Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm tired

I'm going to bed now, so this will be short. But who cares since all you want to see is this cute baby girl with her clip in her hair!?!? I found some that stay! CUTE! This is a first... love it. She wasn't a headband-bow kind of kid (I think they looked silly due to her huge noggin!), so we are pretty excited about her new 'do. There is one picture that is after she pulled the clip out during her nap, but the look on her face was so funny I had to post it anyways.

We have had an eventful weekend with LOTS of picture to show at a later date. But I am too tired, so I'm leaving you with these. :) Oh, and thank you to the many people who have contacted me checking on David. Thankfully, we were unaffected by the horrible events at JSC. As you pray for the many families in our country who have been affected by terrible tragedy this week, also keep praying for Reagan's good friends Kanyon and Corbin! Thanks!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Keep Praying!

Just a reminder to all you wonderful people to keep praying for my friends Corbin Mock and Kanyon Phillips. Check out Jaymie P's and Holly M's blogs to read updates and see pictures of these sweet boys! Kanyon continues to eat/digest well, gain weight, and as I type he is breathing without the vent! Praise God!!! Corbin has had to go back into surgery due to a staph infection. As I type, my skin is crawling at those words. (Most of you know my personal hatred for staph infections.) He is coping well and they seem positive, but infections can be SO scary. He will go back in to the OR on Tues... read his update to be sure. He is just too little to be going through so much! God is in control! God is in control! Pray for both these boys and their parents without ceasing. As a parent, I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through, and I know I would only make it with MUCH prayer!! Thank you all!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Savior! Something we should of course celebrate daily, but it is nice to be reminded of that focus. Honestly, I am not sure how the whole bunny/eggs thing came about, but I am thankful for that fun too. As a kid, I just LOOOOOOOVED Easter Sunday at Grandmommy's house with all my cousins. Reagan's cousins are too far away :( but she got to have fun with the Isbells. We consider them family!

Cute, crawling easter bunny had to figure out how to manage on their wood floors!
Thanks again for the bunny ears, Grandmommy!
Here they are: pics of dying Easter eggs with infants. Honestly, Grandma Erin can pull off anything! The kids had "fun," the moms had fun, and Grandma Erin always has the time of her life when it comes to the babies! Reagan of course had to color her eggs pink. How cute is this?!?! Thanks Grandma Erin! Love you!

By the way, blogger was NOT my friend and didn't get the pics of Brandon dying his eggs. He made some great ones too, I just didn't want anyone to think that Reagan hogged them all!

Here are the cute kiddos in their Easter church clothes. It was so cold that we had to cover them up with jackets, but they were so cute anyways. Their faces in this picture crack me up. Brandon thought something was really funny, and evidently Reagan did not.
Here she is signing "more" at him. Not sure what she is asking for, but maybe she was just showing off her new trick.
And this has nothing to do with Easter, but is just a picture of the cutie standing up in her bed. Such a big girl!
And as an update, if you EVER get the chance to go see Wicked on stage, make SURE you go! It was absolutely phenomenal. I am a huge fan of musicals, and it was by far the best I have ever been to. Total favorite. David even liked it, if that tells you anything. You'll never watch the Wizard of Oz the same way again. I cried in the middle. Those that know me well are saying that is no surprise. But it wasn't because it was sad or anything, just because it was so good.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Precious Things from My Week:
1. Hubby brought home "For No Reason Roses". Sweet boy.
2. Reagan starting to crawl on Sunday.
3. Reagan pulling up on stuff already by Wednesday!
4. Susan thinking to call on me when she needed a shoulder to cry on for a bit. Love ya girl.
5. This weekend, we get to celebrate Easter with some dear friends and Reagan's adopted Grandma. She wants to dye eggs with a 9 month old. "Precious." (I'm sure I'll have pics!)
6. Monday night, David's astronaut friends came over for dinner... the ones that did the space walks in Dec. This is probably not in the precious category, but it needed noting anyways. Fun times. One guy, SUPER nice, commented on Reagan's head being in the same club as his big head! Proof of what I have said all along that it is to hold big brains.
7. Yesterday afternoon, I went to get Reagan up from her nap to find her standing in her crib. First time ever. (Moved the mattress down last night.)
8. Took Reagan in to let her doc listen to her cough. He was great, said how beautiful she is (music to a Mommy's ears), and did her 9 mo well-baby visit while we were there to save me a trip and some $$. :)
9. David is taking me to see Wicked this weekend. My birthday present finally here! He hates musicals, but says "once a year, I take my girl to the theatre." Precious.
10. Reagan started signing... asked for "more" while in her high chair. See? Big Brains!
11. My parents sent Reagan a package in the mail for Easter... complete with bunny ears! Pics to come.
12. I got to "pay it forward" yesterday by making supper for some friends who have a new baby. So many took such good care of us when Reagan came that I love the chance to do the same. Got to see the little guy... precious.
13. The best for last... this picture. CAN NOT GET ANY SWEETER! Meet Jaymie and Kanyon. :) She is asking that we pray specifically for his breathing... the docs are hoping to take him off the ventilator. Make God continue to watch over this precious boy and his family!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Look Out World!

Our sweet girl is crawling! We are honestly so thankful for this since she has been so frustrated in her lack of mobility. Now, she is all over the place. Not too fast yet, but I give it a couple of days. I haven't posted pics in awhile, but Reagan has a few things to show you.
Here is her Longhorn Football necklace. It is WAY more fun to shake it...
... and eat it than it is to wear it!
Even though she has figured out the crawling, she still likes to Roly Poly on the floor. I swear, she may take after Aunt Julie and be a gymnast!
Look at those pointed toes! She is just so strong! This happens throughout the crawling experience. Likes to stick that butt up in the air!
Here is her first pair of shorts!
Evidently, Reagan was having flashback dreams to 1983 during her nap because she woke up with a punk rock hairdo!

She sits on the floor in the bathroom with me a lot when I put on makeup. (happens less and less these days!) This particular day, she discovered it was actually HER in the mirror!
"Wow, would you look at that pretty baby?!?!"
"HI pretty baby!!" (she waves now too... so fun!)
And it got so vain...
... that she needed to give herself a kiss. :)

And look out Gloria! With Reagan being mobile, Gloria has no peaceful place in the house. Reagan just loves her and wants her to play with her and talk to her all the time. She calls her from across the room! But now, she can just go to where Gloria is.

"HI Gloria!"
"What big teeth you have!"
I think Gloria is saying, "please, make it stop!"
Thankfully Gloria doesn't mind when Reagan grabs fistfulls of her fur. I watch this super closely. This was the end of the photoshoot however. Gloria got an itch on her butt and jumped up to scratch it. Freaked Reagan out, and we spent a long time calming down after that. Guess she will learn! :)
And thanks to all my dear friends for praying for the Phillips and the Mocks. Check out Jaymie's and Holly's blogs for updates. Kanyon and Corbin continue to make such progress, and we know that is directly related to the faithful prayers!