Monday, March 31, 2008

Potty Prize

Question for all you experienced Mommies out there: is my Reagan old enough for potty training? I keep thinking "surely not", but then again, I don't want to miss the opportunity to start if she is acting ready! We've started sitting on her potty every night before her bath. At first it was to make sure she didn't poop in the tub! But recently she will tinkle every time I sit her up there. And she gets a "potty prize" = a few m&ms. This has happened every day for over a week now. This morning, she was watching tv after she got up, then she asked for a potty prize. I asked if she needed to tinkle in the potty, and she said yes and ran to the bathroom. And she did it!! Of course, I think she really just wanted the chocolate. :) I would prefer not to give her candy every time, but it doesn't seem like she is big enough to understand a chart with stickers and stuff, but maybe so. What do I know?! So, some of you that have done this before... when did you know to start? What signs do I look for? Or should I just continue to keep her interested until she is bigger? She is only 20 months, and I would love to keep her a baby. But I would also love to head towards no diapers!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun with Fam

Told you I was way behind on pictures, so here are some from our family times over the last couple of weeks. We went home and met Adam and crew at Mom and Dad's a few weeks ago. Reagan has not quit talking about Uncle Ahmoo (Adam), Mimi (Missy), Ahwee (Adley) and "I running, I running" (Corbin, and a long story...) since. Here are the kiddos looking at something on David's computer. I am sure it was riveting, but I don't remember what it was. But they look cute anyway, especially Corbin in his striped undies!!

Playing the slots at my parents' house. It lights up, makes all kinds of racket, and involves putting coins in the slots and pushing buttons. Reagan is in heaven with the slot machine.
Makes it that much better when she gets to play with Corbin and Uncle Ahmoo!
Love this picture of her having a conversation over breakfast with Grandmommy. She already calls her "The other Grandmommy," which I think is so fun! Adley did that early on, too, and I guess it stuck!
If you didn't know this about my brother, he is made of elastic. Seriously, his skin is so stretchy that he can pinch skin off the top of his scalp! Anyways, she saw him wrinkle his super-wrinkley forehead and accurately thought it was weird... and needed to touch it! Made me laugh...
I've said it before, that she and my brother have a "thing." They oh-so-love each other. They disappeared together one afternoon...

... and I found them upstairs like this. So sweet. She isn't asleep, they are just cuddling. This is a rarity for Reagan these days with most people, even me, but not him. I love it.
Church on Sunday with the cutie girls in their cutie matching dresses. I am guessing someday, Adley won't think it is fun to match her baby cousin. But she loves it now, which I love!
We were blessed to be invited to lunch with the whole friend/family gang that day!! The kids played and played outside. Fun sliding with Grandmommy and Granddaddy.
Corbin wanted to know why Danny and Brenda have a red barn in their backyard! Funny! Anyways, here are the sweet cousins again.
Granddaddy always has ice cream for Reagan, so much so that she now expects it every time she sees him!

That night we went to Grammy and Poppy's house and got to see Aunt Bev and Uncle John from Kentucky! A special treat... R hadn't seen them since she was 4 months old, and I don't think she remembered them.
Aunt Bev is super cool because she taught Reagan how to use her black berry. (had to write that as two separate words... it was creating a link otherwise...) The next weekend, Granddaddy and Grandmommy came here for my cousin's wedding, and unfortunately Grandmommy taught R to play piano with her feet. We still do this now. Thanks.
A gorgeous outdoor place for the wedding worked out great for Reagan and for Granddaddy... they both got to roam during the ceremony.
First of all, this pic is proof that yes, my daughter has more than one dress. :) We met up with Missy, Adley, and Corbin at church that next day before they headed off to Florida. Reagan was BESIDE herself excited... I hadn't told her we would see them. Sweet cousins!!!

I just love how Corbin dotes on her! And isn't he just so stinkin' cute?!?!
All kids get to "go up" when with my dad. I love her joyous look and her flying hair in this picture.
This is how badly she misses her cousins now after seeing them two weekends in a row: we visit their videos from like a year ago on youtube on a daily basis so she can say HI to them. She sits at the computer and asks for them!

