Friday, August 31, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

I was officially tagged by Tiffany (unofficially by Susan) to tell you 8 random facts about myself. At first thought I figured this would be hard being that I am completely normal and have no random or quirky qualities. But it has taken me no time to come up with these and I have had to limit myself to 8. Go figure. Feel free to read them if you would like to know that I am a bit crazy!! And stay tuned for some pics that I will post tomorrow. Reagan and I both have been sick this week... so I am behind.

Here are the rules:
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (if you don’t have a blog, email me)
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I am a HUGE sports fanatic. This time of year (officially yesterday, but really TOMORROW!) is my favorite when college football starts... followed closely by NFL in a couple of weeks. I passionately love football. But I will watch any sport on television, whether I know the team or know the sport doesn't matter. ESPN is my favorite channel and I will watch the reruns of Sports Center that I have already seen previously that night. Wait, I do hate boxing. Hate it. But I'll watch anything else. David thanked my dad when he "asked for my hand" for raising me right. :)

2. Tiff, I too eat one thing at a time! I will finish a portion of something on my plate before moving on to another food. I also PRAISE the person who came up with the divided plate! I hate for my food to touch. I do have my own method for what gets eaten first... whatever will cool off the fastest gets eaten first. That is why salad should be the end of the meal instead of the beginning because it doesn't get cold!

3. I prefer a bath to a shower. My husband thinks this is gross. My way of redeeming this is that I often take 2 baths a day, and I usually waste water (I know, I know...) by draining the dirty water out and not sitting in it and then refilling it. I probably prefer baths because I had quite some time with my bum foot that I HAD to take baths, and I found that they are SO relaxing! I do shower sometimes too though.

4. I have to put my makeup on sitting down. I have to. No idea why. I have no where to sit in our bedroom or bathroom really, so I sit on the floor. Sometimes I wait to put it on in the car, if I am in the passenger seat, which is perfect because I'm sitting and it saves time.

5. I have a freak memory. Not photographic or anything, and I don't remember movies lines or stats like David or my brother, but I can remember stuff that most normal people don't. I remember what present we took to my cousin's 2 year old birthday party (a Miss Piggy hand puppet) when I was 3. I remember what my bedroom looked like when I was still in a crib. I can tell you ALL the names of all my teachers for every grade in school. I remember what outfit I wore on every birthday of my childhood and exactly what my party was like. I can probably tell you make and model of all my friends' cars from high school. Nyal Henry's birthday is April 16. But I have no idea what I ate for lunch yesterday. I don't remember EVERYTHING...

6. I'm a fast walker. I think I can blame Daddy for this as well! One of my biggest pet pieves is being forced to walk slow behind slow-walkers. You know, like at a concert or sporting event or somewhere with crowds? Hate it! In college, I would actually go off the sidewalk and pass people on the grass; not because I was in a hurry to get to class or anywhere really, but just because I walk faster than most people and I can't stand slowing down. David feels this way while driving, but driving behind slow people doesn't bother me nearly as badly as walking. No idea why.

7. It is an absolute necessity to have my toenails painted. Since being a stay at home Mom, I have sacrificed the pedicure luxury, but I paint them pretty myself! Even in the winter when no one really sees my toes, they have to be painted. My fingernails are a different story. I clip them SHORT (almost everyday) and they are never painted. I used to paint them in like junior high, but never really since. And if you can see ANY whites on my fingernails then they are TOO long.

8. Every night, I sing myself to sleep... in my head. (Honestly, I don't know that I have EVER told anyone this!) I always seem to start "thinking" about who-knows-what when I lay down to go to bed, and for years the way I keep from doing this is to sing a song in my head until I go to sleep. I guess that is my "counting sheep." The funny part is that the song I usually end up with is this lullaby that Alicia made up when we were...oh... about 5 years old that we sang to our Cabbage Patch Kids! It is dumb, it doesn't rhyme, it says "Go to sleep and dream" over and over in it, and I would NEVER sing it outloud, even to Reagan! But it puts me to sleep most nights. Man, I am a huge dork.

