Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Day of Preschool!

I'll admit it... I did myself a little happy dance after I dropped Brooklyn off this morning.  Don't get me wrong... I looooooooooove my summers with my girlies at home.  But it was just TIME to get back into routine, especially with Reagan already in school for a week.  Now, I feel like maybe we can get life a little bit back to normal around here.  Have I gotten much done while she's been gone, NO.  But I've run some errands, and now I'm blogging, and I feel a little more SANE.  So that counts.  :)
Little Miss was SO excited about going to her new class today.  She asked me last week at Meet The Teacher why I wasn't dropping her off... so today first thing as we were walking in:
"Mommy, are you going to LEAVE today?!" (yep)
"Ok, good!"
So yes, we were all glad about school starting.
SO very thankful for her wonderful preschool and the wonderful staff they have there.  Even though Brooklyn is amazing, she comes with extra "stuff", and it is a lot to ask of church-preschool teachers.  But they at least fake being THRILLED to have her!  :)  I'm kidding.  I know they are, and they go above and beyond for my special kiddo.  So blessed.
YAY!  Now, I am going to go do... something... by myself.