Friday, September 06, 2013

Couldn't Be More Proud

I haven't blogged in forever.  The last 5 months have been so crazy with our move, and I have SO much to catch up on.  But the Reagan-story from yesterday I need to write down NOW before I forget any detail.  My sweet girl made my heart BURST yesterday.  I mean really.  So I have to record it... now.  :)

Reagan is at a new school this year because our new house is in a different district.  She is SO MUCH my introverted child... actually, her Daddy's child.  :)  She does make friends easily, but she is admittedly quite shy.  So, she was nervous about school but has done great so far.  And I'm super happy with the school as well... just hoping she finds her "place" and her "somebody."  This is the second week of school, and she told me earlier in the week that she saw a boy who must be deaf because he had a grownup lady signing to him all day.  We talked about how cool that was... that he was getting the help he needs, that he can go to a school like all other kids, etc.  And I asked her if she could understand anything they were saying, but she said it was all too fast.  :)  That was about the end of the conversation. 

But signing has been back on the forefront in our household because I am starting to teach a  Music and ASL class at Brooklyn's preschool.  So, we've been signing more, reviewing all the songs we used to sing and sign with Brooklyn a few years back, etc.  I think it got Reagan excited about ASL again.  But maybe it was this little boy....

Yesterday she came home to tell me that she saw him playing by himself at recess (he is not in her class, not even sure what grade).  She told me that she walked over to him and signed "friend??"... and that he grabbed her hands, did a little happy dance, hugged her really tight, and laid his head on her shoulder for a moment.  Then they "just played together for the rest of recess."  So she decided at lunch to start teaching some of her new friends the signs she knows "so he can have more friends" and wants to sign more with me at home.

Be still my heart!  That is NOT in her comfort zone to approach a kid by herself, but she noticed that he might need someone... and she might just be that someone.  We talked about how hard it must be to feel like no one can talk to you and you can't talk to anyone... and she is out to change that for this little boy.  My sweet tenderhearted girl... Jesus is doing amazing things in that heart of hers.  I'm proud of her beyond belief, in her best days and her worst days, no matter what.  But yesterday, she busted my heart wide open.  And today, she is equipped and ready to introduce herself to him, spell her name, ask him his name, and tell him "nice to meet you."  :)  Can't wait for 2:40 to hear all about it.

She was Light in that dark place for this boy.  And she is impacting her friends in her class for his benefit too.  HER OWN MISSION FIELD!!!  School is her world, and she is really starting to "get it" that she is "in" the world but not "of" the world.  God put her there for a reason, and I am humbled beyond belief and pumped about it!!  Love her.  I grew in my walk with Jesus yesterday because of the actions of my girl.  :)