Thursday, October 04, 2012

July Lake Trip

Goodness, I AT LEAST have to get the summer finished on the blog!  Sheesh!!
The last week in July, we went on a houseboat trip with the fam in OK.  It was hotter than hot, but SUCH a fun trip.  And my sweet Granddaddy got to come with us (3 weeks before the accident), so I treasure that time and our pictures a little bit extra now from this trip.
Cute kids waking up in the hotel before we headed to the marina.
As soon as we got to the boat, and in the AC, they headed back and took over a bedroom for drawing purposes.

Each kid got a chance or two to drive!

Corbin opening his bday present from us while in the water.  I think that was first.  But necessary because it NEEDED to get opened!

I LOVE this pic of my Daddy.  So him.
Adley and David played this fantastic game for a GOOD while.  :)

Supper up on the deck by moonlight.  SO beautiful!

Celebrated the 3 kid summer birthdays while on the boat.  Mom brought fun goodies for Brooklyn too so she didn't feel left out.  :)  Seriously, Adley is ELEVEN. Whuuuut?!?!
(look how CUTE my Granddaddy is!)

The 4 kids slept in one bed.  LOVE it.  Brooklyn was supposed to be sleeping already...
Middle of the afternoon sleeping...
Adley tried skiing for the first time this trip.  Only took her 3 tries at pulling up before she became a PRO!
Sing it with me:
"On the pontoon
Making waves and catching rays up on the roof.
Jumping off the back, don't act like you don't want to!"

The bathroom only used lake water for the faucets, so we just skipped showering in and bathed in the lake.  Because we are just that high class.  Here are Mom, her Daddy, and my Daddy bathing together.  :)

Cutie.  LOVE puddle jumpers!
Getting ready to pull Adley up again...


Trying again....

She had just let go like a pro...

Mom, look how your sweet Daddy is looking at you!!  LOVE IT!
Commander Justiss at the helm.
Cousin crafty-time
Cousin video game time

Look at that adorable hiney in the diaper... I want to squeeze it...

Night swimming!!  Only need a swim diaper in the lake... nice!

Again, sing it with me:
"5 mile an hour with aluminum side
Wood paneling with a water slide
Can't beat the heat so let's take a ride..."
That song is quite WT, but it describes so many of my favorite memories in life!!  :)


Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a GREAT summer getaway!  I wanna go back!!!!!!!!