Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Latest

Pretty sure I can NEVER say it enough... our God is GOOD.
This was yesterday, after Physical Therapy.  Sweet girl was on a roll, but already tired from hard work.  Sure can't tell though...

Annnnnnndddddd.... this is today.  :)

I have to admit that we are a little bit pumped around here to see what tomorrow brings.  :)
(background "walking music" on the piano, brought to you by Big Sister Reagan)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This and That

First, I have to say that we have been OVERWHELMED by the response for TEAM BROOKLYN and the Spina Bifida Assoc Bowl-a-thon.  It's not too late to "join" our team, so scroll down to the post below if you are interested!! 
Daddy has been working OBSCENE hours on this "little" project at work... so we have had to pull out all the stops around here to stay sane.  By we, I mean me.  So, there have been lots of art projects, gym and library trips, and errands run around here.  Here is Brooklyn, perfecting what I believe is her first painting masterpiece.  Little trick I learned in a magazine... I draw in markers on paper towel, then she "paints" it with water.  The marker spreads like water color... with no mess.  :)
Reagan working on her own masterpiece.  She actually paints really good pictures, although this one looks a bit "abstract."
Silly picture!!  We were at the gym taking TEAM BIZ pics for Jenny's bday, and I just liked this one of us.  :)
We're still completely obsessed with Toy Story around here.  Surprisingly Tiana has taken a slight backseat to Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, and Woody.  This girl earned and saved up $26 dollars and bought this Buzz herself!!  Here she is giving him a drink from her Buzz sippie cup.  Obsession much?

Her funky left foot gets in crazy positions in her sleep....

First day with two ponytails!!!!!
Yeah, she's a reading prodigy.
In honor of Daddy's work, we have these rocket-shaped popsicle molds.
Another first for B... popsicles!!
We had Caylie, Reagan's BFF from school, and her brother over to play one day.  The big girls were princesses, of course!  Look how little R looks next to Caylie... they are 2 months apart!  Oh, I think my girl's gonna be so short...
Brooklyn and Nate enjoying a little Sesame Street.  I wanted to hide Nate in a closet somewhere when his mom got here... I'd like to keep him.  But maybe this photo can go in their wedding slideshow someday...  they LOVE each other.
I mean seriously?!?!  So cute. 
FUN times for B.  She was INSISTENT upon pushing Reagan's baby stroller.  I had David get the camera, and we gave it a shot!  Can you see how happy she is about this?!
Mr. Beaver going for a ride!!
Can you tell how I was feeling about this by my face?!?  But I let go!  And she did it!!!
4 steps and she fell.  But with no shoes or AFOs... that's pretty good!!
Aaaannnnnnnd, right back on the horse!  She KNEW she was doing a big-girl thing!  With her AFOs on, she does a pretty good job of this... we practice A LOT now.  She is such a hard worker!  That stroller doesn't weigh hardly anything, so it doesn't support her hardly.  So this is big-time therapy!
Reagan and I went on a Big Girls Date a couple Saturdays ago to the release of the new Veggie Tales princess movie.  The entire store was all "princess-y", complete with folks to do hair and nails for the little girls.  So R got her first up-do with sparkle spray! 
(Btw, the new movie is SO great.  Perfect for a little girl... all about inner beauty and having a heart like Jesus.  I highly recommend!)
They put her hair in a BOW.  Might have to duplicate this someday!!
I've been behind on blogging, but it might still be a bit before I'm caught up.  We've got vacation coming!