Friday, July 30, 2010


The Spina Bifida Association of Houston Gulf Coast is holding its “Summer is Almost Over Bowl-a-thon”.

Our small group from church, and possibly a few others :), will be bowling as TEAM BROOKLYN on Aug 14. This is a cause that David and I are quite passionate about, and we feel so blessed that our friends have joined us! It will be a fun-filled day to honor our Brooklyn and other precious kiddos like her. (You should see some of these kids bowl... It's amazing!) Click HERE to view our fundraising page ... if you'd like, it is really easy to contribute. Just a little bit can go a long way to help!! Now if only there was an easy link to help with bowling skills.....

Funds raised will pay for a variety of programs and services that they offer including a summer camp for children and young adults with spina bifida, new parent contact services, educational scholarships, health & education conferences, and many others. SBAHGC has operated for over 40 years without paid staff, and very little overhead. Your donation will directly serve families and individuals with spina bifida... just like OURS!
Thank you!

PS.  We got the girls' pictures made, and this was one of B's.  More to come later!  :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love that you're a total goof.  An adorable, hot goof at that.
I love that you love days together as a family.

I love that you love having daughters.

I love how you make me feel so special.

I love that you picked me.  You're dang smart.
I love that our little girlies LOVE their Daddy.
We love you!
Happy birthday, babe!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yay Cannon!!!!!!

Wishing we were in North TX today at the Spina Bifida Walk 'n' Roll fundraiser today!  Next year, FOR SURE!  Our friend Cannon and his cousin Davis are "strollin" today, and we are so proud of them and their families!!  I just got this picture sent to me from a phone for a surprise Shout Out to Brooklyn!  SO SWEET!!!  So thoughtful of them to represent for us!  :)  Cannon and Brooklyn are 3 weeks apart, both with SB, and are destined to be life-long friends.  His Momma, Ali,  was a great source of strength for me while we were pregnant together with our special kiddos, and continues to be!  LOVE Y'ALL!! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reagan's Birthday Extravaganzas: Part 3

Back at home, we met up with the fam at the glorious CEC at the request of Reagan for her actual birthday.  It was SO fun and there were SO many photo ops, but I neglected to go back to the car in the rain to get the camera.  Bummer. 
But we came home and had lunch and cake and presents.  This present is a HUGE candy necklace.  She did some serious damage on this sucker, and was SO happy about it.  Thanks, Aunt Mary!  Aunts can give cool presents like this...
And this.... pop beads.  LOVE it.
And THIS major hit!  All within a Tiana bag.  Perfect.
Thank you hugs.

David and I got her new games for her new Leapster.  I had bought them weeks ago when I had a coupon, and she asked for these specific two just the day before her birthday.  I love when the present is perfect!

Love the tongue.

Thank you hugs for Brooklyn.
My second attempt at the cake.  Mostly because I didn't have enough creativity to think of another one!
Proof I exist.
One of the gifts "Brooklyn" got R was color drops for their baths.  It doesn't look it in the pic, but she actually mixed red and blue to make purple. 
The next day, Adley and Corbin got to come play for a day.  R was absolutely beside herself!
Playing a little "Heart and Soul."
Reagan playing her own version... just hit the keys as hard as she can...
... while the big kids dance and Brooklyn BELLY LAUGHS, of course.
We hit up ChikFilA for lunch, then came home to chill with Toy Story.  Oh, if they lived closer we would do this EVERY WEEK in the summer.  Sigh...
FINALLY done with Reagan's birthday.  Seriously, I hope this kid doesn't think that EVERY birthday will last over an entire week!  It sure was fun though.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reagan's Birthday Extravaganzas: Part 2

We had plans for a waterpark party.... the heavens opened to the downpour the SECOND we pulled in the parking lot!  So, Janet to the rescue!  She let us improvise under her breezeway and use the pool, and Reagan (and the rest of us!) felt like it was still the party she wanted.
Which was a Tiana Swimming party. 
Here's the cake I made, and Naveen had to keep ruining it by falling down.  But R still loved it.

B found out she looooooooooooves Cheetoes!

The little BFFs.  This weekend worked perfectly for her to have her party since Roselyn and Cassidee could come!!!
The rain and thunder quit for a total of 20 minutes, so we HURRIED all the children to the pool for a Quick Dip.

LOVE this pic of Elizabeth!

Of course Charlie has skulls on his swimsuit.  Love it.  :)
Most of the parents just watched the festivities.  No point in everyone having to get all wet for a 20 min swim!
Cutie Cason!
Thank GOODNESS for my friends and family pulling off this party!  Aunt Missy was on Brooklyn duty a LOT, and you can tell they both hated every minute.
BIG squeals from B when Granddaddy showed up!

Silly B... Grammy and I both had no idea what this was about!
Sorry Mom, not your best pic.  But I didn't have that many with you in them since you were such my worker bee that day!  THANKS!
Little kids' table.
Big Kids' (Grandparent) table.
Then, the downpour happened again.  The kids LOVED this spot where the gush was streaming down off the roof!
Evidently Christy is saying something HILARIOUS in this picture.
Speaking of hilarious, Sage had Brooklyn CRACKING up.  It was so cute, and Sage was so so so sweet to her.
She'd lean over, and Brooklyn would pat her forehead...
... then Sage would be SO SURPRISED and Brooklyn cracked up!!!  This happened over and over and over.  So sweet!
The littlest partiers... Easton and Presley.
Here's their game again... Brady and Corbin joining in!
Reagan telling some "thank you"s.
And some kids playing in the downpour.
And Reagan back to presents (these are a bit out of order).  I love the "AH!" face on Reagan while opening Katie's (and the rest of the fam) present.
Hugging the wrong friend.  :)  We don't get to see this whole crowd enough, so she gets confused who goes with who!
Kirkley was having SUCH FUN in the pouring water!!
They all were!

Oh Roselyn... how I love this picture. 
Alicia looks really pretty in this picture.... Reagan, well, not her best.
I'm sure Katie is being a sweet big cousin and filling Kirkley's bucket for her, not squirting the water on her head.  I'm just certain of it.  :)
This is how Brooklyn felt about Sage:  :)
And Katie!  :)
Cake time.  I love Roselyn's look here.
The cake wasn't big enough, so I brought cupcakes too.  Good thing, since the kids grabbed them up first.  Charlie was COVERED.
Even R didn't eat the cake I made her!  The grownups got purple Tiana cake. 
Sage and Brooklyn entertaining Granddaddy!
We sure do miss all of you guys!!!