Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So, of course this post is forever long. Sorry. I just couldn't decide on what pics to put... you know how it is. But we had a great day today!!! Started out with a little pumpkin painting. She had NO idea what was going on at first, and I must admit that I thought I was crazy for even trying this! But here she is, examining her potential masterpiece...
I showed her ONCE that you stick the brush in the bowl then onto the pumpkin, and away she went!
She did NOT like it when paint got on her. I had to be right there on standby with a wet paper towel. She got over it more easily the more she painted, but still didn't like it. She doesn't like to be dirty at all! Here, she is showing me that some green got on her hand.
Then she switched to the pink paint. Such a girl.
It was so funny how hard she was concentrating! When she did Easter eggs, she concentrated a lot too. Guess she is going to be quite the artist! Even got the stem green a bit...
See??!! Had to get that spot on the side....
Now on to some white for a highlight or two...
Ta-da!!! All done!
Or at least I thought. I took it away and she was less than pleased. Wanted to paint Mommy's pumpkin too! So she got to work some magic on the big one also. I decided her work was way better than what I had planned for it anyways.
This morning I had her wear her tutu around for practice, so that maybe she would keep it on tonight. She didn't like it much at first, but then got used to it. Looks funny with her footy pj's!! She does this thing with putting her head on the ground... I don't know...
By the way, my cousin Julie makes these custom tutus and sells them. The pictures you are about to see will be proof that they are ADORABLE and that any little girl in your life would love this for Christmas! See her blog for details... (Julie, I had to cut this one down some so that she could walk in it!! Hee hee!)
Getting in some riding time while wearing the tutu! Tutu funny! :)
Showing off the costume to Daddy before we left for church tonight. LOVE this picture of my two favorite people!
Showing off her shirt and her beads....
... here's the close up.
She was scared of her candy pumpkin at first. So we had to practice with it as well. Shouldn't have wasted my time since she didn't care about it tonight anyways! But here, she is giving it a hug as they became acquainted.
"Why is there no candy in here?!"
So we went to chuch to help out that situation. They had an outdoor concert thing with booths set up for the kids to trick or treat. We sat in the back of the car for a ChickFilA picnic first.
Of course Mommy had to get the bow just right before she could reveal herself to the world!
Off we go! (Notice that Tweety Bird has spotted the very cute little ballerina coming up and is making her way toward us...)
Whoa!! Reagan DARTED back at me and was scared to death of poor Tweety who was just being nice! It was hilarious. I told Tweety that Reagan was sorry she was being such a baby. Blow this up to see her crying!
God painted a really nice sky tonight!
Here is the curb we had to step up, down, up, down, for quite some time. Man, that can be such a barrel of fun!
She was having WAY too much fun to stop for a picture with Mommy!
The divider between the grass and the playground rocks requires MUCH skill and determination to step over. You have to concentrate really hard. SuperGirl came to rescue Reagan and help, but we didn't get the camera ready before she darted off to save more children in peril.
Putting on her shoes for the 100th time after they came off in the rocks. Ballet shoes are NOT meant for playgrounds.
She was off to get in line for the hay ride. Thankfully she didn't care that we didn't actually go.
BIG swinging with Daddy through the parking lot! How great is this picture, really!?!?
Look closely at this one... you'll see the pouty face as we made our way back to the car when the fun was over. :(
Hope you all had as great of a day as we did!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Muy Bien

David and I got back late Sunday night from vacation in Cancun. Yep, just us, no Reagan. Let's just say it was a little traumatic on Mommy having to leave her, but it was SO good for us to get away for a couple of days. Thanks to Kendra, Cassidee, and Reagan's Grandmommy, Granddaddy, Poppy and Gigi, she was WELL taken care of and had a blast! Thank y'all SO much! Made my leaving the country a little bit easier. (until this trip I had been away from her at most 12 hours. Yeah, it was time.)
Being the good Mommy that I am, our camera was in the diaper bag like it always is. Unfortunately, it stayed in the diaper bag and we left for Cancun. So we have NO pictures from our trip. None. Although I must say, we just aren't that into taking pictures of ourselves anymore. Who really wants to see that when there is a beautiful baby! And honestly, with the World Wide Web, there are pics to remind us of the absolutely gorgeous place we stayed at.
Most of their beach was washed away in the last hurricane, but they have these "fake" beaches up off of the wall with chairs, hammocks, and BEDS even! It was awesome! Those of you who know me well... let's just say that I was happy as a clam. Put me on a beach with sun, a comfy chair (or bed in this case!), a yummy umbrella drink, a good book, and I am in heaven! This time my hubby was content with just the same, so we just hung out for 4 days. It was fabulous.

