Thursday, June 19, 2008

A fun week

We have had a great week around here. David has been busy getting things wrapped up from the shuttle flight, but we did get a couple days straight of his playing hooky to enjoy! R was very happy to have Daddy home. And let's just say she was less than pleased on Tues when he DID go in to work in the morning. I answered the question of "When Daddy home?" probably 50 times that day.
Anyways, here are some pics of what we have been up to. R is obsessive about stickers right now, and since he was home, Daddy made a great sticker book. You have to watch out around her... her favorite place to put stickers right now is in the belly button. And not necessarily her own.

Also really into coloring. All this craftiness makes me happy... she is getting really into "art" stuff and it makes me proud. Not sure if she will be left or right handed at this point, but she goes for the left a lot. And seems to hold the crayons pretty well!
These next ones are a bit out of order, but some of my favorite pics in awhile. Not really in need of an explanation...

Ok, I'll admit it. Lately, I have just found my kid irresistible. Some days she is just so beautiful and cute that I just can't stand it. I guess as the Mommy, I am allowed to think this. Or at least I hope so. So some of the pics I have taken lately are just because I couldn't resist her.

We had loads of fun at Brandon's swimming party. This is Reagan's attempt to get her swimming suit on by herself.
She loved the kiddie pool that was just her size!
I wish you could see Brandon's glasses... he looked so incredibly "cool!"
Here, he is showing me the bug he found. The kid is SUCH a boy! Love it.
Once again, she was having a really cute day in her pigtails. We had a fun-filled day with Daddy, even went out to lunch!
Goofy face!
You can probably tell where we are by the famous chips and hot sauce... yummy. R thought that Daddy's strawberry lemonade was particularly yummy too!
She is currently telling you that she had "cheese and oranges" for lunch.
Silly girl!
These next two are backwards... this was after the jump out of her seat...
... and right before! "I jump, Mommy!!!"
After nap, we got a snow cone treat! Man, it is WAY fun when Daddy is home!! :) This was a first for Reagan. The snow cone stand around the corner is going to be a VERY good friend to Mommy this summer...
So fun!!!
On Sunday afternoon, we went to the welcome home shindig for the astronauts at the airforce base. It was really neat, and PACKED. Thankfully, we were in the shade and there were lots of fans or I wouldn't have made it! We were at the very very back with the stroller, so this was the best shot of all of them that I could get with my zoom. (they all are sitting since gravity was not yet their friend...)
Blurry... but I got a close up of Mike calling David out and thanking him in front of everybody! You can tell he is looking back in the back at us... spotted David and took the time during his turn on the mic to say thanks and have everyone clap for him. SO PROUD!
Here's R listening very closely to the speeches. And that is David's friend Zeb with his little one right next to us. (for those of you who know the story, Zeb flew our plane when we got engaged...)
We had to wake R up from her nap to go, so she was still kinda tuckered....
Too bad she is so shy!!! She met David's friend Mike for the first time, walked right up to him, gave him a hug, then laid her head down on his shoulder and stayed there! Guess she could tell he is a Daddy of little girls too... it was really sweet! The planes in the background really intrigued R... she kept asking to go on a ride. Wish we could have!
It was Father's Day, and R had on her "My Daddy Rocks" shirt... very appropriate for the day! Of course I didn't get a single picture of it. But this one will do. ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What we found out yesterday.....

Our baby looks EXACTLY like Skeletor. And I'm sure is just as precious. :) Oh, and that we won't know gender until about 6 weeks from now. I couldn't be more disappointed, but the baby is perfect and healthy, so thank you LORD.

It was the longest day ever of doctors. My OB was running an hour behind yesterday morning. No biggie. The other doc we saw for the ultrasound that afternoon was 5 HOURS behind. Yeah. We waited that long. It was hideous. So thanks to the wonderful Isbell family for coming to Reagan's rescue!

