Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally, Caddo Pictures! (here you go, Aric...)

My text is all underlined. No idea why.
Thank you all for your well-wishes about the new kiddo. I'll keep everyone posted on how things are, but in the meantime, we ask for your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby! And one that immediately sleeps through the night and eats well and loves its carseat...
I finally got all my pics together from our annual Caddo weekend a couple weeks ago. Reagan had a BLAST, even if Daddy didn't get to come... again. NEXT YEAR! Anyway, fun with friends and family was too great not to go back and recap, especially since I have gotten some serious pressure from the Florida Bramletts. :)
This is what we do best... sit around and watch the kids have fun. It rocks. So weird that this year we were wearing sweatshirts! Thanks Aaron for loaning me one since I was NOT prepared!
Transferring these pics was weird, so sorry some are tiny. No idea. But R got her own big girl chair to sit around in too!
In the next several pics you will continue to see why R had so much fun. All her friends!!! Fun with Ella and the bubble guns! Evidently I caught her in the midst of a butt scratch.
Hanging out in the girl tent getting a makeover from Cassidee. Barbies and Makeup... what could be more perfect for Caddo?!?
Driving the jeep with Cass. Well, R is in the driver's seat, but I don't think they ever went anywhere. So, they hopped on the little 4 wheeler instead, but I believe the batteries were dead at this point. But hey, the little BFFs had fun anyways just pretending!
I just loved these pics of R with her sweet friend/mother Addison that I had to post all of them! Love that girl!

Now, Addison knows what she is doing with the jeep, so she took R for a drive. SO sweet!
Addison telling R to wave!
R must have thought those Bramlett girls could really drive, so she got sweet Katie to take her on the 4wheeler. I love how she is holding Katie's shirt on the sides...
And in these I love how Katie is driving with one hand and holding R with the other. This thing goes super slow, but she was protecting her anyways. So sweet!

As for R's good friends, it is hard to beat Granddaddy. This is her last year with her good friend Granddaddy spoiling her with treats...
... and this year with trips on the bridge. They always have so much fun together!

(I love the girls in the background....) 4-wheelers, the big ones at least, scare me. But she got to ride with Granddaddy because, well, he's Granddaddy!! She loved it.

Now, I say 4-wheelers scare me, but I was more than willing to let her ride the dirtbike with Aaron. No explanation, I have no idea. But Aaron's a pro, so I made her go against her will. She thanked me for it because she LOVED it!
Blurry because they are driving past me, but look at that smile!
Here they are making another drive by...
... and here comes another, with her waving at Mommy! Aaron was so sweet to take her... he is such a Joe made over. I love it. R now comments EVERYTIME we drive past a
"moh-woh-bye-koh" (motorcycle) on the road and asks for Aaron. Too sweet.
After a fun afternoon with friends, she was wiped out. Took a little rest on the stairs.
The next morning, Cass and R were SO happy to see each other again! Sweet smiles in the camper. Lap of luxury for Caddo!
Oh, her love affair with Meremy. She loves her Meremy.
Cass and R thought Charlie needed some company in the playpen.
Speaking of Charlie, how sweet is this pic of him laughing at Christy?!?! Such a honey. Both of them actually. :)

Last year, R was the one hanging out in the playpen and all the big girls visited her. Man, she got big fast! :)
More bubble gun fun with Cass!! I love how they squat...
FUN! This is a great way to spend $1.99 by the way. Oh, and when R sees this picture, she makes sure to point out to me that arm is "Meremy's". See, she loves him.
They also loved just sitting on the bridge looking at the yucky water. Thankfully, no one ended up IN the yucky water.
Granddaddy took us on a family boat ride! And by ride, I mean paddle around. But hey, he didn't make me paddle, so it worked for me! This was R's first time in a boat I'm pretty sure.
LOVE this pic with Grandmommy!! Cass was in the other boat during our ride, so they waved at each other. But we got them to take some photos after we got back.
LOVE this look on Cass!
Sweet friends holding hands...
So, Florida Bramletts, we really missed you guys! And my Amarillo group, we sure missed you too! Love to all! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!
PS. I could have sworn I took pics of my kid holding the snake, but I don't have them for some reason. Did any of you Caddo readers get a shot of her with the snake? If so, I am requesting it. It was a big one and she just drug it around like a toy. It was awesome.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Officially Spilling the Beans....

Just in case you haven't heard... or haven't already seen my SERIOUSLY growing belly...

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

We had our first sonogram today and confirmed that YES it is just ONE sweet little baby. So my new answer is, "no, not having twins. I just have big babies." :) And that is just fine with me. We'll add to our family Dec 12 this year, and find out gender in 3-4 weeks! Yippee! Thank you LORD for this wonderful gift!

Friday, May 16, 2008

What a Week!! Ugh....

