks to my dear friend Ashley, Reagan and I had a GREAT day. :) Late last night I was doing some blog reading, and saw that Ashley had taken her daughter to a LIVE VeggieTales show. Didn't know that existed! So I decided to google it, wondering if there might be one sometime soon in Houston. IT WAS TODAY! Can't believe my luck... I got tickets at 12:30 this morning for the show this afternoon. So, after a fun day at school, R and I went to see "Giant Bob and Larry," as she called them. And thus, I won Mom Of The Year. At least in her eyes, anyways. :)
Sweet girl SO excited! (notice she had to bring her own Bob and Larry with her, of course)
It was at a giant church... here she is in our pew listening to the radio person... patiently waiting for the show to start.
And here she is showing me that she has her Bob.
A little reading of the program before it began... concentrating.
They begin the show with a big rock and roll number, strobe lights, the works. And a song she didn't know. I had told her it would be loud, but it was more than I even expected....
... thus, this was her face for the first 4 or 5 minutes. Being the reigning Mom Of The Year, I had to take our self-portrait while she cried.
But things calmed down and it was just good ole Bob and Larry... and she was great for the rest of the hour and forty-five minute show. Here is Mr Lunt, singing my fave, "You are His Cheeseburger."
I love this one. For you VT fans out there, this is Reagan belting out "everybody's got a water buffalo-OOOOOOOOOOOOOH".
She got to stand up the whole time since no one was directly behind her. Which meant that she danced and jumped around the whole time! So fun. I got some video... but couldn't get them to post tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
The sucker that I am, she got the LarryBoy hat at intermission. Seriously, too cute to say no to.
Singing to Larry Boy... can't remember what song it was though. But they danced together alot.
This was mid-skipping and dancing in the aisle.
Seriously, we had SO much fun! She was yelling at the top of her lungs when it was over "BOB! LARRY! COME BACK!" Then she kept turning to me saying, "Mommy... Bob, Larry, and Archibald can't hear me!" I will be asked countless times I'm sure to see the show again. But that is ok, it was worth it. Her first concert!!! :)
Oh, and Ashley, you are DESTINED to quit your day job and be a back up dancer for Bob and Larry! Absolutely perfect for you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Safe and Sound

So, this will be short and sweet. Just to let everyone know that we are now HOME. David came home Sun night since he had to be back at work Mon morning, and R and I drove in just this evening. Our power was restored evidently late Saturday night, so that is FABULOUS. I'll take some pics of our backyard and neighborhood... it looks so WEIRD around here with all the trees on the ground! But our house came out completely unscathed... thank you LORD! Our fence is mostly down, but that is no biggie really. R starts back at school tomorrow, and I start the cleanup of the fridge while she is gone. Ew is all I can say about that, but thanks to WONDERFUL SIL Mary, it isn't as bad as it could have been for me! She took the brunt and cleaned everything out for us days ago, so I just have to bleach and bleach and bleach... then restock. I'm exhausted and headed to bed, and looking forward to getting back into our routine. I'll post pics soon of our "hurrication" fun with family and friends.

Oh, and Brooklyn and I have a doc appt in the morning, so please pray for that as always. She seems to be doing great... quite a mover and a shaker! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Surf's Up!

FYI for all my blog readers, we are safe and sound in the Metroplex. David, Reagan and I left on Wed evening... thankfully beating all the traffic this time! Many of you may remember the travesty of our Rita evac.... Anyways, we're hanging out, watching all the CNN coverage of how our house may float away, and hoping we might get to go back home on Sunday if all ends well. Our street is right on a direct tributary to the Gulf, so I have a feeling our neighborhood is going to see some SERIOUS water. So, we'll keep you posted. But for now, we're good! If anyone wants to try surfing, evidently the waves are gonna be awesome the next couple days in Galveston......

