Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Fun with the Beaver Girls

Of course, I'm behind on blogging, so this contains TONS of pictures. Sorry!!! But here is the whole Halloween extravaganza for us in one post!

We took the girls to ZooBoo the Sat before. It was a gorgeous day with our gorgeous girls!

Couldn't decide which to put...

Brooklyn's first carousel ride that went up and down. She was NOT a fan. Chicken.
It is however Reagan's FAVORITE thing at the zoo!

LOVE this.

The giraffes are my favorite. There are two baby ones right now.... and here is one little family. If you look closely (might not want to!), you'll see the Mommy had to tinkle and the Daddy decided to drink it.

Reagan was CRACKING up! Kept yelling, "We don't DRINK TINKLE GIRAFFES!! WE DON'T DRINK TINKLE!!!!" It was so funny.

Sweet Brooklyn laughed along too. Poor baby's scar was hanging out for all to see in these jeans... just wanted to say that so you'd know it is not her crack. :)

I think this one is the only one I took!

David got artsy with this reflection shot...

Little Miss Blue Eyes strollin'....

.... with her new Scrunchy Nose Smile.

R and I got matching ZooBoo tattoos!!!

R and I also did a little pumpkin decorating.... We did one for her and a tiny one for Brooklyn.

And B caught a little snooze. Sweet girl...

Later that week, more pumpkin painting. This girl wanted ONLY pink and purple, and by the time we were done it was a completely lavender pumpkin with sparkly beads glued on it. Awesome.

Reagan's PreSchool class Spooky Breakfast. Look at those cute little Beaver girls!!!!

The "girls" table. Check out Ariel... :)

Baby Brooklyn Beaver. :)

Little pumpkin walk game.

Excited about trick or treatin' down at the church office!

On actual Halloween, we went to the church carnival at David's siblings' church. It was fabulous, but hot! My parents were in town for my dad's follow up doctor stuff (got great reports!), so they got to come too which was great!!

R of course went STRAIGHT for the bounce houses!

We've lost the canopy for this stroller, so Aunt Mary was sharing her glasses with Brooklyn.

And Aunt Mary brought R some cotton candy. Brownie points like crazy!!!

They shared. :)

Had to take off Reagan's super hot costume, so we got some sister-shots really quick of our sweet little Beaver Girls. Wish I had waited until after this picture. Still sweet though.R picked a cat for her first ever face painting.


Check out her throw!!!

Little golf help from Daddy.

Waiting in line.....

Ball toss.... you probably can't see it, but this shot was a winner!!

Her prize was a confetti egg!!! I love this picture!

Ring toss. We were unsuccessful on this game, but who cares. Got candy anyways.
That is the beauty of church carnivals. :)
Back to the bounce houses now that she wasn't sweating!

The playground!!!

Granddaddy is a great swing pusher!

I love how great our new camera is!

Action shots!

Probably my fave...

My two favorite men swinging my girl back to the car. :)

At the beginning of the evening, R was answering the door for trick or treaters like this.....

The girls' first real trip trick or treating..... LOVE their tails!!!!

You see how Brooklyn ALWAYS holds my hair.

I love that at this age, 4 houses was plenty. :)

Here we are, heading back to our house after a FABULOUS day. You can see Brooklyn's cute little tail in this one. :)

I would be sad that Halloween is over, but it means that the holidays are OFFICIALLY here. My favorite!!! And I'll try to be better about blogging through them!