Thursday, July 28, 2011


I know, I know... two posts in one day!  But this needed a post because I might be just as heartbroken as Brooklyn is....
I took her paci away.
Well, actually, snipped the end off of it and told her it was broken.
And her world FELL. APART.
That girl is so sweet, and I absolutely HATED doing this to her!  Maybe that is why I waited so long... I knew it would make me so sad.  Because she's my baby.
She's crying... "Pa-see BO-KEN?!  WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?"
I rock her, tell her "It's ok.  You don't even need a paci; you're a big girl."
She replies, "Noooooooooooot yet!!  NOPE.  I bay-beeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
I promised her a Big Girl Prize tomorrow for going night-night without her paci.
She liked the idea... at first.
She is still crying in her bed.
We're both heartbroken.... :(

Birthday Circus!!

"Brooklyn" got this shirt for Reagan for her birthday... and I think she liked it more than R did.  VERY typical Brooklyn face. 
Opening presents on her actual birthday.  David and I gave her several gifts at her parties, but on her birthday we gave her tickets to the circus. BIG fun.  :)
She got this dollhouse from Grammy and Poppy.  Both the girls have had a BLAST with it.  This time, she and Grammy were having fun too.
Not sure who was enjoying this little time of "beauty parlor" the most... Reagan or Grammy.
Brooklyn got in on the action, but chose a tiny Barbie brush.  Goober.  :)
On the way into the circus.  Pretty sure Brooklyn had no clue what was gonna happen, but she was SO excited.  Enlarge it to see her face.  I love this picture.  :)
Their awesome Daddy is the sucker who buys expensive stuffed animals.  I love that about him.
Before the show, giving this stilts-guy a HIGH five!
Clown noses!!!  It hurt Brooklyn at first, but she was determined.

Honestly, I think B enjoyed the circus the most.  She spent the ENTIRE show hugging David, squealing, pointing at stuff, and telling him "thank you."  Sweet girl!

Brook was so excited!!  Reagan liked it too, but B was hilarious.
My favorite part of the night.  :)
David left with Reagan for popcorn at intermission... came back with these sno cones.  Sucker.  :)  But they were frozen SOLID, and Brooklyn clearly needed help with hers.  But she was letting us know that she did NOT have to be HAPPY ABOUT IT.  Little Miss Two Year Old wants to do everything herself.
Happy Birthday Girl!!!!
Brooklyn gave in eventually, but she was still COVERED in sno cone by the time we left.  Worth it.

Ok, I think I only have one more birthday post before I can catch up on everything else I've missed!!!  More to come!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 4th Weekend

We went down to Aunt BB's Galveston house for July 4th to celebrate America's, Poppy's, and Reagan's birthdays.  Evidently, this particular morning, the girls got an extra dose of Bedhead.
 Not sweet Etta, though.  Her 'do was perfect.  Pretty girl trying to crawl!
 R and Etta did lots of bonding this trip.  Makes my heart smile.
 Cute little behinds.  :)  B and Jonathan watching a little PBSkids in the morning.
 B climbed on up and got herself comfy.  I love how she sits with her legs like this...
 Aunt Mary made a DELICIOUS chocolate cake for Jim's birthday, and the big kids got to "help."
 Then, took a coloring break.
 I'm pretty sure Poppy didn't need any help blowing out his candles, but he got some anyways.
 I tried to tell Etta that formula was a poor substitute for chocolate cake, but she seemed ok with her bottle.
 Mary decorated the cake so cute with this... Brooklyn decided it looked better on her head.

 Oh, the sugar rush!
 Jim was opening presents and cards, and R hung on to him just like this the whole time.  Somebody certainly is smitten with her Poppy!
 Photo book of 60 years of wonderful life... it was fun to look through!!!
 Again, more love between the oldest and youngest.

 Later, we hit the pool and par-tayed for Reagan's birthday.  Happy 5-year-old!
I love Reagan's face in this one... can only really see it if you click on it.
 "Thank You" kisses.
 A "Thank You" hug for Uncle Kyle turned into this:
 FABULOUS presents!
 More hugs!

 LOVE this one!

 Brooklyn LOVES swimming.  And by "swimming" I mean sitting and walking on the steps with her floatie on.  We can all have our fun.
 CHEESE!  And yes, James Austin squirted me like crazy 1 second after I snapped this shot.
 Etta, having her own floating-fun while chewing on someone's goggles. 
 Snack time!

 Cupcakes after the pool!

 Rainbow cupcakes: MUCH reward for not much effort.  The 5 year old LOVED them.  Happiness all around.
 Oh, she makes me smile!
 Seriously, how sweet are they?!?!
 Maybe Austin enjoyed his cupcake?!
 Annnnnnnnnnnndddd... my favorite picture of that weekend:
I'm trying to get my act together and at least get done with Reagan's birthday!!  Sheesh.