Friday, May 27, 2011

Ourdoor Fun

Our evenings in May, up until the last couple of days, have been pretty pleasant... which is a BIG deal for Houston!  And since we are so short on rainfall, it has helped somewhat with the mosquito infestation.  So, we are getting as much use of the backyard as possible before it takes the serious turn for the worse in summer.  Gotta love a backyard bbq with the fam!
 Little Miss Blue Eyes.
Reagan's favorite meal ever... bbq drumsticks.  Can you tell she loves it?!
 B's first attempt at corn on the cob.  She isn't a huge fan of corn, really.  But she liked this concept for a little while!
 Sister, on the other hand, loves it.  This pic cracks me up.  If you enlarge, might be gross, but you can see the corn juice, bbq sauce, and who knows what else all over face.  Even bbq sauce on her eyelid!

 Mommy, trying to help out a bit.
 What says Texas Summer BBQ better than bbq chicken, corn on the cob, asparagus on the grill, fresh cut watermelon, and sweet tea?!  Love it!  Again, Brooklyn's first attempt at watermelon in this form. :)
 Some goofy looks on their faces.  :)  But these next two, I got as fancy as I get with the camera lens....

 Gorgeous of Brooklyn. :)  But wanted to capture all the watermelon juice on her face!!!
 Gorgeous of Mommy, too, right?!  Ugh.  :)

 Enlarge this one and you'll see the drips down both elbows.... good times. 
 Last week, my parents came in for Reagan's preschool graduation.  Had to just post this one of the serious concentration (coloring) by both of them!!!
 Again, random, but these were the same night.  Cutie cowgirl!

 We spent one evening outside with their new water squirtgun things.  Seriously, best dollar store find EVER!  They had a blast with Granddaddy shooting those suckers!
 "Here, Grandmommy.  Have a leaf!"
 See?!  So fun.
 Even B got in on the action, and was able to squirt it by herself.  THIS is the face she had the gall to give her sweet Granddaddy when he offered to help her..... stinkerpot.  She is precious, but she is TWO.

 See all the water squirts on the house?  Yeah, it was just the house, trees, swingset at first.  THEN Reagan thought this would be fun... and Brooklyn happily obliged.

 ALWAYS fun to get soaking wet in your clothes!
 Reagan, ready to go inside; Brooklyn wanting more of this action.  :)
 Happy kiddo.
And on a completely different note, look at her FEET in that picture.  No in-toeing AT ALL, in fact, they are actually kinda turned OUT.  Awesome.  Amazing what a little velcro can do... it is actually TRAINING her muscles to turn her hips out, and this pic is proof!  So happy.  Just had to throw that little spina bifida tidbit into this post.
The fun way to clean off dirty feet before going inside!  LOVE her face here... so very Reagan.
But we are now getting to that kind of weather where my children do NOT understand why I don't desire to play outside with them all the time.  Why don't kids get hot?!?!?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Brooklyn sang with me for the first time ever tonight.  SANG!  We "sing" together every night before bed in the rocking chair (you know me, always singing.  And yes I still rock her because she lets me!), but she mostly just signs the words she knows while I sign with her.  But tonight, she requested Twinkle Twinkle and HUMMED THE NOTES through her paci.  Still signing, but there were PITCHES coming out of her mouth.  Sweet Jesus, You are so good.  How I needed that little piece of heaven tonight!!  This is big enough news, it's going on FB too...  :)

She's Now A Kindergartener ....sigh....

This was our FIRST day of Preschool Kinderskills...
... and this is the last.  (still with her early morning puffy eyes)

That first picture was followed by these beauties...  :)
Wish I had put her backpack in the last day pics for reference, although I don't think she has grown much over the school year.  Her teachers measured, and said she has grown almost an inch.  Huh.  :) 
 That evening was her preschool Spring Sing.  Good times. 
Her "Big kid" class was all along the back row, and my sweet angel was by far the shortest one.  Hard to see her back there!  I tell her all the time it is a good thing she is tiny.  :)  From now on, she will probably be in the front row of everything, easy for me to see her the best.  :) 
There she is getting ready to sing, chatting it up with her friends.
OK?!?!  What in the world.... ?   :)

 I accidentally changed some setting on the camera for a second before these shots, but here are Grandmommy, Granddaddy, and Brooklyn waiting for Reagan to sing.  LOVE Brook's eyes here.
 The rest of Reagan's cheering section.  They were SO sweet to come see her, especially since the shuttle launch meant her own Daddy had to work.  This row of people who love her made up for that a little bit.  (She and her daddy have a special celebratory date planned when the shuttle flight is over...)
 Brooklyn was sitting on the row in front with Granddaddy and Grandmommy, not realizing Uncle Turbo and Aunt BB had shown up.  She SQUEALED, then had to give big squeeze hugs.  :)

 After they sang some songs, the graduates got to walk the stage.  Her gown was dragging the floor.

 Diploma time.
 Brooklyn was BESIDE herself when she saw Reagan cross the stage.  Did one of her ear-piercing squeals... it was awesome! 

 Her Kinderskills class.
 I love this picture... all their little (or big) personalities are showing!
 R and her friend Ava.

 Thank you, Grandmommy and Granddaddy, for making the trip!!
 Me and my Big Girl.
 Caylie, her little BFF at school.  We will SURELY miss her!!!
 The littles, playing on the stage after the show.
 Reagan with her wonderful teachers, Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Marla.  We pray she has as wonderful examples in her life in Elementary school!!