Thursday, December 17, 2009

And No, She's Not Laughing....

Poor baby was scared to death.... and her horrible parents just laughed at her.
While we went over to the printer that must print in GOLD due to the cost of the pictures, Reagan stayed behind to finish her chat with the Big Guy. (We had rescued Brooklyn at this point, and we were the last ones in line.) Come back, and Reagan is STILL rattling off her list.... her evidently very LONG list. We've had to have some talks about how Santa is smart and he brings you things he knows you'll like, but that doesn't mean he brings you EVERYTHING you asked him for. Might save some of it for next year. Sheesh.
Last night, Santa was at gymnastics handing out candy canes. My 3 year old proceeds to tell us in the car that he was not the real Santa.... "I think he was just some grown up." Seriously, we are in trouble because she doesn't miss a BEAT.
Computer problems AGAIN have kept me from finishing Brooklyn's birthday posts from her party. Can't get my computer to recognize our camera or card reader. It is not my friend right now. But hopefully soon.... Until then, enjoy these wonderful holidays!!! And if you need a pick-me-up, click and read THIS POST from this day last year (which happened to be the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday.... today is the third.). Praising God EVERY DAY for these little munchkins He blesses me with!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How Fast Can a Year Fly By?!?!?

Happy Birthday to our Miracle-Girl!!
Sweet Brooklyn Hope made her appearance a year ago today, and the gift of her life is something I can never thank God enough for. That song that says,
"We will use the words we know
To tell you what an Awesome God you are.
But words are not enough
To tell you of our love;
So listen to our hearts."
has been my song for today because He can only know how thankful I am for this girl by knowing my heart.... I can't put it into words. Spina Bifida has NOTHIN' on this girl! She is not only the sweetest-spirited baby you'll ever meet, but she is also a rockstar; and God has HUGE plans for her. She has already touched the lives of so many people (even before Dec. 9, 2008) and is living proof that God is living and active in the lives of people (even little people!) today. He hears our prayers, He answers them in His time and His way, and I can't wait to see what all He has planned for our little girl. I've been having lots of bittersweet "Mommy moments" today.... just can't help it.
Here is our little chunk o' love on Dec. 9, 2008 at 8:29am.
This was the first time I got to see her (I did get to hear her cry in the operating room, which was precious). Everyone there got to see her before me!! She came out with the hiccups, and was MAD.
This picture in particular is just scary-looking to me. And also amazing. Modern medicine, especially with infants, is extraordinary. But she sure did have a lot of stuff going on in that little bed!
Later in the day when I got to go visit her in her waterbed. :)
Reagan's first time to meet her, right after her first surgery. She loved her soft skin.

Right after surgery #2, with her cute little bum up in the air.

She was on pain meds most of the time in the hospital, so she slept most of the time. It was ALWAYS great to see those big eyes open! Especially once we knew she could see out of them! :)
Cuddle bug.

Her monthly pictures in her chair so we could watch her grow in pictures!
1 month
2 months smiley girl!

3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months
7 months (to me, she changed A LOT this month from 6)
8 months (officially a sitter... Look at that straight back!)
9 months

10 months
That's more like it!
11 months
I'll put her 12 month pic in tomorrow's Birthday Party Post, since we haven't taken it yet! Now that she is crawling, it is definitely a 2 man job. :)
And I can't say thank you enough to ALL friends, family, and even strangers who have loved on and prayed for our girl. I look so forward to the days when I can tell her all about it! We LOVE you all....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Caddo Thanksgiving 2009

This was supposed to go last.... oh well. Caddo Family Photo. Makes me so happy.

Thanksgiving week, we made a trip out to my grandparents' house before we went to Caddo. I absolutely love being at their house..... so many great memories for Adam and me. And now, seeing our kids playing in their yard is that much better!!

Cutie Corbin and a big kid pose.

Reagan thinks Uncle Adam is "so fun and so silly." Wonder why....

LOVE this picture. So fun and so PRETTY!

I was inside putting Brooklyn to bed, so I missed this big game of tag in the yard. I love all the running pictures, and I just love how pretty their property is.

LOVE the windmill shot. Adley looks especially gorgeous in it. And way too big.

Our first evening at Caddo.... COLD. As all the evenings were. First thing when we got there, Corbin wanted to hold B by the fire.

Then she got passed to Marli. This was B's first time to meet lots of this side of the family!

Adam helping R down the stairs for Thanksgiving lunch. The only picture I got in her new favorite sweater with lollipops on it.

Proof that I was actually there.

Gathering outside to pray for our meal.

My cousins and my newest cousins-in-law..... Mark with wife Jenn and Catherine with fiancee Colby. We loooooooooove them. :)

Reagan associates Caddo and bubbles. Fun times for the kiddos. :)

Love Adley and Reagan's expressions in this one!

Cousins! So fun to watch..... all of Adam's and my memories of Thanksgiving as kids were playing around and getting messy with Caddo Cousins. And now we see our kids doing it too. Greatness.

Reagan loooooooves Brady and Cason. Getting ready to go in the boat! Look how she is looking at Cason.... sweet.

How I love this cutie pie!

McAdams boys probably helped with paddling more than Reagan! :)

Uncle Ronnie was so sweet to take them!

And Emily! They made two different trips with kiddos!

A new fave picture of mine!

These two had a great time together. She was quite the Granddaddy's girl this trip. Here they are watching the Cowboys' Win together.... "TOUCHDOWN!!"

She literally sat right here with him for the entire game. So sweet.

This was hilarious. And gross. :) The kids decided to "clean up the swamp." Which meant fishing out chunks of the mossy junk growing on the top near the pier. Rubber boots, fishing nets, a bucket, and lots of mess.

And Aunt Missy for help!

Teamwork carrying the heavy junk in the net.

Guess this trip she could do it by herself. She had SO much fun with this little adventure!

This wasn't the end of the damage. I have soaked and soaked those pants, and it just ain't coming out. Worth it though for that happiness.

Sorry.... but I couldn't resist posting this picture. I did get her a tissue, right after I took this! :) Can you tell she was a little sick? Never acted it though, until the ride home. Came home with a cold and two ear infections. Worth it for the fun, though!

Corbin is such a crack-up!

Dirty, precious cousins.

Corbin went home with big sections of the lake soaked into every pair of pants Missy brought for him. That boy had fun!

Another boat ride, with Granddaddy!

Brooklyn had a great time getting to hang out with her sweet friend, Uncle Jimmy. They bonded BIG TIME in Virginia in August, and she was so glad to see him again! Maybe the feeling was mutual....

She got LOTS of lovin' from Aunt Missy. :)

And Corbin!

And Adley! (with Reagan getting some kisses stolen from Uncle Amoo.)

LOVE it. My girls are so blessed!!!

Fun to have Reagan and Adley at Caddo.... they are the same age split that Emily and I are. Brings back memories!! Here, sweet Adley is playing "patient" with Reagan as the "doctor". (the doctor equipment is evidently a bug-catcher thing.... ??)

Reagan's turn to be the patient!

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove these Grays!

I miss it already!!!
Next up.... big Birthday-Girl post! Oh. My. Goodness!