Friday, June 01, 2012

End of School!!

This was Reagan's performance today... in front of the ENTIRE SCHOOL and lots of parents.  One lady stopped her in the hall afterwards and told her that Reagan was WAY more brave than she could ever be!!  And I don't think she was told to, but sweet girl OWNED that stage... waited for the crowd to quiet down for her to begin.  :)  This video will be worth a bajillion dollars to me someday once her little speech issues are gone.  For now, it makes me GWIN ear to ear!  :)  I am so proud of her... she did so great, and looked SO VERY LITTLE on that big ole stage. 

Which made me happy because today she is officially a 1st grader, and Mommy needed her to look little for a minute.

She had a great year in Kinder.  Her report card that came home today was almost PERFECT... her teacher gave her the highest rating in almost every one of the 30something categories.  She is reading at a level G, and "on target" for an ending Kindergartener is level C.   And yeah, I'm bragging, but it's my blog. :) She LOVES school, and her teacher said she wishes she had a "room full of Reagans".   Most importantly, she is a light to her friends and knows it is her own little mission field to be Jesus.  Now, she's on to First Grade!  Several First Grade teachers stopped her in the hall after the show today to introduce themselves and tell her how proud they were... made her extra excited to be a First Grader.  I love her school... that's how they roll.

Brooklyn's last day of preschool was a week or so ago.  SO fun, they have a performance of some of the songs they sing in Chapel.... sweet girl decided to pick and choose which songs she would sing.  During the ones that were NOT her preference, she just laid her head down in her teacher's lap.  Good enough.  :)  And you'll see in the video that she didn't care much that I was watching and videoing... she LOOOOOVES her teacher so much and was mostly about singing for her.  I was kinda far away, so it's not the greatest.  Just look for the cute blonde with the big white bows in the middle.

This is Hadley, her little boyfriend at school.  He is all boy, rough and tumble, but SO sweet with just Brooklyn.  Would always walk with her, help her up when she fell, took such good care of her. We really love Hadley, hope they are in class again next year together!
Check out this look, and the hand-hold.  Her Daddy doesn't know what to think...
 Sweet friends!
 That teacher we love SO much, Mrs. Allison.  Pretty sure B would trade me in for her, any day.  :)  Allison was a direct answer to my prayers this year for B.  Such a peach.   LOVE HER.  I think she was actually an intern under Adam when he worked at this church.  Now the whole fam loves her!
 Some of her classmates, Emma and James... missed an entire class photo on this night.  Her other teacher, Mrs. Kristen, is Reagan's BFF Amory's Mom.  Got that?  Also a total answer to my prayers.  I keep asking them to move up to the 3s class next year!  Brooklyn loves them dearly, and it was such a great year for her!  They happily went the extra mile for Brooklyn in every respect that she needed, and showered her with love and learning.  Gave her every "special need" that she needed, but never ever treated her like a special needs kid.  My cup overflows.  Love them.
One last video...
Brooklyn's favorite song from school that I didn't get on video at the program.  Brooklyn much prefers to be Daniel, so Reagan gets to be Ruth and it all works out.  :)  We sing this probably 15 times daily, although they didn't seem enthused that I made them perform for my camera.
Yay for summer!  I am SOOOOOO ready for the fun we have planned, and for just having my babies HOME WITH ME!  :)