Tuesday, July 24, 2012

June in Review

Do you know what happens when my camera quits on me for the summer?  Evidently, I quit on my blog.  BOO.  Gonna try and recover, but I must say that I am most disappointed in myself.  The other BOO that goes with this post goes to my camera on my phone.  Let's just say if you want a really great phone with a really crummy camera, buy an android. 
So, all these pics have been captured on my crummy camera-phone.  I am thankful for it though, because it at least captures some memories. 
Dang, gotta go to the camera repair place, like NOW.
Brooklyn's fave pass-time... to take "crazy pictures" of Mommy.  Or herself.  I go through my phone daily to delete her "masterpieces." :)  This one is just too stunning of me not to share with the world:
 This is Brooklyn, post-lunch.  Can anyone tell she had Cheetoes?!
 THIS would be the limo that picked my girls and me up from the Miami airport to go to our hotel for our cruise.  A new precious friend of mine let us tag along.  Her hubby-of-the-century had it all arranged for her.  :)  We just mooched off of his awesomeness.
 And THIS would be Joe McIntyre.  The end.  :)
 Julie.  Love you.  And our self-portrait skills.  :)  Wore our hats for GPS Night, dressing up to show where you're from. 
 And that's Joe McIntyre wearing my hat later that night, before signing it.  David is SO proud that I got that signature.  :)
 After I got home, the Brooms came to stay for awhile so the kiddos could all to to VBS Sports Camp together.  Here are the girls getting in some good reading time before bed.
 Who is that ADORABLE kid with the pink and purple ball glove on her hip?!?!
 LOVE.  Seriously.
 Cutie Cason.  All squinty eyed and read for a pop fly!
 The big girls got to do cheerleading for Sports Camp.  Cutest little cheerleaders I have EVER seen!
 Here is Reagan, about 5pm on the night the Brooms left.  Tuckered.  :)
 At the end of June, the girls and I went to East Texas to take Reagan to PeeWee Day Camp at Camp Deer Run.  Rachel will HOPEFULLY be sharing all her pictures with me REALLY soon, as she was our resident photographer.  But one afternoon, it just so happened that I was planning on taking the girls to Daingerfield to visit my Granddaddy.  AND my brother and fam were driving through the SAME AFTERNOON and planned to visit as well!  So, we got to spend a few hours together in one of my favorite places on earth with favorite people.  Took this pic of the kids on the pier with my phone... more to come.  It was a GREAT 3 hours!
 And here would be a sample of the MANY pics I find daily on my phone.  :)
More to come from June.  In the meantime, I will be wrapping up July and HOPEFULLY getting my camera back in working order!!!