Ok, first of all, I posted pictures below on the previous post, so don't forget to scroll down after reading this! But I have to update on Reagan's week and hopefully get some helpful hints from you all in blogworld.
Yesterday: went to the grocery store with R. The bakery there always has "yummies" for samples that she will eat while we shop. They have out cookies and croissants, so I get her a half of each, one for each hand. (That is how she likes it!) About 2 minutes later, in the cereal aisle while I am chatting with Susan on my cell, she starts coughing like crazy. I hang up, thinking what the heck?, and am patting her in the back repeatedly. Then... she projectile pukes. Seriously. All over her, all over me, all over my cart, in both my hands (you know the Mommy instinct is to catch it), and all over the floor. So now with two handfuls of it and a crying child, what do you do?! I flag down this guy and ask him to find someone to help me. They bring me paper towels and a trash can, and I try cleaning up as much as possible. It was awful. Mom got onto me for cleaning up the floor, said it wasn't my job and I should have just left it!! But I did, didn't know what else to do. We proceed to the bathroom at the front to clean up better. I leave my cart outside and go in to wash both of us as much as possible. I strip off her yucky shirt while she is STILL crying (I have no idea at this point what is going on and my blood pressure is probably through the roof!) and am washing my hands, and I glance over at my crying child who is clawing her face off! Her entire chest, neck, and face is COVERED in hives. Just like Hitch. I of course TOTALLY freak and think think think what has just happened. Then, I remember the yummies. I grab her and run out to my cart and take a bite out of the cookie.... the peanut butter cookie.
Now, up until this point I have for some reason shielded Reagan from all things peanut. Now I find it a God thing, but before I just thought I would wait until she was bigger just in case. This was the first taste of anything peanut, and I had no idea it was that kind of cookie. Picture this with me... I proceed to RUN through the store, pushing my cart with my mostly naked crying child and myself still covered in puke and race to the pharmacist. Psycho mom who grabs a bottle of kids' benadryl and runs to the pharmacy counter frantically yelling "I NEED THE PHARMACIST NOW PLEASE!!!" She comes and I am dialing my pedi while telling her I need to know the dosage for my 22-month-old and a syringe. She was so helpful and got both. I finally get the receptionist at our pedi and she says to give her the Benadryl and "watch her" to see if things get better or worse. If worse, then "probably should take her to an urgent care place for an epi shot." That sounds fine at the time, I hang up, then I think, "watch her for what? Watch her until she chokes and dies?!" So as we leave and she is still itching like crazy and all swollen up with hives but thankfully breathing fine, I get on the phone. I call David, I call Jeremy (thank God for paramedic friends with a calm voice!), I call Julie, anyone I can think of to help me calm down. About 30 minutes after taking the meds they started working.
We went in this morning to the pedi to "confirm" that I have that kid who is allergic to peanuts. They won't do official allergy testing until she is over 2, but for now, that is where we are. We are now carrying epi-pens everywhere we go, got all the instructions on that, and I have been online reading info on this all day. I am SO thankful for God's watchcare yesterday... I mean, how awesome that this happened while I was at a store with the right medicine and a pharmacist on hand! It will be a new prayer everyday for me that God protects her from this. It's literally deadly, and it literally scares the crap out of me. So we will appreciate your prayers as we start to really pay attention to food labels and stuff. If you have kids, nieces, nephews, best friends, whatever that have dealt with this allergy, PLEASE give any helpful advice. I think I am still in kinda freak-out mode, but we will get through it. Poor baby will never have a PB&J sandwich! And the rest of us here probably will have to give them up to.... yucky.
So, that is my story. We started out the week with what we thought was a broken leg. We go back for a major allergic reaction. What a Week!!! Ugh....
Now, on a lighter note, go look at her fun pics below if you haven't already! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Best Five Bucks I Ever Spent

The weather was great this week, so once Reagan's leg seemed better (she would grab her shin and tell me "Mommy, no ow-ie!"), I decided to break out her new swimming pool. Which means she got to wear one of her new swimming suits, which looked stinkin' cute on her!
Love the sunglasses too! Thanks Cass!
I honestly think she would have been content to just play in it in the living room. After I got it blown up, she had fun crawling in and out.
Thinking about which of her friends she should call to come swim....
This is blurry, but she was so happy! Sitting there in her straddle leaning against the back... so fun!
Even more fun with toys in the pool!

Check out this happy girl's look... :)

Have to refill after splashing. This was her favorite part I think. She loves the hose.
Seriously, $5 for this thing = Complete happiness!

This was Daddy's idea. Thought we would try it out...
The bottom of the pool is padded too, so my little daredevil decided to try it out.

Here is her first attempt....

She LOVED it! Mommy didn't so much, so from then on I held her hand down the slide to slow her down a bit and help her "plop" in the pool. She was ok with that plan. Now, don't call cps on me about the video. :) It looked rough, but this is the face she had when she got up!
Another refill after each slide.
This was her idea! Fun!!!

This turned out to be her favorite method. Just gliding into the pool on her tummy. Mommy still put her hand on her back the whole way down.... I guess after the leg incident I am a bit over-protective....
A little swinging break. Seriously, our new set up in the backyard is so fun!!! I highly recommend it...

After a change of clothes and a nap, we came back out to play. It cooled off, and she did NOT understand why we were not back in the "mimmin poo...." But the bubble gun made up for it a bit.
She holds it with one had and pulls the trigger with the other. Hey, at least she finally figured out something that worked, Kendra! :)
Serious bubble shooting....
I just loved this one. She just looks so pretty...
Hope you are getting to enjoy the spring weather as much as we are! Come visit and play with us! :)