Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess it's been a long week...

This is a worksheet I found in Reagan's folder. 
Translation: "on the first day of First Grade I felt icsidid (excited). Now I feel "so so so so igzostid and tird (exhausted and tired)." 
Guess sweet girl needs a nap!!
And I love how she drew her and Brooklyn's eyes closed on their pillows as the sleep together. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Grade!!!

First day of First Grade!!
It has to be somewhat impossible that my baby is a first grader.  I mean, not even the baby of the school anymore!  Makes me miss Kindergarten!! But she's off and running, ready for a great day today... all smiles.  And after the week we've had in my family, I'm thrilled with smiles!
(by the way, keep praying for my Granddaddy and Uncle Ronnie, please!!)
All dressed and ready to go!
 And here is Ms. Croft, who USED to be her Kindergarten teacher, and is now her FIRST GRADE teacher!  She moved up this year, and Reagan was THRILLED to find out she is in her class again this year!  We LOVE Ms Croft!
 Even the same classroom!  Things are rearranged, of course, but going in there just felt like "business as usual" for Reagan AND for me.  No tears, no anxiety, just smiley and ready! 
I'm thankful for that, for sure!
 And for my comparison, here she is headed off to Kinder last year.  :)

 Same sweet friends a year ago.  Makes for a fun comparison pic!
Keeping all the kids and teachers in my prayers today!  And my sweet Adley goes to MIDDLE SCHOOL today.... whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?!?!?! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

JUST in case someone reads this today that is not on facebook...
Our family is excited for the Spina Bifida Association BowlAThon tomorrow morning!!
We'll be bowling with friends and other spina bifida families to benefit this great organization that does so much for families just like ours!
If you'd like to help support TEAM BROOKLYN and our sad bowling skills, click on this link. 
Brooklyn is currently in second place in the standings for fund raising, which is INCREDIBLE!!  Would love to go for the gold, of course!  :)  Second place is just the first loser.
I'm kidding. 
I'm sure I'll have some fun pictures to post later from the event!!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

6th Birthday!!

You know what happens when groupon has a deal for JumpNJungle?  This cutie 6 year old gets to have a birthday at the indoor bounce house place!!!!  SCORE!
 Parents get to play too. And by play, I mean get sweaty and super-sore the next day.  But it was FUN.  This was when the girls and I were sliding together!
 Probably the first of our girls' parties that big-kid-cousin Cason got to actually enjoy!
 Most of the pics are blurry, even with Natalie's great camera (THANKS AGAIN, NATALIE!), because children were in constant motion!

 LOVE the facial expressions during this kinda fun!

 This party came with a teenage-ish boy that helped us unload the car, set up the party, CLEAN UP, take stuff back to the car... pure awesomeness.  AND he captured Brooklyn's heart (big shock, B got a new boyfriend during the party), took her sliding!

 LOVE my Mr. Baniel! :)
 Her faces here = Happy Girl.

This was a common standing spot for parents and climbing spot for kids:

 Cute nephews!!!

 Wrong way!

 She wanted a rainbow party, and we had fun making the cupcakes!
 Reagan and I also teamed up the week before to make rainbow glitter playdough.  Of course, it turned into a much bigger project than I had planned, but it ended up GREAT and a fun party favor.

All the kiddos.  We had several that were sick that week and couldn't come, but I'm pretty sure R had the time of her life with the friends that got to come!

 Spaced-out look while we sang to the Birthday Girl.

 Hugs from Uncle Turbo.
 Granddaddy helped with present-opening.

 Opening presents is a tricky one for Reagan.  She gets kinda overwhelmed even though it is her favorite part.  We thought about waiting until we got home, but that was a NO GO.  But I think spotlight of it gets to her a bit; she's my shy-er one.  She makes over-exaggerated happy faces though, so it works!

 No idea where she gets those over exaggerated faces from.

 Standing up to tell everyone THANK YOU!
 It was a fun party!  And with all the help they give you plus the entertainment that I don't have to plan... I told them to put out another groupon and I'll see them in 364 days.
Happy Birthday, Punkie!