Monday, September 08, 2008

Icky Ike

How happy am I today that I live in Houston?!?!?!?! Yikes...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Baby Sister Update

Well, Reagan has been getting all the blogtime lately, so I thought I would give a Brooklyn update... although there isn't much to update. I did see the doctor yesterday morning, as a surprise, for a sonogram. Woke up with some weird stuff that scared me, called the doc, and they asked me to come in and get checked out. Everything is FINE, thank you Lord. So, we just went ahead and did my appointment that was supposed to be on Tuesday... early. B now weighs 1 lb 13 oz, a little ahead of schedule for 25 weeks, which is good I guess. I told him I have big babies! She looked great, all moving around in there. My amniotic fluid level is a bit above normal, but he said it is fine and that it's normal with Brooklyn's issues (they use the term "defects", but I just don't like that word, so I don't say it... the other words they use I can't pronounce nor spell). So, I go in again in 2 weeks and they will check everything out again. I hope to talk csection dates then, see if we can kinda get a schedule, and hopefully get appointments with the surgeons who will "love" on Brooklyn. We haven't met with any of her specific doctors yet, so I am anxious for that. Anyways, that is all. After a little bit of a scare yesterday, it was GREAT to see her sweet face and know that all is going according to plan! Thank you all for your continued prayers for our sweet baby girl! I certainly had some prayers answered Friday morning!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

School Girl Part 2

Her teacher sent me an email with pics of her first day... SO THOUGHTFUL! Said she had a GREAT day!
Here, she is "washing" her hands in the sink before taking care of her baby. :)
This is how naptime went. I think they figured out that a room-full of kiddos wasn't gonna work for her to sleep today, so she read books on her mat. But they said she was quiet and stayed-put. :)
And THIS sums up her day!!! Yay!

School Girl

*Disclaimer: Sentimental Mommy with lots of hormones wrote this.*
My baby girl is SO not my baby anymore. First thing when I woke her up this morning (she usually sleeps til 8:30-9:00, and school STARTS at 8:30, so it'll be an adjustment), she rolls over and says "My up now! My go to school now!" We scarfed down some breakfast and got ready. She was so excited!
Here we are with her loot. I didn't know David was taking a "pre-picture" picture... I was wiping the yogurt off of her cheek!
Wish this one wasn't blurry because her face is priceless!
But this one is good too. :) Makes me smile for tons of reasons. But reminds me of a pic of me on the porch with MY Mommy on a first day of preschool with my nap mat, etc. Love it.
Big girl LOVES her "lunch bag." Seriously, she is SO big, and I just can't love her enough. Julie will understand when I say I want to eat her.
Daddy came with us to drop her off. She didn't want to look at the camera, she wanted to focus on the front door to the church!
Heading down the hallway to her classroom. This isn't our church, but we've been up there several times before today, so she knew where to go.
She was FINE and excited, until she saw the other kids crying in her room. Can't say that I blame her for this face... she doesn't know those kids yet and they were ALL crying. Probably thought school was going to be torture by the sight! But we kissed her, left, and 2 minutes later got the report that she was GREAT and already playing with babydolls. Life is good.
We'll see in a few minutes when I go pick her up if she napped, ate well, etc. But I am certain she will love school. Such a social kid, so she'll love having other kids around. PLUS, her school has music class AND tumbling... kudos to my cousin Melissa for running a GREAT program. She is never gonna want to come home! As for me, my first five hours of freedom went by fast, but I got so much done! This is win win for everybody!!!!!
PS. Turns out she did have a FABULOUS day! But she was excited to see me when I picked her up, which was good for me. :) No nap, but she stayed on her mat like she was supposed to and read books. We'll see how that progresses. But first day was great!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My latest project

R starts school tomorrow... I just can't believe it! I'm so excited for her... and me. It'll be great. I'll have pics of that fabulous event tomorrow. But I had to show off my latest project. She had to have a nap mat for school, so I went and bought fabric and made a cover for it. Didn't have a pattern or anything, and I wanted to make it WELL so that it wouldn't slide around but could come off to wash, etc. So, here is the final product. :)
Had to put a close up of the pillow so you could see that those aren't eyeballs, they are white flowers with blue centers. In that last pic from far away, they look like eyes staring at you. Hope they don't give her nightmares. The pillow velcros to the top flap of the mat cover, so she can use it other times if she wants.
And when folded up, the ribbons tie it all together to carry. It's not even that bulky with the pillow inside, so I was pleased. :)
Thankfully, R loooooooooooves it so far. She wants to "practice" going night-night on it, so I put it on the couch yesterday so she could chill while I cooked supper. She didn't get up the whole time. Now, I just have to remind her that it is for SCHOOL!
We ended up having to put the whole thing on top of her bed last night for her to sleep on... silly girl!!!