I highly recommend this place. And I highly recommend the getaway long weekend with the spouse. It was glorious. Now, I have to get back to reality and get some stuff done before Reagan wakes up from her nap. Oh, and of course I will have Halloween pics to post soon! Yay!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Way Way Behind

I am super-behind on blogging. Bad bad blogger. Even David commented yesterday how long it has been since I have posted pictures! (He checks out the blog when the space program gets slow at work.) So... here are a bunch; I'm playing catch-up from the last couple of weeks. Hope you don't fall asleep before the end. Just do what my Mom even told me she does... just look at the pictures and skip reading what I write.
When David gets home from work, he and Reagan produce lots of laughter. Comes from lots of tickling and zerberting. Here is part of their daily ritual... that is, when he gets home before bedtime. He has been really overworked lately...

She has discovered that Gloria makes a good pillow for her. I find her relaxing with and ON Gloria a lot these days.
These two just make me smile. She looks like such a big kid in these shorts (we FINALLY may be out of shorts weather now in Houston!), and for some reason these are some of my favorite pics in a long time. LOVE that apple juice!

This would fall in my NON-favorites: she POOPED in the bathtub the other night! She did that once before a long time ago in her baby bathtub, but this was big kid poop! Gross! We did find it pretty funny, and of course David got the camera. Not sure why I didn't see the "signs" and stick her butt over the potty. Now I know better...
Uncle Turbo (James) came over to watch football on Saturday. She was ALL ABOUT Uncle Turbo that day! Too sweet. She kept begging to climb up in his lap so he could point out the finer points of the game.
More big kid pics. Guess she just IS a big kid now rather than just looking like one! I just like it because of her new Daddy's Little Princess shirt.
Her alphabet book was open on the floor to the "F is for Flower" page, so she had to stop and smell it.
Another one I just love.
Grandmommy got her these Halloween pants, and she got to wear them for the first time with her new shirt. She was FASCINATED by the moon down on the leg... she walked with her right let kinda high-stepping all day so that she could see it when she walked. It cracked me up all day!
Aunt Julie, I think we may have a balance beam specialist on our hands. She is climbing on EVERYTHING right now, and loves to find things to balance on! Needless to say, this makes Mommy really nervous and I have to watch her like a hawk. But she is really good at it! Her favorite thing is her Lion. This was her second time to do this, to my knowledge. After watching the first time, I ran to get the camera and told her to do it again.
"Watch this, Mommy!"
Catch the balance...
Ta-Da! Seriously, she is really good at it!
Here she is giving her baby a passie. Not sure why she knows what to do with this since she never took a passie herself!

We've had lots of allergy/asthma issues in the last couple of weeks, so she has had the aspirator up her nose and medicine in her mouth a lot lately. She got this confused and tried to "practice" by putting the medicine syringe up her nose!
"Oh wait, this goes in my mouth!" Gross.
MAJOR bedhead after her nap that day!
When we were home a few weeks ago, we did get to have some good family time. Here, she is "helping" Granddaddy do some work.

Sweet Cousin Adley wrapped up a Dora toy for Reagan to keep. It is one of her new favorite things!
Giving kisses...
Rachel, Kendra, and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch in their matching shirts. Again, these girls will be BFF whether they like it or not! Here, Reagan is headed to the car and asking me to hurry up!
Sweet Girls!!!
Getting them all to smile at the same time was tough, but these were pretty good!
Reagan was not really sure about it sometimes....
Su-Su came too! She and Reagan got to do some serious bonding that weekend. Thanks Susan!
More kisses...
Oooooh.... cool JackOLantern!
Even cooler blow up thing that had bats flying around in it!

"This witch is just my size!"
"Mommy, why don't we take home this pumpkin?"
"Wait, no, maybe this one..."
"... no, this one. For sure." We actually bought that one.
Home with Granddaddy doing a little swinging. My Granddaddy used to swing me JUST like this! My Dad is SO Granddaddy round two. Greatness.
Ok, that's it for now. :) I'll try to do better so that each post is not quite so long!

And thanks for the prayers for Corbin... his surgery went great! Thank you Lord!