Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Curse of the Peter Pan

If you don't already know about the recall on Peter Pan peanut butter, let this be a huge warning to you to do some research and THROW YOURS AWAY!! The news story came out on this while we were on vacation, so of course we didn't get it. Mom mentioned it briefly, but not enough to make me remember when we got home. So, after my yummy sandwich last Friday morning, I spent Friday night in the ER with what we believe to be salmonella poisoning. I was super sick all day with every horrible symptom of food poisoning imagineable, and got so dehydrated that poor Reagan had no milk. (still struggling to get it back... a little worried about this.) David came home from work early on Friday so I could be in bed and he could keep the baby. By Friday night, I was so bad that we decided to head off to the emergency room. Some friends from church came to be here while Reagan slept, then David's sister Mary relieved them later that night and spent the night at our house. We were so blessed to be able to leave her and not drag her to the hospital! (We saw folks in the waiting room who weren't so fortunate, and their kids were so miserable. Made us count our blessings.) After 2 liters of saline IV, a Zofran IV to keep me from throwing up, a prescription for antibiotics, and 7 hours later, we came home to go to bed about 5:00 am. Presently, my fever is down and my stomach is better. Thank you Lord! But I just thought I would share my story to make sure everyone that reads this checks their pantry for their peanut butter jar. Ours was 3/4 eaten, but I still got it. So beware!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

California Girl

Man, after being in San Diego for a week, it makes it hard to come back to Houston!! We took a much needed vacation last week and had a WONDERFUL time! Actually, Reagan was on antibiotics for an ear infection, I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection (which I had a horrible reation to.... hives are hideous), David came home sick, my dad came home with a stomach bug, and we STILL had a great time! Amazing. We took tons of pics, some of which I plan to make into a board book for Reagan, but here are the highlights.

Reagan learned this new trick while we were there. She is still not quite crawling, but she does this all the time now, sticking her butt up in the air. It is too funny. She also cut another tooth in California! Made for a rough couple of nights, especially with the ear, but we survived it. :)
This was just a sweet pic with her Daddy that I just loved.
Here, we are having breakfast on our balcony. This is the fabulous view from our room. The weather was spectacular and the scenery gorgeous. Reagan is such an outdoors kid... she loved it there.
David's cousin Scott Beaver (actually he is his "double cousin"... first cousin on both sides... so cool.) lives in LA and drove down to see us and meet the kid. They really liked each other.

For the last half of the week, my parents flew out to join us. Worked out great for us because they helped out with the kiddo, worked out great for them because they GOT to help out with the kiddo! You can tell from this pic that they are some pretty proud grandparents. :) Couldn't take their eyes off of her!

Granddaddy fed her lunch while we ate at this little taco diner. It was dirt cheap and SUPER yummy, right across from our resort. Reagan had Gerber squash. Too bad for her.
We found a little coffee/ice cream shop around the corner. A combination that I happen to love! Every place close to us had outdoor dining which was so fun in the great weather, so we ate outside a lot.
How cute is this!!!?? She was holding Grandmommy and Granddaddy's hands... while checking out Grandmommy's bling!

The highlight of the trip was our Zoo trip on Friday. Again the weather was perfect, so we had to buy a little hat for Reagan to keep the sun out of her eyes. It was a GREAT find at the gift shop, and she was too dadgum cute in it!
Reagan saying hello to Josephine the Orangutan. We got lots of pictures of animals for her zoo book I am making, including the pandas! She came home with a stuffed panda that she is now pretty attached to. I forgot to upload the panda pics, and you bloggers out there know that it is hard to get it in now without messing up the chronology! But we did see them...
Cute girl in her cute hat!
We stopped to eat lunch... Reagan sat on the table and ate her plastic keys. Good times.
Baby girl missed the second half of the zoo. Good thing we took pictures for her! She was so cute snuggled up with daddy and her Snugglie in the Baby Bjorn.

