Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brooklyn's Voice

I've had a few requests for video of Brooklyn's signing and her talking.
Today, sweet girl said a new "word," which is ALWAYS cause for celebration in our house!
She said "uh-oh."  Not by accident either... said it over and over and over again.  It sounds more like "uh-ow", but we don't care.  :)
So as I am doing a celebratory dance for that little victory this evening (and the victory of paying off David's student loan today!!  Unrelated, but still so exciting!!!), figured I would finally post a few videos for your viewing pleasure.  Mostly of her talking.  She is amazing at ASL, but it is so much our normal around here that I forget to video it.  But the talking thing is the super duper stuff for her, so here are some examples.  And I just love her little voice. 
This is a word that only shows up every once in awhile, but this was the day after we first heard it.  She chooses to eat off of this plate quite often, probably because she likes the "Bab" (crab) on it.  She is also signing it, except it is actually supposed to be both hands crossed in front with the pincher motion.  She doesn't do that part yet.  :)  It's tricky.

Here was the day a couple weeks ago when she let us know "Who's the guy you need to know when you've got a place to go" on Dora.  I cried, I was so excited!  She pointed him out all on her own the first time, rather loudly (Brooklyn is RARELY quiet), then Reagan kept asking her for it over and over.

Here is a compilation of all the other words she can say up until today.  Posted especially for Vesti.  :)  Except for as of last Monday, she now calls me "Momma" instead of "Mom."  Two syllables!  WAHOO!!  Anyways, we have our little "moments" while she is laying on the changing table... one of the few times a day when she is somewhat still!  So, I get her "talking" or singing during those moments.  I can't believe she performed this well for my camera last week!  We still have work to do on her ABCs, but for little 2 year old fingers, it's pretty darn good I think!!!  Most importantly, she remembers them and recognizes the written letters as well.  Smarty pants, I just love her to bits.

I'm often asked how long we expect speech to be an issue for her.  The answer is we have no idea.  Some of you that are reading this know TONS more about this than I do.  But from what I understand, this appraxia that she is unofficially diagnosed with (but probably has in full-force) can be really tricky.  Could be years before she catches up... sweet girl.  And the thing I am starting to hate the most about it is that she KNOWS she can't talk yet.  She knows.  And it frustrates her.  Which is hard.  But ASL has saved us, and now we are starting to combine that with some picture books for communication as well.  (We are also well aware that for as much as could be happening with her, if speaking is the biggest deal we've got, she's a-ok!)  So... thankfully she is NOT behind on her language for her age, just behind on her speech.  We are of course very confident that God has HUGE plans for her, whether she has to talk with her hands or not!!!  Thanks for the continued prayers for Brooklyn.  She has come SO far, and we are so proud!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Severe Need to Freeze Time

The need to freeze time... well, that is kinda where I LIVE right now.  I think it is mostly because Kindergarten is right around the corner... lots of bittersweetness about that.  And yes, I just made up that word.  Anyways, both my little chickadees are at SUCH fun ages.  I echo what my parents have always said about us... that each new stage/age is my favorite (guess my folks did like me!).  Anyways, I have lots to post from the last week or so, but it'll have to wait until I can go through a million pictures.  But I had to write down this memory for my "scrapbook."
Reagan and I have been planning a "big girl" date to see Tangled again... she doesn't know it, but I was just waiting until it would get to the dollar movie.  She and I had said date on Tues, dinner and a movie just the two of us.  Remember how obsessed she was/still is with Tiana?  Well, we now carry the iTouch everywhere we go so she can listen and memorize the soundtrack of Rapunzel.  And I do mean MEMORIZE.  So, we are thoroughly enjoying the movie (I do believe it has officially trumped the Little Mermaid as my fave princess movie), and it comes to my favorite part... the lanterns. 
Reagan made it even MORE my favorite part by singing the entire song outloud... not that loudly, just kinda to herself.... where I had to lean down to hear her, but act like I wasn't doing it on purpose.  Be still my heart, I cried.  I mean, like ugly cried, the entire scene.  Don't ask me to explain why.  Because if you didn't know why without asking, you probably wouldn't get it anyways if I tried to tell you.  But let's just say that I love her to bits. 

