Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strawberries and Rodeo

Actually, as you can see, I found a couple of gems from February that I had to put in.  Seriously, I think I only took like 8 pics on my camera last month.  Bad BAD Mommy.  (And I'm also a bad BAD blogger.)  But these two from Valentines Day of my Loves make up for it.

And this.  She showed up for supper one night like a rockstar.  Goober.  :)

A few weeks ago, we hit up the strawberry farm for the first time this spring.  I can't wait to go again!  This was Sweet Baby Etta's first trip... and possibly her first Coke in a glass bottle.  :)

It was a chilly day after a big warm spell, so we had to break out the jackets again.  But as always, picking your own fruit is WAY fun. 

Silly Uncle Kyle.  I can't wait to show pics like this one to Etta someday.  :)

She got one!!!

I loooooove these of Etta and Mary:

We weren't saying goodbye yet... the cousins just needed to hug Baby Etta.  :)

Group Hug!

And then, of course, Brooklyn had to go back in for more...

Right before Spring Break, in the middle of Houston Rodeo time, Reagan's school had the annual Kindergarten Rodeo.  Here is our cowgirl headed to school:

Then she throws the Hook'Em for the camera.  We brainwashed her early.

I am constantly amazed at the transformation of Reagan's hairdo through a day of school.  The rodeo started at 1:30, and her braids were in shambles.  :)

She was quite proud of her stick horse!
 They all were!!!
 The festivities!  Thankfully there were no real "races" with winners and losers, just everybody got a chance to participate.  Made it much easier on us Moms that were there to volunteer!  And, the kids didn't seem to care, they just all had fun outside.  Greatness.
 Wagon race!!!  I love the faces in her action shots.
I had a sitter lined up for Brook that fell through at the last minute.  So, while Mommy helped, she sat in the stroller and watched while eating her snack.  And was an absolute angel.  I was SO proud of her!

 Getting prepped for the stick horse run!

This one, I caught both Reagan and Jordan mid-air!

 Brooklyn's vantage point.  Sweet girl.
 Snack time!  "Trail mix" and drinks.  :)
 This little boy from Reagan's class, who is actually quite a trouble maker in the classroom, fell in LOVE with Brooklyn.  He talked with her and played with her the entire time.  Sweet boy!!  I love all kids, but especially boys that are sweet to the little ones!
Can't believe it is almost April already!  Kindergarten is almost over!  WHAT?!