Tuesday, April 26, 2011


He is Risen!  He is risen, INDEED!
I hope you all had a great day of fun and family, celebrating our Risen Savior!  I am so thankful for the hope we have in Him!
We had a fun weekend.  The girls and I colored eggs on Saturday night.  Now, I have way way way too many boiled eggs in my fridge.
Brooklyn was concentrating SO HARD.

 As was R, with her tongue out of course.  Reagan just could NOT do this sitting down.
 I did however have her sit for this photo.  Then she stood right back up again.
 Pretty sure the Tinkerbell stickers were supposed to go on the eggs....
 I found these plastic eggs filled with lemonheads.  Cutest eggs ever. 
 So, thoses eggs went their baskets for Sunday morning, along with some other loot.  And yes, I wrap stuff in their baskets.  Makes the whole process take longer.  I like it that way.
 Basket reveal Sunday morning.

 My favorite pics before church.  (we took tons) The last one I love because of Brooklyn's face she's making.

Our church also took family photos that morning, which I hope turned out great.  They will have them for us Wed.  ;)
We spend the rest of the day at Uncle Kyle and Aunt Mary's for food, fun, and egg hunt.  We have tons of pictures from this event, and Reagan is a BLURR in most of them.  She was on the MOVE.
Check out that game face!
Despite the looks on our faces, Brooklyn and I were enjoying watching from the sidelines. Poor Brook didn't get to hunt this year.  See her ow-ee on her foot?  She cut it on glass from a picture frame she pulled off the wall into the packNplay at naptime.  NICE.  And it was a BLEEDER.  Took forever for it to quit bleeding, even though it wasn't that deep.  Thus, she couldn't walk on it.  Bummer.

Sweet Baby Etta watching the festivites from the grass.  I guess someone brought her some eggs, too!  I am so thankful to my sweet niece for giving me my "baby fix" when I need one.  :)
Sitting up was a much better vantage point!
A two-fer!!  Nice form, Reagan.
Ummmmm.... Jonathan???
Guess he found it!
Reagan's loot.  And she didn't stop here.  Man, there is a LOT of candy in my house that I wish someone would come take away...
Constant motion...

Uncle Kyle to the rescue!
The other Beaver fam.
I'm sure these sweet cousins were NOT arguing or anything over this egg... I'm sure Reagan was just pointing it out to Austin and let him have it, right?! 
Jonathan evidently wanted to re-hide this egg.... makes me chuckle.
Austin and Reagan both would bring an egg over to Brooklyn's basket.  They were probably told to, but still sweet.  She had fun opening them and munching on candy while the other kids got sweaty.
Sure was a fun Easter! 
This part of the year is hard for me... it's a long time until another good holiday, or at least one I can decorate for.  But can't believe it is almost MAY!

Monday, April 25, 2011

March Catch-UP: Part 2

We got to spend a beautiful afternoon with some beautiful girls! My sweet sweet friend Amy has two girls the same age as mine.  AND she and I have become closer since our second pregnancies came with some "issues" resulting in precious girls with lots of doctors.  :)  This was, strangely enough, the first time we've actually gotten the girls together.  It was fabulous.  Especially since Amy brought pink cookies. 
(unfortunately, it was an "off" day for Reagan.  Anyone else have those days when you want your kids to be extra fantastic, but it is like they can TELL so they decide to be in a funk?!  Maybe it's just mine.  But this was the day.  Hopefully, the Carders will still want to hang out again, right Amy?!?!)
Here is little miracle-girl, Ella.  I COULD EAT HER UP!
Just as Brooklyn is eating up her cookie.
I love this one because of how Ella is holding her Mommy's hand.  Melts me.

Our two little miracle girls, loving on each other.  I see future ACU roommates, don't you?!?!  :)
"Come on, Brooklyn."
"No, seriously, Brooklyn.  Hold hands."  :)
Brook wasn't put off by this idea as much as this picture shows.  :)
So, she decides to drag poor Ella.
Duck feeding time!
The ducks at Chisolm Park rarely go hungry.  You can tell this by the fact that NONE of the bread the girls threw is being eaten.
GORGEOUS girl.  And the spittin' image of her Daddy in two-year-old-girl form.  LOVE those stick on earrings, girlfriend.
I was SUCH a great friend and let Amy deal with all four of the girls next to the water.  All in the name of good pictures, right Ames?!
LOVE IT.  Especially that Dora shirt and Backpack that Ella was sporting.  Goodness GRACIOUS, Brooklyn was some kinda jealous!  Awesome.  :)
How I love this beautiful lady and her faithful heart.  Love how she loves my kids like crazy before even meeting them.  Amy, thank you for being a ROCK.  I love you more than I could ever tell you.
Later that day, we got ANOTHER treat and hung out with the Brooms!

Kids' table:
Cassidee's princess birthday party!!!  Our three brainwashed bffs!! :)
I was SO happy to see Rosie Jo!  It had been too long.  :)
My job for the party was face painting.  This was a first for Reagan and me, I think.  :)

CHEERS!  Little girls LOVING their lemonade in pink champagne glasses!  Who can blame them?
The face painting went on to be hands, arms, etc.  Cass ran out of room, but still wanted more.  So, here I am giving her a SWEET back tat!!  :)
See it?!  Classy.
But LOVE this picture of their group hug!

Then they fell down into a pile of giggles.
Missed Reagan's smile on this one.  But I will NEVER get tired of taking their picture like this.  They might, however, much to my dismay.
Whew!  Caught up on March.  On to April fun stuff!!!  :)