This week Poppy came in town on business, so we met up with him, aunts, uncles, and cousin for supper. She also has a special "thing" for Poppy. It is so sweet! She mostly refuses a high chair when he is around, and he doesn't seem to mind. :)

Here they are looking at sweet baby Austin. He really makes her look like a big girl.
She REALLY liked the baby, and kept asking him to get "UP!" She really didn't understand why he was night-night at the dinner table. He was being such a baby.
Much to Aunt BB's dismay, she tried poking him to get him up. With her grubby queso fingers.
Then laughed in Aunt BB's face about it! Stinker.
Sitting with Uncle Turbo, still pointing at the baby. They are gonna be such good friends!

You'll notice the wardrobe change... she had a major puking episode at dinner all over her clothes. So she finished supper in just her leggings and her jacket. So gross. Here, David and Brenna exchanged children.
She kept sticking the straw in Brenna's water and trying to give Mary a drink...
... which always results in the recipient just getting wet. Can you tell Aunt BB loved it more than Aunt Mary?? :)
Sweet Aunt Mary with her niece and nephew. :) She held Austin while rubbing Reagan's back. R was obviously tired and sitting on a full diaper.

That gets me closer to caught up. Happy weekend everybody! And thank you to my sweet husband... 5 years ago today he planned the most fun day EVER and asked me to marry him. I was having a smart day and said yes. I love you honey!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Fun Easter

I'm so behind on blogging it is ridiculous. After finishing up Easter activities yesterday, my memory card was full. That means I have filled it up since my last post! Yikes. So I figured I would post Easter pics, then play catch-up later with all the fun I have yet to show off. Here goes...
Grandmommy gave this to R in her Easter package. She loves it! A bit sentimental to me because Adley had a purple one just like it when she was tiny. :) Too fun! I love her look like she is surprised I am taking her picture... yeah right.
I love this face!
We wore the flower headband on Saturday to dye eggs. Last year it was bunny ears. She was so little!!! And was so serious about her eggs too.
Guess that hasn't changed. This girl is serious when it comes to being crafty. She is trying to figure out that wire holder thing...
Who needs it when fingers work just fine!
Ta Da! Yellow!
Working on the green...

Now checking out the handiwork on the pink one. I know these are all practically the same picture, but I just couldn't decide. I actually left out a lot, if you can believe it.
Drying off the green and blue.
And singing a song about "meen" and "bwoo." We sing songs about EVERYTHING these days... usually to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle," as this one was. If I remember correctly, this song went "Meen and bwoo and meen and bwoo, meen and bwoo and meen and bwoo..." Quite the composer...
David had to work this weekend, so sweet Isbells came down and went to church with us! Thankfully Scott brought his camera to get pics of Reagan and Brandon because my batteries were dead. But, I don't have the pics yet. So, here she is in her Easter dress the previous weekend at my cousin's wedding. LOVE the dress. She was such the big girl!

Once David got home from work, the Easter Bunny came! She got some new paints, some "yummies", and new Backyardigans plates and bowl in her basket. Plus, eggs were in the backyard for her enjoyment. She went out there and just totally knew what to do!

Some were "hidden" in the grass, others were just sitting in the dirt where grass refuses to grow.
The lady who lived here before had these pots around the yard, and in 4 years I haven't moved them. Reagan used it as the dumping ground for the eggs she had collected.
Then, low and behold, one of them cracked open when she dumped it out. Once she found out there were yummies inside, the egg collecting was over!
Much more fun to just eat the M&Ms out of the eggs!

The goldfish eggs were ok at first, so were the ones with grapes. But after a few, this is what happened to the eggs that didn't have M&Ms. We were cracking up at her just dumping them on the ground!
Gloria took great pride in cleaning up what Reagan so carelessly left behind.
From then on, she just went from egg to egg without her basket, opening it up to see if chocolate was inside. If not, it was left behind.
Check out this look.... :)

Lastly, I finally took some video on our still camera so I could post it. But, dummy, I left it turned up and down the same way I was taking the last picture. So, you have to tilt your head to view it! But you can see her going through her own personal "egg hunt" for yummies. She was serious about all this as you can tell!! Pardon the airplane noise... it is daily where we live.

Watch as she ever-so-sweetly tells Gloria to keep away from her grapes! And yes, we let our kid eat out of the dirt...