Friday, June 11, 2010

Gymnastics Stuff and Other Random Stuff

Last week was the end of Reagan's Mighty Munchkins gymnastics class, this week she starts Terrific Tumblers. (Don't let the name fool you, she has not quite reached "terrific" status in the tumbling department, but she just moved up to the 4's class a bit early.) Anyways, it was the last-day-show-off day, so we'll start with her straddle swinging on the rings.
Concentrating HARD on a pike.
"Bell swings" on the horse.
Little sis wanting in on the action SO BADLY.

More swinging! Straddle, tuck, pike, fall into pit. Her favorite part!

Stellar parenting, obviously. She nose-dives off the mat, her Mommy just laughs at her.
B trying out her skills.
Reagan waiting her turn with her "bubble" in her mouth.
Love the Reagan-pose? What about the wedgie pick?
Technique! :)
Her tongue is always out at gymnastics. Scares me to death!
Mule-kick action shot!
Forward roll!!!

...... And she never broke momentum going straight into the bar.

Medal ceremony!!! Ta-da!
Showing off her medal to Sister.
Now to the Other Stuff:
How could I NOT put in this gorgeous gem-of-a-picture of my precious baby girl?!
This is a common occurrence now. B finds toys she can carry in her mouth and walk around with. Cracks me up.
Speaking of cracking me up... isn't this how EVERYONE watches themselves play the harmonica in the mirror?
This day, she just looked like SUCH a big kid. She doesn't wear shorts much, except at home, because crawling is still a big method of transportation for her. So, we sport knit pants most of the time. She looks SO big when I do put her in shorts. Plus, she now wears ponytails.... big kid. :)
Same day... big girl fell asleep on me like she used to as a baby. Doesn't happen often anymore, but I loooooooooooove when it does.
I'll leave you with the half-naked cutie pie and her love for accessories.

Happy Weekend, all!