Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

This is my THIRD post today. I rock. :)
I've been singing that song in my head all day! The girls and I packed up this morning and met our friends Sarah, Dylan, and Mason at the strawberry farm! This was a first for all of us, and man it was the PERFECT day for it!! Gorgeous weather, ripe yummy berries, good friends. Brooklyn was especially excited to show off her new shades. :)
Cute girls about to be "farmers!"
Dylan and Reagan had SO much fun together!
I looooooooove this look on her face... so HER. This is her first reaction to getting her bucket and her freedom to pick.
Of course we had to have a crash-course in what a ripe strawberry is. Here, she is showing me she learned it well.
Sarah and Dylan enjoying their time together before Mason woke up in the stroller!
Cute big kids!
I love these outdoor pics! So pretty.... pretty girl.
Brooklyn sat and watched for awhile, but then needed UP. So, I wore her on my hip in the sling-thing the rest of the time. The squats I did up and down all morning are going to be KILLING me in the morning!

Not sure what she's doing here, but I think I had told her we were done... and this is
"I'm comin' !"
GORGEOUS day with my GORGEOUS girls!!!
All six of us farmers.
*if you enlarge this one, you'll see that my girls are cut from the very same mold. they are sporting the EXACT same expression... i just wish it was smiley!*
Reagan pooped out carrying her bucket back to pay... it weighed almost 6 pounds!
After we paid for our strawberries and a few other veggies at the market, we had a picnic under one of the most gorgeous oak trees EVER.
B couldn't contain herself to the blanket, so I played chase with her throughout lunch.
Reagan and Dylan played the game they made up called "Chase Tackle." I told her that he's a boy and he might not play easy, and she said it was "fun and I don't mind!"
Not sure what her Daddy will think of this pic! :)
Right after that pic, his tackle ended up slamming her skull to the ground. Such is life when you play that kinda game with a 4 year old boy! She cried, of course, and I pretended to feel sorry for her a little bit.... that was the end of Chase Tackle.
Here she is with her snack before naptime....
One of those days where I feel blessed in SO MANY WAYS!!! Thank you LORD for a wonderful day for this Mommy and her girls!!

March Trip Home

We had to make another trip home (minus the drive, the trip is ALWAYS welcome!) for Brooklyn's doctor appt. You know, the one where she screamed for 2 hours?! Yucky memory. Anyways, on to the good stuff from our trip.
Rachel was in town for a day with her kiddos too, so we met Kendra and fam at good ole CEC for fun, games, and mini bday party for Cass. Here are Brooklyn and Nolan "playing together" in the toddler area.

Something got their attention! No idea.

This was my first time ever to take B's walker somewhere and just turn her loose. She LOOOOOOOOVED it. Can't say that I blame her because she probably always gets held and not put down like she wants. She was ALL OVER the place. Made us cry.... well, me and Rach. :) She is only linear with it right now, so she constantly bonked into stuff. But we all came to her rescue and redirected her. BIG GIRL! :)

No grown ups in their right minds want to EAT at the CEC, so we went and got burgers afterwards. Cutie girls at their "big girl" table being goofy.

We can't resist the matching shirts for our girls we force to be BFFs.

B getting a little fun lovin' from Kendra! LOVE these pics!!

Love these too. Seriously, they are too cute!! GROUP HUG!

I love how Roselyn is practically choking Reagan, and Cass has her hand so casually in her pocket.
This may be one of my faves of all time....

While at my parents', we spent our time in the GORGEOUS weather outside that day. Here at our house, we have the steepest driveway imagineable. We have hurricanes here, ya know, so our house is built to not flood. So, we don't get to do fun things like ride bikes in the driveway here. But there is LOADS of fun to be had at Granddaddy and Grandmommy's!!

Plus, B has wheels too!!! She would just go up and down the driveway... good therapy (unbeknownst to her) and BIG FUN!

This day was good for my soul. It was kinda the first time I have had that moment where as a Mom you're sitting outside watching your kids actually play together. I mean, they play together all the time..... but we've never been really sure how this kind of "play" would look like for our family. And yes, it was different than most families and their kids, but it was PERFECT. I can't really describe, it was just great.
Look at that grin!!!

Then she stood and tore apart blades of grass for about an hour. :)

I know I'm biased.... but good grief she's pretty!!

Then she would reach down and grab more grass, nearly tipping over her walker. We have to watch her like a HAWK in this thing!

Daddy was out trimming some trees, and Reagan got to help. Her help consisted of carring small twigs to the trashcan, which earned her a $5 bill in a matter of about 2 minutes work. Nice, Reagan. Way to know who to work for!!

Then, someone needed their own turn on the ladder.


Just watching them do nothing but play with dead grass and enjoy each other warms my heart.
Then B and Grandmommy sat for a good while just holding each other and a twig with leaves. B would tear off each leaf, then ask for another twig. Grandmommy didn't mind, I don't think!
Can't wait to go home again! Our time is NEVER enough to see enough people! Goes by SO fast!

Random March Stuff

I realized March is over as of tomorrow, so I needed to catch up on some pictures!
First of all, I have a hard time not photographing my children every time they are asleep. Kids just look so angelic and peaceful while they sleep....
This may actually be from Feb..... oh well. Grammy came to stay with us for a QUICK visit, but regardless of the length it is always a good time. She and Brook were having the BEST laughs!
I love how B is looking up at her in this one. Too cute.
Speaking of random....
Reagan got some PlayFoam, and we LOVE it. So much cooler and user-friendly than PlayDoh. Anyways, we were making stuff with it, and she made this "because I love you so much, Mommy." Had to take a picture. Such a sweet girl.
Reagan had her first experience of shopping with her OWN money. She had been "saving" to go buy a friend for Baby Leopard since Christmas. She finally got $11 and got to go spend her money. Such a big girl thing. Here is Mittens, the cat, and BFF to Baby Leopard.
One night after supper, Brooklyn surrounded herself with toys. It just made me laugh, so I had to take a picture or two.
So proud of herself!
Reagan often pretends she's Larry Boy. It is her most often used alias. This particular afternoon she decided B would be Larry Boy whether she liked it or not.
B was sick this day, and was having NONE of pictures, but I had to document her very first ponytail and bow!!!
And lastly, the purple-pj wearing Duet. :)