Thursday, November 29, 2012

There Are No Words...

Today when Reagan got home from school, I surprised her with having one of our Christmas trees up and lit (yeah, in my world I am WAY behind on getting the decorations up, but I'm getting there...).  She was so happy, just sat and stared at it.  Then she turned around, "Mommy, when I saw that tree, I was so excited.  And it also made me so calm where I just stared and stared at it because it was so beautiful.  And then, I tooted.  Bweeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!!"

David doesn't need any sons because he has two daughters who often act like little boys.  I love it.  ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

As we were walking home from school today, Reagan literally went her own path, skipping the ENTIRE way.  Oh, to be that free spirited and happy... and have that much energy.  I just smiled the entire time watching her.  Love my girl.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Certainly don't need any body to publicly recognize my kid to make me proud of her.  But it certainly does make my heart swell to BURSTING when it happens.  :)
For the first 9 weeks grading period at school, Reagan's teacher gave her the "Character Counts" award for their class.  She was awarded a dog tag necklace, a big sign to put out in our yard (yeah, I'm that mom that put it in the backyard so we can see if from the kitchen table.... I just don't want the world to drive by our house and know that I have a really sweet, trusting, caring young kid living here!), and a certificate that says she was given this award "for always showing kindness to others."
 Reagan, to me, that certificate just says that you make it a habit of being Jesus to kids in your classroom.  And Mommy thinks that is just plain awesome.  I love you so much, and I love seeing you put your faith in action with your friends.  Thank you for being a sweet, kind-hearted, Christ-like friend to your classmates.  I am so proud of you!

It was pretty neat... there are 3 kids in Reagan's grade that all went to her church preschool together.  And all 3 of them got this same award from their respective teachers at the same time.  Pretty good representation of The Vine Preschool!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shuttle Flyover

This fun day was at the end of September, but I still want it documented even if it is late!!!  Reagan had a random Wednesday off from school.  And it just so happened that it was the same morning that the space shuttle Endeavor was to fly from Florida to it's permanent home in California.  As a courtesy to disgruntled Houstonians who still don't understand why Houston doesn't get to keep a shuttle (don't get me started!), they added a few hours to Endeavor's travel plans and did some flyovers in our city.  I probably would have kept R out of school to see it, but I didn't have to!  So we went and got some breakfast and found a good spot to sit and wait.
 There were thousands of people lining the streets that morning, all searching the skies.  We weren't sure which way to look, where it would come from, or what time!

 After an hour or so, the natives started getting restless.  I kept telling them that "one day they will thank me for this" speech.  Here, I think they were throwing acorns into the cess pool below...
 AND THERE IT IS!  Seriously, just appeared over the trees.  So cool.
It tricked us... looked like it was landing on the runway in front of us, then took back off for another 2 passes.
 This was the actual "coming in for a landing."

 We spent the day outside, picnic-ing and playing in the backyard.  Attempt at self-portrait to get all 3 of us in means Mommy has to work her abs and show a few chins...
 That evening, we skipped church (!!) to go see it up close and personal on the runway.  The traffic to get to Ellington Field was UNREAL.  Once we got there, we were in the line to park for almost 30 minutes.  But it gave me time to get a photo of the sign...
 THOUSANDS of people there.  So cool.
 These pictures crack me up.  Trying to get a picture of the 4 cousins who would NOT be still...
 Seriously, enlarge this one.  Jonathan is PRICELESS!
 My crummy camera phone is ill-equipped to take pics of moving targets!  Again, Jonathan.... hilarious.
 B on Daddy's shoulders.
 AMAZING.  They'll thank me for this one day! :)
 The video is sideways, I don't know why nor how to fix it.  If you want to watch how cool this was, lay your head down on your left arm and get comfy.  :)  This was the 2nd landing-fakeout.  So it was even LOWER the third time when it actually landed!  Did I mention it was SO COOL!?!?  :)

Thursday, November 01, 2012


Let me just say that I looooooooove Halloween with my girlies.  And I love the whole process of costumes... as long as they will let me, I will make their costumes myself.  It is just so fun!!  Makes me so happy, and maybe someday the girls will appreciate it too!!
The other thing I have to say is that I have way more pics of Brooklyn this year because her preschool class had a party.  Reagan's school doesn't do dress up of any kind... boo.
This is just a pic that cracks me up.  My mom brought these wigs for the girls to dress up in a couple of weeks ago.  Hilarious.
 My Pirate Princess and Peter Pan!
 Brook decided months ago that she wanted to be Peter Pan for Halloween.  I figure she is just another Cathy Rigby!!!  Reagan liked the idea of a pink and purple pirate "princess" to go with Peter, so we just went with it!  Here she is working on her skirt:
This is Peter at her/his Spooky Breakfast at school.
 She wanted me to take her picture drinking her chocolate milk.  Goober.
 We had a contest to see which parent could wrap up their mummy child the fastest.  Here is the winning pair:
 Class playing a Halloween version of "duck duck goose."

 Peter with princess friends and Mrs. Melissa
 One of her favorite people... Mr. Scott. 
Sweet friends!!!  Audrey and Brookie
She told everyone:
"Peter Pan taught me to stand JUST LIKE THIS at Disney World!"
Ready to Trick or Treat Parade!!
 (some of these are from my camera phone... blurry as ever... but my real camera is fixed now!)
Time for the jack o lantern!!

 Needed some hair, evidently.
 Reagan drew the face, Daddy did the carving, Brooklyn did the decorating... I took pictures.  Collaborative effort!
Finished product!
Ready for Trick or Treating!!

 Reagan wanted a pose since Brooklyn had a pose.  Not sure WHAT that pirate face is about...  :)  And check out how Tinkerbell is hanging on for dear life... 
 So we got a real smile out of R but lost Tink...
 Our neighbors across the street go all out-scary.  The girls THINK they want to go see it, then always chicken out.  Mega-chickening-out following this pic.
 "Let's go to that house instead!"
 Running up the walk to the next house.  Seeing her run will NEVER get old!

 Checking out the loot! I was thankful that we ended up with a smaller stash this year.  Boring Mommy.
And just had to post pics of my AWESOME niece and nephew and their superhero theme.  Corbin's "look" just KILLS me!  And Adley looks like a gorgeous preteen... *sigh*.  :)  CUTIES.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! 
*Update:  Brooklyn informed me today that next year she wants to be Ariel. "And Mommy, you can make me a tail that I can walk in and THEN wear in the swimming pool.  Then the NEXT year, I will be a donut."  :)