Then we come home last night to our AC being out in the house. It was a grand day. Pregnant lady in Houston with no AC.....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in my life! Daddies are just the best. :)
Take my Daddy for instance. I couldn't love him more. Daddy, thanks for all you are and all you do. Thank you for being the love of my life for 25 years, and for befriending the guy who took me away! :) I just love you more than I could say. I mean, when you were here for cancer treatment, you put up and took down my Christmas lights for goodness sake!
Reagan couldn't ask for a better Granddaddy. Thank you for always bringing her treats like you always have for me.
And this weekend, in addition to Father's Day, we celebrate Reagan's own Daddy being back!!! :) David has been preparing for Discovery's flight for about 2 years now, and here they are lifting off 2 weeks ago. You'll have to humor me a minute... I need to brag on my boy. :)
The guys on the left of the pic are on David's engineering team for the space walks, and the 4 folks on the right are astronauts on this flight. The two in the weird get-up are the space walkers Ron and Mike, and from this picture I gather they evidently will walk around during training in their "undergarments" they wear under the space suit. This was during one of their countless training exercises. Seems a little revealing, so enlarge this one at your own risk.
Here's David with Ron and Aki at the NBL, I call it "that big ole pool that was in Armageddon." Aki ran the robotic arm. David didn't train him. Not that you care.
Here are Ron and Mike during one of their 3 spacewalks in the last couple of weeks. David sits on mission control during the day, and he is kinda the go-to guy during the spacewalks.
And then, he does a press conference afterwards to explain their tasks during the day. I've shown this before, but my friend Kendra S got a pic of the tv with his title on it! Not the best pic of him, but still handsome as ever. :)
I absolutely love this pic. You SHOULD enlarge this one. :) He looks so official. This is his desk at mission control... you can see the EVA plate on the desk. I have no idea really what he does all day while he is up there, but it looks really complicated and smart. :) And this wasn't even during an EVA.
And today, they came home!! Safely, thank you Lord! We're going tomorrow to the welcome home party at the airforce base here in Houston when the crew flies in. This all means that David gets back to normal hours, normal life, and I am SO happy! But I am also so thrilled for this opportunity he had and what a fabulous job he did. Honey, really, you kick my butt. I couldn't be more proud of you! (He'll probably kill me for this whole post!)
I'll end with one of my favorite pics... it is my wallpaper on the computer. Reagan and I are blessed with the most wonderful husband and Daddy any girls could ever ask for... we love you!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