The beach was pretty breezy, so we only took her down there at the end of the week when her ear was better. We sat out and watched the sunsets, just putting our feet in the cold water. Can I point out that Reagan weighing almost 18 lbs has started giving Mommy some muscles! If you look closely, you can see a bicep! :)

Another sweet picture that I love, this time with Granddaddy on the beach.
Lastly, I had to post a pic of the beautiful sky God painted for us each night. It was a great end to our great days. Seriously, coming home from vacation is kinda depressing... like when Christmas is over!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sweet Greemy

Everyone, meet Jemmetta Beaver. Greemy to the rest of us. Isn't she beautiful!? (She is resposible for the blue eyes Reagan has.) This picture is such a treasure to me. It lives up on my mantle, but I wanted to share it with you. Greemy has loved me as her own from the moment we met, and this picture reminds me of that each time I look at it. Brenna still has the pics of Greemy with Reagan, so I don't have those to share yet. But I will be forever thankful for our trip there over Thanksgiving when Reagan and Greemy met and loved on each other.

Greemy got to go to heaven on Tuesday. David and the family will be heading up to Kentucky tomorrow for her memorial services; Reagan and I are both sick and have to stay home.... no way the baby could take the plane rides. I am way beyond sad about this, but we will do our best to be there in spirit. Of course our hearts are so very heavy having to say goodbye to such a fabulous friend, but our loss is DEFINITEY heaven's gain.

In 2005, Greemy wrote and published a book about her life. This woman lived life to its fullest... an entire chapter in the book is dedicated to her world travels. For example, she and David's grandpa went to Egypt 3 times! Anyways, in her wonderful way, she tells of her life well-lived. You only have to read the first and last pages to get a feel for how wonderful she was.

It starts, "The year was 1920. Two very important events took place: I, Jemmetta was born, and so was the 19th Amendment." (woman's right to vote)

And ends, "I am affiliated with a spirit-filled church that overlooks my failures and encourages me to do what I am still able to do. I love God with all my heart, soul, and mind, and sincerely try to love everyone as I should. But beyond a doubt... the best is yet to come!"

Well, Greemy, you are truly experiencing the best right now, and I know it is a great party up there! You've left quite a legacy that I am truly blessed to be a part of! Miss you.... LOVE you!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

"On the day I got my tooth I had to kiss my Great Aunt Ruth"

Yes, we watch "Silly Songs with Larry" in our house. :)

Reagan got a tooth yesterday!! That is the big news of our weekend. Honestly, it didn't seem to be bothering her too much, so I was surprised to find it! She has had so many "firsts" lately, and it always makes me a little bit sad. Bittersweet I guess... she is just getting so big!

So I put in this picture because she looks little in it on her big bed in her room. (I have to put the disclaimer that the letters on her wall are staggered but straight, they just don't look it in this pic due to the angle. Didn't want anyone to think that I had done a terrible job hanging them!)
And here are a few bathtime pics that I just had to share. She is almost too big for her tub, but she will be just as sad as I am when it is gone! She likes to "chillax" in it rather than sit straight up. Gets that love of bathtub chillaxin' from her Mommy!

That is all for now! Gotta go get my house ready for the big game! For the first time in a long time, I am excited to watch the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning is my current NFL boyfriend, so I will be rooting him on today. :) Go Colts!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fun Fam Weekend

This past weekend, Aunt Mary turned 26! Happy Birthday Aunt Mary! Reagan's Pop and Grammy came down for the big day, and we got to have a fun filled weekend together to celebrate. Reagan of course loved every moment with the fam; here are some of the fun pics.
As you can tell from this wide-eyed pic, Reagan got the same "Beaver Blue" eyes that Mary has. I prayed and prayed for this, and am SO glad she did!
Reagan and Mary played this game for quite some time. I love the pic for lots of reasons, but I also wanted to show off the ruffles on the butt of these pants!! This is a 9 month outfit... I can't believe it!
Sprawling out with the Snugglie and Pop.
Sweet kisses!!
This pic was taken after Reagan got changed into her party dress and tights for the birthday party. She was loving on Grammy and her favorite baby doll... resting peacefully on its head. Oh what fun it is to stand on the couch!! She fell several times... couldn't quite get a good grip, but Pop was there to boost her back up.

Ok, this progression of pics is one of my ALL time favorites! Chillin with Uncle Turbo (James)...
Non-chalantly grabbing the nose... kinda a sneak attack. "Did anyone see what is on the cealing?!"... and BAM, straight for the nose pic.
Still hangin on... and he is still being a good sport.
Even despite her tired eyes after a long day of picking Uncle Turbo's nose, they are great friends. :)