Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Year Later...

You’ll have to humor me a little bit…. Today is a special one for us at the Beaver Dam for lots of reasons, and I just have to “get my words out” for a minute. Know what I’m sayin’? Cool.

July 23rd of last year was the day that brought on THIS POST, which I have read over and over today, along with the sweet comments. I will always remember that day vividly, down to the tiniest detail. I remember what I wore, what Reagan and David were wearing, what Mary got me for lunch (how I ate anything, I have NO idea), what sweet Uncle Turbo bought Reagan on their outing to ToysRUs, what the doctors wrote on the reports, what the stupid nurse said to me that was supposed to make me feel better (she was trying, but SERIOUSLY), how those moments in prayer together with David were probably the most real we’ve ever been with each other, and so so so much more. But as I type this, and tears roll down my cheeks, I am just praising our Faithful Father for all He’s brought us through. If you’re reading this, then you know how DARN PRECIOUS our Brooklyn is and how she has surpassed all those yucky worst case scenarios like crazy. You know what a JOYFUL spirit He has put in her, and how she lights up a room. How she can SEE with those gorgeous baby blues that have the most amazing eyelashes. (Thank you Jesus.) I am thankful beyond any possible words for all those things, and I look forward to seeing so much more He is going to do for her and through her. But honestly, July 23rd will always be a day when I am reminded of all God is doing for ME. I’m not sure I have ever really put this into words, or if I really can and do it justice, but being pregnant with Brooklyn was the hardest thing I hope I ever have to endure. Scary beyond words. Put that kind of scary with all the other yucky normal pregnancy hormonal stuff, and man, those months were ROUGH. Everyday was so hard, the fear of the unknown was so great, there were days when I honestly didn’t think I could do it…. days where I literally wanted to crawl in a hole and not get out. (Thankfully I had cutie pie Reagan around who would never let me!) Doctors can tell you, and you can tell yourself even, not to worry. Man, what the heck does that even mean?? Even Scripture tells me not to worry, but I confess to failing that Big Time. So, thank you to a Gracious God and faithful friends for carrying me though the roughest months of my life. And still doing so.

Brooklyn’s life as an infant is probably as “normal” as she will ever have it. Her challenges are really yet to come, and I hate that for her. We continue to pray every single day that she receives Healing, but I know that my ways are not His. Regardless of what her future holds, she is going to have a REMARKABLE story to tell. And I can’t wait to share with her how loved and prayed over she was from July 23rd, 2008 – on. I have a favor to ask of those reading this…. and I’m going to leave it up for awhile so as many can read it as possible. Someday (hopefully sooner than later) I hope to print my blog in book form for my girls. And I know that there are many of you that read it, some that I don’t even know about! So (remember, you’re humoring me!), if you are reading this right now and have at ANY TIME over the last 365 days stopped your life for a moment and said a prayer for Brooklyn and our family, would you please leave a comment that tells her that? Whether you comment all the time or never have, I want this to be a specific list to show her. And this date seems the best to do it. Even if you have to sign in as “anonymous,” please sign your name in your comment so she can see it someday!! I mean, how cool will that be?!?!?! Cool for me too, I’ll admit.

So, here is our sweet girl in her chair for her 7 month picture (taken a few days late, since we were on vacation on the 9th). Taken twelve months after doctors told us we would plan a funeral and she would never be ours. Taken twelve months after we found out what a special addition she would be to our family. Taken twelve months after God said, “Jodi, I’ve got a really special baby girl that I need you to be Mommy to. I’ll give you what you need, and I’ll give her what she needs.” And darn it, if she isn’t the cutest, sweetest thing EVER!!? Thank you LORD for our Brooklyn Hope!!!!

Don't forget to leave her a comment! B thanks you. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*Warning*: GIANT Birthday Post

4th of July
We originally didn't plan on watching any fireworks.... past the girls' bedtimes, etc. But last minute, we left B home with my parents and took Reagan up to watch them for the first time. Our city does a huge deal, so we didn't fight the crowd at the last minute... just took our lawn chairs to the Walgreens parking lot.
R was already dressed for bed, so it was an extra special outing!

Benefit of the Walgreens parking lot is talking Daddy into getting you a late night snack!

Our little social butterfly made friends with another family. They had fun.

Birthday Party
Seriously, she is three. How in the world? I've got a ton of pics (remember, this blog is in lieu of a scrapbook for me!), so I will keep the typing minimal. I hope.
We had her party Sunday night at the park, and thankfully there was wind to help with the heat. Turned out to be really great. She requested Little Einsteins for her party, hince the cake.B was great. Just hung out.
R's buddy, Brandon.

Her fabulous Aunt Mary.
Cutie cousin Austin, swinging. Despite his face, he liked it.
Brooklyn was so glad Grandmommy was there! She got lots of lovin'.
Photos of fun, food, and friends.

The beautiful Haecker girls.
Brady and Reagan were doing a little dancin'. As you can tell, it was awesome... and still pictures do it no justice.

The candles wouldn't stay lit in the wind, so she blew out the lighter. Notice her hand in the icing....
... Yummy.

Brandon and Scott.
Shaggy and Cooper.
Aunts, Uncles, cousins.... and Brian. :)

Opening presents:
She raked in the loot!!! Great great presents, from smart people who got great stuff. She LOVES this bouncy ball thing. It is her mode of transportation around our house now.

Beaver bathtub toy that swims and flips its tail. Awesome.
her Mommy looooooooves this present!

Emily and Elijah

See how the wind caught Brooklyn's shunt spike-o'-hair?! Greatness.Aunts BB and Emily
Daddy and Mr. Will.
Muh-wiss-ah. :) (my cousin Melissa, in Reagan-speak)
Jen had Baby Seren all snuggled up... so cute with her feet straight up!
Sweet Rowan.

"Thank You" hugs.

Handing out Goodie Bags.

Guess Cutie Elijah liked his watermelon. :)
What's a party without Uncle Kyle??Or a photo shoot of her Daddy?? I love this man.

Cake and watermelon..... Yum.
Silly Birthday Girl!!
LOVE these.

On the morning of the 6th, her actual birthday, we opened a couple more presents at breakfast. LOVE this look!!! Cutie pie.

From Brooklyn - Veggie Tales Worship CD. Brooklyn hit the jackpot with this find! :)
Little tongue-out excitement over the giant coloring book.
"Reading" (her name) on the tickets from Granddaddy and Grandmommy to the Dora Live show. Oh. My. Goodness.
HUGE smiles when it was explained to her that they are taking her!

Whew! Kudos if you made it that far. But thank you to all our friends and family who helped make this birthday so special for our girl. She has NOT quit talking about her party, and I bet it will continue for, oh, 10-11 months or so!! :)