Saturday, May 29, 2010

School's Out!! and some Sister Lovin'

These are over a week old, but had to put up some pics of Reagan's preschool End of the Year Program. They have a fundraiser dinner, then the kids of course get on stage and sing. ( She was VERY excited about that part.) Here is Reagan with her Bestie Caylie and friend Preston, whom she talks about CONSTANTLY. I'm quite certain Preston is her first crush (after her gymnatics coach!)... she thanks Jesus for him quite often. :) From this picture, you can tell how little R is for her age. These two are each less than 2 months older than her!
B got to take her walker that night (we've gotten where we take it just about everywhere that she could possibly get down), and this is ALWAYS a hit with her. She thinks she is SUCH big stuff.
Looking for Sister on the stage.
Cheering her on after their first song. I LOVE this picture.
These are mostly for grandparents. And no, I didn't video. It was 70 kids all up there nearly screaming... wasn't worth it. She's in the middle, behind the teacher, waving at me.
All the goofy faces before the singing began.
Reagan did great... sang her heart out and did most of the motions. The kid in the glasses to her left stole the show, though!!

Guess her goofy faces weren't done...
"Jesus is my Best Friend (with sign language)"
My fave pic: "Jesus is my ROCK." Check out that kid... too cute! Mine's cute too, but he was hilarious!
More clapping from her Biggest Fan!
Our first offical morning of summer. I was getting breakfast ready, and I come in to find these two lovies watching some Sesame Street just like this. Not a single one of these was staged... I just sat back and quietly snapped photos. Sorry... this was a "Mommy moment" I couldn't resist... and I had to post a few.

My two faves:

I know someday there will be cat-fights in my house, but for now, having them as little BFF's couldn't be better!!!
Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! Even David gets to be home on Monday! Yay!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Latest and Greatest on Brooklyn

As you can see, standing (or sitting) in one of the girls' pink chairs is B's FAVORITE place to be right now!
Update on B:
Just got back from our trip to TCH for her hearing test. Evidently the first thing to rule out in a kid with speech delays is hearing loss. AND, constant antibiotics can CAUSE hearing loss, and she's been on those everyday of her whole life. Well.... thanks be to God AGAIN for His answers to our prayers for B! They told me her hearing is perfect. The doctor performed 3 different kinds of tests, the last of which she said she hasn't had a kid EVER get as high as score!! (Maybe she hears TOO well?!!?) Anyways, we are of course so thankful to get this news.
Hearing... CHECK.
Now, we just gotta find a way to help her get her words out!
One a different note,
I also ask that you pray for Brooklyn's new friend, Garrett. While we were up at the hospital today, we got to visit his Mommy, Lori, and Daddy, Adam. Garrett has SB too, and he was having his shunt put in today. I VIVIDLY remember how the NICU stay was such a whippin, and this family is ready to BE a family and take their newest member home. So, for my prayer warriors out there, praise Abba that Garrett's surgeries have gone well and please pray he is able to go home soon!!! We love you, Douglas Family!

Monday, May 24, 2010

For Cass

Reagan and I were checking out photos on Kendra's blog before bed tonight, and we find this:
Cassidee specifically wanted this picture taken for BFF Reagan.
Cassidee says, "Look, Reagan. I'm on a beaver!" (Then picture Cassidee laughing hysterically... she thought she was so funny!)
So, we too got a good laugh out of that. She had me re-read it about 10 times. Then Reagan had an idea.....
"Look Cassidee... I'm on a broom!"
(and you can see on her face how funny she thought she was!)

I love these little BFFs!!! We miss you Cass, and can't WAIT to see you soon!!!

PS. I just now posted a bit about my Mother's Day, but since it was late, blogger put it a couple of posts down. But since it was to give major props to my wonderful husband, I had to let you know it's down below Brooklyn's video. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am CERTAIN that my sweet baby girl just reached out her arms to me and said "Ma ma ma". First words ever. Praise Jesus.

And when I kept asking her to do it again, she signed "all done." Smarty pants. :)
I'll post more later, but I absolutely HAD to get that documented right this minute!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the Go

There is not much to this video, except for the fact that Brooklyn is now a total walking Rockstar. :) She wants to be up in her new walker ALL the time, which is so great because we don't have to motivate her... she WANTS to work hard and WANTS to learn. Can't teach that kind of intrinsic motivation. Anyways, we take it with us places now. She does eventually tire out, or we have to MAKE her sit in a stroller. But here is a glimpse of how good she is now, and how good she has gotten at steering her new Wheels. You'll also see her poor poor super-pigeon-toed feet. We are working on what to do with that in the short and long term. I ask that you really pray for us in that regard... getting conflicting views from specialists makes things hard on parents!! Oh, and pardon the background noise if you watch this... we were at the Children's Museum on a Saturday. BRAVE. Enjoy the pure joy on her face and how proud she is! And forgive me if I post too much about her walking... this proud Momma can't help herself!!! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

Somehow this post never got posted! Just realized that today, and not sure what happened. But oh well...

Had to show off what my loving FABULOUS hubby had for me on Mother's Day... after my massage and pedicure at the spa.

If you can't tell, that's a filet, HOMEMADE fettucini alfredo, asparagus, and portobello mushrooms. Complete with wine, tulips, and HOMEMADE tiramisu. He spoils me. I love him. And dang he can COOK.

While he was cooking, the girls were playing together in Reagan's room with the door shut. Reagan comes in, and in her LOUD voice announces
This outfit was my present. Please notice the swimsuit on backwards and the pose. She cracks me up. I love her.