Friday, January 26, 2007

Sleepy Girl

Things around here have been rather normal for a change! Not much to report on the Beaver Dam, so I thought I would just post a collection of pictures. One of my obsessions with her is watching her sleep. Granted, I don't do this for long because I am usually needing to get stuff done while she is snoozing (or... take a snooze myself), but she always looks so angelic and peaceful that I have to sit and stare for a little bit. And sometimes I grab the camera. Trick is to get far away then zoom in close, so the flash doesn't startle her. Learned the hard way.

Bedtime routine is key for this little one. We get a bath, pjs, read a book with Daddy (if she isn't already too fussy for reading), then nurse and go to bed. She got new books for Christmas (by Max Lucado no less!) that she seems to really like. Wants to eat them usually.
The other key to sleep for Reagan is her Snugglie that she LOVES. She has two, yellow and purple, and is equal opportunity with them. She mostly likes the satin side, likes to hold it and sometimes suck on it for some reason. But no matter where she is, as long as she has her Snugglie, she is a happy sleeper. Some people don't want their kids attached to a blankie or anything, but her Snugglie is a LIFESAVER for us! She just buries her face in it and goes to sleep. Here are some sweet sleepy pics of naptime, falling asleep in carseat, an early Saturday morning in bed with Daddy, and a walk in the stroller when it was windy enough for her hooded jacket.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

3 posts in one day

I have been so behind on posting pics of the baby girl, that I had to just do a bunch today. Plus, she is already 6 and a half months and I haven't even put her 6 month pics in her chair up yet! It blows our minds how big she is getting... feels like she just got here. But each new phase is our new favorite, so here are a few pics of some of her new phases.

6 months pics
First time playing the piano. I know she is destined for greatness....
Lots of drool. LOVE this shirt! Thanks Rach... it is a favorite these days!
Why her shirts are always covered in drool....
Guess since she eats baby food now, Daddy wants her ready for Blizzards. She LOVED it!
(I love how David censored this pic!) This is her new Baby Einstein towel from Grandmommy for Christmas!

We don't capture these moments quite as often as the smiley ones, but her "attitude" shows it's face quite often these days!
I snapped this RIGHT after Gloria got her right in the face! Guess she was cleaning up the peas left on her cheeks!

The peas are even up her nose a little bit!! I know that I may have a little bias, but isn't she just the cutest thing you have ever seen?!?! We think so. :)
Oh yeah, and her 6 month stats were
27 inches long (86th percentile)
16 lbs, 10 oz (55th percentile)
42 cm head circum (96th percentile... that's my girl!!!)

The Other Granddaddy

I owe the blog world some pics of my sweet Granddaddy... the ones I couldn't get off the camera until just this week. Whenever I talk to him on the phone, he always asks "how's my namesake?" Too sweet. Reagan is number 14 out of 15 great-grandkids, and there is another Noel on the way any day now!!! What a legacy!

Reagan and I both will treasure this picture!! He was stealing her sugars!! I caught the look on her face right AFTER she smiled, but oh well. We'll take it anyways.
I couldn't resist putting these too. Adley is totally in love with "her other Granddaddy." She spent LOTS of time in his chair over the holidays. They played a little game for the camera.

(this picture looks just like my brother to me, just add a few decades. :) )

We love you Granddaddy!!!!

Finally Finishing Christmas!

I can finally get pics off the camera! Yea! So first thing, I have to finish posting pics from Christmas... seems a little anticlimactic, but oh well. Is that how you spell that??

On the morning of actual Christmas, David, Reagan and I opened presents to each other at our house. Santa left a few things in Reagan's stocking, and she did a pretty good job opening them.
I figured she would be more into the paper than the socks she got!! Guess I was right...
Here, Pop is reading her new book to her. She asked Santa for a book she could chew on.
We had Christmas dinner over at our place with the Beavers. I kinda liked being the hostess! Here, Aunt Mary and Grammy were playing with her before supper.
The next morning, we had brunch and present-openings at Kyle and Mary's place. It was pretty cold in there, so Reagan wore her Raspberry Beret (made by Aunt Brenna!) all through the meal. Aunt Mary is really nice and let Reagan sit on her pretty new table.
And chew on it.
She decided the table didn't taste quite good enough, so she went for the cool whip. Smart kiddo.
Then she spotted Mary's mimosa.

