Monday, December 17, 2007

Fun Times

Let's just get it out of the way.... I'm 30. There, I said it. I keep telling myself I've been waiting my whole life for today, when I can enter my 30's. Makes me feel better! Actually, it doesn't feel that weird. Kinda fun. :) Plus, I get to eat a seriously yummy dinner tonight in my new seriously yummy leather jacket from my sweet hubby!
So, on to what you are here for... pics of the sweet girl. The next few are some that I took while we were playing outside last week in the MAJOR wind. She thought it was really fun, and Mommy thought her hair looked really pretty in the wind. Plus, leaves are just fun anyways. ;)

This one looks just like some of my baby pics. Makes me partial to this picture! :)
I love little-kid running!

Stopping to smell the flowers... there aren't any on the bush right now though.
"Wahoo!! My shirt says it all... 'Santa Rocks!' "
Throwing the leaves.
"Wait, where'd it go?!"
More running!!
Not sure what we're doing here...

Mom sent this Mr and Mrs Claus with Daddy for Reagan's early present. They both sing when you press their hands. She LOVES them. She says HoHoHo all day long carrying them around. Too cute! Thanks Grandmommy!
Giving Mrs. Claus kisses.
A first for Reagan... taking off her own diaper!
Here, she is trying to complete the job. I got to her first though... after grabbing the camera for pics, of course!
Just loved how she was sleeping that night... sweet lovin' for Baby Doll.
Hey, Cass! Reagan did some craft ornament painting too!!! :)

I had a hard time with the camera, video camera, and holding her paints for her. She was very particular about what colors she used!! Fun Times.
Much concentration with the tongue out. They turned out pretty good! For 17 months anyways. Those who receive these.... feel no obligation to put them on your tree! :)
Hope everyone's holiday plans are going well!! I will post pics from our Amarillo trip last weekend in the next couple of days. Reagan's first snow!!! :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Fun with Family

We're working on getting geared up for Christmas around here. Makes me so excited!!! David has had to work TONS lately, poor guy, so it has been a huge blessing to Reagan and me having Daddy here. Keeps me from being so lonely during David's 12 hour days. Hopefully this won't last too long, but it probably will until about April. So through January, we'll have Daddy to keep us company. But just another reason we're looking forward to Christmas... David's time off! In the meantime, we're having fun.
Reagan has asked Santa for more baby dolls. She is becoming quite the "mommy" these days and loves her babies. We'll see if she has been good enough this year...
Not sure what she is doing to her baby here....
Yay!! My Grandmommy (Reagan's GREAT Grandmommy) came with Daddy and spent the week with us! They are leaving today, and Reagan will be SO sad. She has LOVED her time with "Ma-Mommy." They have been such good friends. Of course, since she lets her stand at the table and eat chips. :) Cute tummy!
Look how high-tech she is! Grandmommy just got a computer, and is working on getting it all down so we can keep in touch with her better. She needs to be blogging of course!!! Anyways, we had some tutorials while she was here... she's getting it!!
Can you tell they had fun?!?!
Giving sweet kisses to Granddaddy. She will miss him this weekend!
Little girl has gotten so spoiled to so much attention! She tuckered out and just plopped down on the floor in the living room. :) Notice her striped theme... gotta love that!!!
This is how lucky David is that Daddy has been here... he gets out of his jobs and Daddy does them!! Brat. Here is Daddy putting up the Christmas lights while Reagan supervises...
He's so talented... talks on the phone on the roof!!
Here's Reagan checking out Granddaddy's handiwork.
Then catching up on some Golf Digest and a snack. They are so sweet!!
Just some cute pictures of the sweet girl doing some serious coloring...
Concentrating with the tongue out of course!! Good coloring! Gotta LOVE Color Wonder!
Again, David getting out of a job by Daddy putting up the tree. Reagan found the garland beads and swore that they were "beees" (beads) for her necklace. She wore them everywhere, and now I have to convince her not to take them off the tree!!
Reagan says "May your days be merry and bright!!" Love to all, and happy Wonderful Time of the Year!!!