CDR, the Beach, Rozzee's visit, and Daddy TV

Well, here I am playing catch up again on pictures, so this kinda long. What else is new, right?? For those of you who have been asking for belly shots, I am not comfortable enough to just take them in the mirror like Amber. I just ain't feelin' it. :) But, you will find proof on here that yes, I am definitely looking preggo.
As those from CDR can attest to. I made the trek up to the Piney Woods of East Texas for the 50th reunion at Camp. Loved every minute! And man, was it hot. R stayed home for some Daddy time so she wouldn't have to make the 6 hour drive twice in two days. Here is a shot of all those there that worked on staff in the 90's. My pic of the 2000's was really blurry for some reason unfortunately...
Here is my sweet Alli... one of my favorite people on the planet. (wish this wasn't so blurry!) I was the counselor in her cabin a couple years in a row, then she was on staff after I "retired." She loves camp as much as I do, and it was GREAT to see her... and her sweet belly of twins! I couldn't be happier about her becoming a Mommy of two!! Little Jake and Mallory will arrive at the end of the summer, and they are really blessed with a WONDERFUL Mom.
There were 7 baby bellies there that day, so we took a pic in order of due date. Notice, I am at the "living end" of the picture, but you can definitely see the pooch. I was 10 weeks on this day! Huge. I have big babies. Almost to 12 weeks now, so just imagine that belly 20% bigger...
Here are all my "old" girls from back in the day. Several of us stayed the night and were up in the bath house talking until the wee hours of the morning. Just like old times. It was fabulous. Love all you ladies!!
The first year Susan and I camped together in 94, Donna was our counselor. (we set her up that summer with her hubby!!) I couldn't love her more. Funny, we talked about how we really only spent 2 weeks of our lives together almost 15 years ago, but it is amazing the bond we built. I so very enjoyed getting to spend time with her... she hasn't changed! I owe so much of my spiritual growth as a teenager to her, and as a staff member, I mimicked everything I did after how she was with us. Love her.
The crowd Killi Anthem. HAIL DEAR OLE DEER RUN!
When I got home, we stayed the rest of the weekend in Galveston. R hadn't been to the beach since she was itty bitty, so she wasn't really sure. She ran out in the water first thing and seemed to like it...
... then, guess not.
So, she found solace playing in the sand where the waves wouldn't reach her.
Cutie girl with her bucket.
Fun in the sand with Daddy and Brenna.
I think Aunt BB enjoyed making the sand castles as much as R did!
Pretty much the same picture as the other one, but I couldn't decide!
We drove the golf cart to and from the beach house. R called it the "funny car."
When we got home, I pulled out her pool and was preparing for a fun day outside. Still in her pj's, she climbed in it in the living room for a tea party. Random pic, but I thought it was cute!
Fast forward one week... David's cousin from Kentucky came in town, so we all met for dinner. Here, is R giving Baby Cousin Austin sweet kisses. ;) awwwww...
And sweet kisses for Cousin Justin. I love this picture.
Reagan and I have had the greatest week so far... Rachel and Roselyn (Rozzee) came to visit! They left today, and man, DRAMA! R is so sad... asks "where'd they go?" like every 2 minutes! But we had so much fun. Monday morning, our library had set up a little petting zoo for free. I'm all about free fun stuff for the kiddos! R wasn't so sure at first, as you can tell by her face in this one...
But the "BIG turtle" did the trick. She LOVED him, then was all about the other animals.
Squeals as this goat was nudging her!
See Roselyn's cute little hat back there??!!
Cutie girls. This was so much fun.
Back to the big turtle. R had to specifically tell him bye when we left.
Little baby goat. She LOVES baby animals right now.
(I just love when little kids squat!) The bunnies were SO soft!
I bet this horse looks big to them! R had never seen one for real, so she really liked the "Neigh." They even got to brush the pony!
"Check this out, Mommy!"
We went in to cool off at the library and read a few books together.
Then at home, Rach did some reading too! I love this pic, especially how Roselyn is leaning in...
It was HOT, so what better to do than play in the water outside?!?! R was dragging her through the sprinkler.
They didn't like to stay near for long, but seemed to enjoy the spray for at least a little bit at a time.
I wish R's face wasn't in the shade... it was funny. This was after dragging Roz for another lap around through the sprinkler.
It's way fun if you turn your face away from getting hit too much!
Here they go again! I have NO pics of them in the kiddie pool for some reason, but that was way fun too.
Enjoying a little play time in the crib.
These next two sum up Reagan's fun while Rozzee was here... she grinned ear to ear the whole time. Thanks again Rach for making the trip! We miss you already...

My handsome husband is having a HUGE week this week... the shuttle crew he's been training for forever launched last Saturday. (Thank you LORD!) He is the lead EVA officer this flight, and they are doing 3 EVAs (spacewalks). They televise the whole spacewalk live (about 6-7 hours) on Nasa TV and online HERE, with shots every once in awhile of mission control so we can say hi to Daddy. Then at the end of each EVA he holds a press conference to discuss the day. Here we are yesterday evening watching "Daddy TV" and waving to Daddy during the press brief. He has the coolest job ever, and I couldn't be prouder of him. He looks so good on tv and sounds so smart!! There is one tomorrow then another Sunday, so tune in if you are bored!! :) And can I just add something cool... on his way home from work after the press brief last night, he got a call on his cell... FROM SPACE!!! One of the EVA astronauts called his cell phone from the space station!!! How freaking cool is that?! Just to chat, congratulate him on the day, discuss the space walk, etc. Just another day at the office....
That's all for now. With David's crew set to come home end of next week, we are SO looking forward to getting life back to somewhat normal! OH, and ultrasound is scheduled for a week from Monday, so be thinking of your guess for either baby brother or sister!!