"Can I have this???"
Kyle's mom made her a hat and matching scarf just her size! With the weather we have had around here lately, she has actually gotten a lot of use out of this present!
Uncle Turbo and Aunt Brenna's toy was a hit! She can't quite work it by herself, but it makes for something good to chew on too!
Overall, we had such a great holiday! I get kinda bummed when the holidays are over, and going back through the pics just now has made me miss Christmastime all over again... our lights are still on the house thankfully so I can put them on whenever I want. (just kidding, I don't do that. I want to, but I don't.)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007!

Happy New Year! Obviously, I am way way behind on the blogging... lots of fun getting in the way of computer time. Plus, I have had my husband home again and will for the rest of the week (yea!), so Reagan and I have just been enjoying his time off with us. All that to say, this post is quite long... and doesn't even come close to covering it all! There will have to be another one with our second Christmas celebration coming soon.

Reagan and I flew to Dallas to spend time with my family before Christmas. That also meant some much treasured time for friends too!! Kendra, Rach, and I didn't get our annual shopping trip in this year... too tough with little ones this time. But they all came over to my parents' house for an afternoon, and Susan and Clint got to hang out too, along with Kelsey! Fun times. I sure do miss you guys!!
Susan was cracking Reagan up for quite some time. Or it was the other way around... not sure. :)
One of her favorite passtimes these days is grabbing faces. Hair, nose, lips, eyelids, you name it. Here, she is giving Kendra some "face time."
This is actually the last pic in a series of events. Didn't have room to put them all, but Cassidee giving Reagan's head a sweet kiss was priceless!
Reagan and I got to meet Roselyn for the fist time. We feel like we are old friends though!! :) Our goal in life is for the 3 girls to be BFF... and they are off to a good start. We took TONS of pics, but I am just putting a few favorites (Rach and Kendra both have more on their blogs), including this one. Could Roselyn BE any cuter???
It still floors me to think the three of us all have daughters now... within 7 months of each other. Roselyn will be in a different grade than Cassidee and Reagan (unless she is a total genius and starts early... time will tell!), but we look so forward to watching them become bestest friends!

Mom has a thing about the cousins in matching pj's. She found these that coordinate, and the kids were SO cute in them for our Christmas morning.

When Adam and I were kids, we always had to stop in the hallway for a picture before we could go into the living room to see what Santa brought. Now, we all stop on our way downstairs. Fun tradition.

David and I thought that Reagan would be more into eating the wrapping paper than into the actual presents. Man, we were so wrong. She LOVED her presents (the paper too of course), and we had so much fun watching her eyes get HUGE as she "opened" each gift. Here, she is holding and reading and wanting to chew on her new big board books from Adam, Missy, and kids.
This was a series of pics too, but this is the last one. She got wide-eyed at the paper, started smiling as we took the paper off, then was CRACKING up at the piggy bank that sang and talked. Another great gift, Missy!!!
Woops, I meant to turn this pic.... her Grandmommy and Granddaddy gave her an Animal Train. It is a GREAT toy, and she LOVES it. We took it out of the packaging soon after this was taken because she wanted it so badly!! Now that she can sit up by herself (BIG GIRL!), she sits on the floor everyday playing with this thing.
Sweet "my first Christmas" baby in her stocking.
Here, she is getting the full effect of the lion from her stocking. She has seen Cassidee's turtle like this, and must have asked Grandmommy and Granddaddy for something like it! :)

That night, we went to my Aunt Leslie's house from the Gray Family Christmas. The girls had their matching cute dresses, and Corbin had a cool Christmas sports shirt... all compliments of Grandmommy of course! Look closely at Reagan in this pic and you will see one of her favorite things to do... spit raspberries. It is a constant in our house, and cracks us up!
We took a big family photo this year... why we haven't always done this, I will never know. But my grandparents, Reagan's great-grandparents, are on the couch. That's my Granddaddy Leon, the one that Reagan Noel (Leon backwards) is named after. We were missing a few this year, but mostly everyone was there. These are special times with my granddaddy, so this is a TREASURED picture to us!
Here is Reagan with her GreatGrandmommy. Seriously, isn't she just a beautiful lady??? They live with my parents now, so we got to spend lots of time with them. I have a great pic of Granddaddy kissing Reagan, but I can't get it off of my camera! Bummer.
Adley and Reagan hanging out with their GreatGrandmommy. Since my parents are called Grandmommy and Granddaddy also, Adley has named the great grandparents "the other Grandmommy and Granddaddy." So this pic is of the girls with The Other Grandmommy. :)
This is just a sweet pic of the cousins.
Hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did! And this was just the first one!! I'll post pics from the Beaver Christmas next. Whew, I am so behind!