Sunday, August 30, 2009

Possibly the Biggest Post Ever

And folks, there are a lot of them. Absolutely could not narrow them down any more. I have one more mega-post I think to catch me up on the summer, so bear with me. :) I'm gonna keep the typing to a minimum since there are a billion pics!!!
We flew to Amarillo to meet up with the fam and drive to NM. I think our night there was Reagan's fave of the whole trip. A trampoline and her cousins.... the girl was in heaven. She loves them beyond words, and thinks EVERYTHING they say or do is the coolest thing ever.

If you can, enlarge this one to see Corbin's expression. Awesome. I had to bounce with my favorite kiddos, too.
Love this shot sequence:

Adley is SUCH the big kid!

Monkey see, monkey do.
LOVE their faces here!!

Mom brought some birthday presents for the kids (they all have summer birthdays) and her traditional "vacation bags" of goodies. Also exchanged cousin birthday presents as well. It looked like Christmas morning!!!

My brother = dork. :)

Thank you hugs!

This was our house for the rest of the week. No fancy camera colors here... it was really that gorgeous.
My Grandmommy got to come too!!

The kids had SO MUCH FUN on top of the hot tub on the deck.
They invented a game with Granddaddy (reminded me SO MUCH of my own Granddaddy and his games) where they would pose and jump off the hot tub lid to him. It was HILARIOUS and they had the best time!

I love Corbin and Reagan playing while waiting their turn.
Daddy's faces are awesome too.
David trying out other fancy shots with his new camera.
Nice pose, Corb!
This sequence of Reagan cracks me up:

Same game, next morning. Nice pick, Reagan.
B enjoying the deck.
Exploring. Look at that SKY!!!

Corbin, after he peed on the tree.
Printed and now hanging in my hall:

My blue-eyed girls.

Hanging out with "The Other Grandmommy."

This whole embankment was FULL of tiny wild strawberries. They were fabulous and we picked hundreds. The girls REALLY liked that.

Also printed for my hall: Cuties.
Storm rolling in. It was SO pretty.
Uncle Adam biting something yummy under her arm.

Hot tub time!
Sweet. :)
I pretty much just wanted B's pic in her swimsuit, so she got to get in too.

We found a little stocked pond to cast in. Not catch though. She looks SO big to me in this pic.

B got LOTS of bonding time with The Other Grandmommy. LOVE it.

David, once again, with the Dora pole.

At the park. This pic also reminds me of my own Granddaddy. My dad is SO him. LOVE it. And, keep in mind my Daddy is over 6 feet tall, so check out how high my little dare devil likes to swing!!! May have been the highest ever in a non-baby swing.

Grandkid pic. It would have been great if R hadn't blinked.
Fam photos. Wish we had chosen a different time of day, but it turned out ok!
Another with Grandmommy.

We had SUCH a great trip, and R has asked to see her cousins again EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. SINCE. Poor baby... too bad we live across the entire state!!! Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun trip! Can't wait for the next one!