Her little 4.5 year old self reminds me constantly of this song, Fireflies, which I heard for the first time while I was newly pregnant with Reagan.  I immediately got off my couch, got into the car, and drove to Target to buy the cd.  Not only is it a beautifully written song, and not only does Faith sing it BEAUTIFULLY, but the sentiment speaks to me of a Mommy to little girls.  My job makes me so happy.  Not sure why some people have a hard time with the love of all things "princessy" with little girls. Maybe you know why and can tell me.  But I love it.  I love dress up. I love the pretend royalty that constantly graces me with its presence.  I love the storybooks and movies.  I love that Reagan actually does sleep in her princess "castle" tent up on her bed every night. I try to keep it in perspective for them, the whole fairy tale thing.  But man, it is FUN to be a little girl.  And it is fun to be their Mommy.  And I pray that a true "prince" that loves the Lord first and my girl second comes along someday, so Reagan can sing this to him.  Or the Rapunzel lantern song.  Whatever.  :)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pigtails, Grandparents, Birthdays, and Ridiculously Expressive Kids

My parents came in town to see us because they are helpless against the begging of my children.  :)  The girls had been REALLY missing them, so they obliged and made the trip a couple weekends ago.  Here is a really happy Brooklyn, wearing our new favorite hairdo - piggies - , and her really happy Grandmommy right after they arrived.
 That weekend, we also go to celebrate cousin Austin's 3rd birthday at the Downtown Aquarium.  Thanks to a GREAT coupon, we got to enjoy all the fun stuff there.  Here is the view of the other ferris wheel bucket/car/thing from ours at the tip top!
 The other theme of this post is the expressiveness of my girls, especially Brooklyn.  (She can't talk, but she is a masterful nonverbal communicator, and you NEVER wonder what she is thinking.)  This day, the camera caught lots of crazy faces of my kids.  Here is Brooklyn spotting something really exciting and pointing it out to Grandmommy.   

 And clapping for it, whatever it was.
 Waiting in line for the shark train is fun when you have rails to swing on. 
 Family photo waiting for the train to start.  Not Mom's fault Brooklyn's face didn't make the pic... this lens isn't very wide-angle.  :)
 Group shot. :)  Certainly not the best of the girls.  It gets worse.  :)
 But I'll take this one!!!   Scrunchy-nose smile.

 Then there's the snarl...... this girl can make the funniest faces!
 You'll have to excuse me... I just had to post these because they make me laugh! 
Sweet Reagan-smile!
 Then there's this...
 ... and this little gem from R...
 ... and this one from B.
 This is a TAD better, I guess?!  They make me laugh!
 Again, seriously Reagan?!  Ha!  I do love the way B is looking at Grandmommy...  :)
Big claps and Big happiness!
 Reagan saw something she liked!!  B did too, is asking for "more."
 I love how she is patting her Aunt Mary...
 ... SO sweet!
 Reagan taking a peek at sleeping baby cousin Etta.  She is SUCH a great baby!  Would have been cooler if I had gotten a picture where one could actually see her!
 Except for the fact that my ride has me way up in the air so I look gigantic, I loooove this picture!  The girls love a good carosel ride! 
Enlarge it if you want to see the girls better (for family)... except for B's scrunchy smile, it is one of the first pics in a long time that I totally think the girls look alike.
 Again, sorry, there are lots of these.  But it was really cute.... B kept looking for Granddaddy as we went around each time, and it was SO fun to spot him! (I could just EAT HER UP in her pigtails!  Sheesh.)
Let me interpret for you:
On the other side of the ride:
"Where'd he go?"
"Grandmommy!  There's Granddaddy!!!!"
Around again:
"Where'd he go?!"
(Reagan cutting her eyes... :) typical.)
Annnnnnnnd.... this is her I'M SO HAPPY, I'M GONNA DIE!  face.
I love it.  :)
So did Grandmommy.  :)
Goober.  Love her!!!
At the restaurant doing some serious coloring.
And getting tickled for beating Granddaddy in TicTacToe again!
Here are Austin and Reagan in the viewing window under the stingray tank.  So cool!
Brooklyn got in on this action, but never turned around so I could get her face.  But I LOVE Austin in this one.
Looking at them from the top this time.
Granddaddy helped Brooklyn touch them! 
Reagan however would have NOTHING to do with touching them.  I was trying to talk her into it in this picture, but nothin'.

Why an aquarium has a white tiger, I have no idea.  But still very cool!

Thank you Austin and fam and grandparents for a FABULOUS weekend!!