Thursday, May 24, 2012


Brooklyn makes me so happy, all the time.  She is a TOTAL stinker and going through QUITE the terrible three's, but she makes me smile and laugh 24/7 and is true Delight.  Really.

Except at 6:00am this morning.

She came in and woke me up...
"Here, Mommy.  This is my boogie, on my finger.  It's HUGE. Here ya go."
Wiped it on my hand, then left and went back to bed.
Goodness gracious.

This video was taken several weeks ago, and she is much better at it now, but I just realized I never posted it.  Here is Brooklyn with her memory verse for the last month of school.  This was taken after she had only been working on it for about 3 days at school...

Reagan's Talent Show

Just in case someone hasn't seen it, this is Reagan's very first solo performance.
She came home talking about the Kindergarten Talent Show, and at first, she told me she wanted to dance.  Um, yeah.  She puts on "shows" at home where she does "ballet", we clap enthusiastically and tell her it is wonderful, but she has no formal training in dance at all.  So, to her, she can totally be a ballerina.  But I just didn't feel right letting her do that in front of the entire Kindergarten.  :)  So, I reminded her that she is a fabulous singer and maybe she could sing something.
Her FAVORITE movie right now is Annie.
So she came up with Tomorrow... acapella.
The girl that sang before her in the show sang with an ipod, so once on stage she forgot she was singing acapella!  But when it was all over she was SO proud of herself because she was SO nervous!  At home, she sings it very different than this, but that stage fright is a serious thing.  :)  We are of course SO proud of her!!!  Way to go Reagan!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Girl Day!

Today was a BIG DAY for my Big Girl!
She sang in the Kindergarten Talent Show this afternoon, and knocked the socks off of everyone there.  ;)  I will put up the video tomorrow.  So, to celebrate that and her impending "graduation" from Kinder, we went to the mall to get her ears pierced!  Oh my word, I can't believe how BIG she is.  She has wanted this for a year, even tried at Christmas time to get them done and backed out (after dealing with the WONDERFUL lady we had today, I am certain she could have done it then too if we had had HER), and she has been begging ever since.  So, we decided this was a big occasion for ending Kinder, and after her BIG day today, it was a great way to celebrate!

These are all with our phones... my camera still needs fixing.  Grrrr....

Can you tell she was a little anxious?

 This lady was the only one there, so we had to do one at a time.  I was WAY worried, but she said it would be fine and quick.  And MAN, she was GREAT!  So quick and easy, it was a cinch!  R didn't even flinch, just nervous-laughed just like her Mommy does!!  This pic is ear #2.
 All done and ALL SMILES!!!  No tears or anything!

 Checking out her gorgeous self!

 They are little crystal flowers... and so cute. 
How how HOW did she get so big?!?!
I am one super proud Momma today!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Yucks

Both girls have had a stomach virus the last 3 days.  I had to just document a little of it for my own future reading... because "we'll laugh about this someday," right?!  I've never had them both sick like this at the same time, and I'll be just fine if it never happens again.  But hey, at least it is shorter lived that way.

Just some of the highlights (and if you can't laugh about potty/gross humor, just quit reading now):
  • 5 middle of the night showers, 3 loads of laundry, 102 degree fevers for both all in one night
  • I was one of those 5 showers... after we got everyone back settled down, I found I had Brooklyn's puke crusted and dried in my hair and on the side of my face
  • Brooklyn's key phrase I've heard 1,376 times in the last 3 days, "Mommy, I NEED you."
  • Actually, it's also been "Mommy, I need you because... I need you."  She also has had every variation of something else she wants "I need a drink Mommy because I need a drink"  or  "I need my Mickey Mouse because I need my Mickey Mouse"  or  "I love you because I just love you".  Even when sick she can be adorable.
  • Reagan has been the sickest, and she has also been an INCREDIBLE patient.  That poor girl had 102 fever for 2 days with it coming out both ends simultaneously and SEVERE pain, and when done she'll just smile and tell me she's ready to lay down now.  A few years ago, the slightest sickness or pain would bring her world to a screeching halt.  This time, she has been an ANGEL.
  • The first time it went "south", I hear R yelling from the bathroom "I NEED NEW PANTIES! I NEED NEW PANTIES!!"  I ran in there to console her, and she was crying and apologizing... "I'm SO sorry Mommy! I thought it was just a toot!"  Poor baby. :)  Then I spanked her.  Just kidding.
  • Reagan told me she prefers when she just throws up water... because it just tastes like water.
  • Today, Reagan proceeded to spray the Lysol directly into Brooklyn's face and into her eyes.  It was because she "wanted to help get rid of her germs."  That was awesome.
  • Grammy was here, and she brought Tootsie Roll Pops.  The girls practically sang the Hallelujah Chorus.
  • R took 4 naps on Monday.  During one of those on the couch, she fell off the couch while dead asleep and landed directly on her puke bucket.  Has a semi-circular bruise from it on the small of her back.  Has to be a great way to wake up!
  • Brooklyn thinks antibacterial gel is just fabulous.  She was painting her legs with it earlier today. 
My camera is on the fritz (grrrrrr) and my camera on my phone is terrible, but here are the only pics I've taken: 
Brook asleep on the floor next to the couch, holding her snack cup of dry cereal.
Reagan at her hospital bed, the love seat.  Might be right before she fell on that puke bucket...
Armed and ready for action with her bucket.  Has to be the prettiest sick kid I've ever seen...

Presently, they are both smiley, laughing, and fever-free.  Praying it stays that way!  And praying that somehow I escape it... it'll be a miracle.