Ok, so those are the first 8 I came up with, and there are definitely more. I am officially tagging Kendra, Rachel, Ashley, Paige, Amie, Jaymie, Julie (any of you Julies I guess!), and Tracy. Everyone else is free to consider themselves "tagged" as well, but thought you 8 might actually read through all that mess!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Urgent Prayers Needed

I am almost glad to ask this for some reason. Maybe because I have had, unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the chance several times in the last year to pray for the babies of dear friends of mine... it is amazing to be on the other side of God's answers and praise Him for what He has done! So with a worried but faithful heart I ask your prayers for Bennett Mitchell Speck, the son of my friends Travis and Kelly from ACU. He is 3 days old and VERY VERY sick. The scary kind that only God can heal. Please say a prayer that God takes hold of the infections in Bennett's body and makes him well. You can also view his website here. Thank you dear friends for the prayers for this precious family.

Not much goin' on...

Life around here has been pretty normal for a change... not much traveling or craziness, just hanging out. A shuttle flight has left and landed, and David didn't even have to work this one! Yay! So all in all, we're great. Just wanted to share a few pics of the baby girl from the last couple of days...
BED HEAD! The times right after naps bring funny faces.
Cheesy grin!
Hew newest hairdo!! Piggies!! I am obsessed with putting her hair in pigtails. Don't think David loves it as much as I do though... but how could he not?!?! So fun!
One of my favorite faces...
Coming to attack the camera!! (complete with a dribble of milk on her mouth...)
Cutie pie!
Mimicking Daddy... lounging on the couch with the remote and a Reader's Digest. (the magazine part is NOT David...)
I've found that I do not have that many pictures of her with just a diaper, so I am trying to take more. I just think I'll be glad someday to have more of that cute little belly! Here, she has found my makeup bag. She is OBSESSED with my makeup. Such a girl.
Her pink chair is now in the living room since she wants to be in it all the time. When it was in her room, she wouldn't LEAVE her room! Here is the little couch potato watching some Backyardigans.
Sweet times with her little baby. Again, such a girl.
She is still so petite, this 12 month dress hits the floor! But it's so cute on her... thanks Grammy!!! Now that she walks she can wear it more! (it was too hard to crawl in.)
"Whoa!!!!" Catching herself from falling.
Reagan has two beach balls that she plays with alot. Recently, with the walking thing, she likes to carry them both everywhere!!! I caught her this time with them over her head!!
Even while walking!! Impressive!!
Cheesy grin again. Another favorite face.
And lastly, Reagan wanted to say Happy Birthday Tomorrow to Grandmommy!!! We love you!!! Have a GREAT trip, and come see us soon!

Monday, August 20, 2007

San Antonio Trip Pictures

I finally got all the pictures together from our family trip to San Antonio, so I of course had to share them! Reagan had the best time... seriously, probably the best 4 days of her life. We pushed her to the limit... it was hot, she didn't have a real nap schedule, we didn't eat until almost 9 at night, bed after 10, and STILL she was an angel and had a wonderful time. Made life much easier on Mommy! Anyways, here are the overdue pics. Beware, this is long. (And some of the pictures have this weird white thing around them for some reason.)
First thing we did, of course, was go see Shamu. The kids were kinda in awe. The show is really dramatic, all slow flowy music and stuff, so their mouths were wide open the whole time. (As is Adam's in this picture!)
All Reagan wanted to do during this show was make friends with the kids sitting behind us! Her head is soaking wet from sweat, and we had been there all of 15 minutes!
Here is some of the show in case you've never been! :)
Adley, mid-clap, wondering why her picture is being taken.
My parents took the big kids on a special Grandparent outing to Dinner With Shamu. It was so cool. Well, hot actually, but a really neat deal. They got a great meal, and were upclose and personal to the whales and the trainers.
Here is the view from their table!
Adley and Corbin checking out the whales. Actually, we learned they are not whales, but dolphins that KILL whales. That is where their name comes from. (applying a little Sea World knowledge...)

In the kiddie section of the park they have one of those fountains that squirts up randomly from different parts of the floor. We didn't have Reagan in her swimsuit at this point, but she DIDN'T CARE! She LOVED that thing; wouldn't let us take her away from it! And this was before she was walking, so one of us had to break our backs and walk around with her the whole time.
Great picture of Corbin!!
Reagan, soaking wet, now looking for the Pringles for a snack.
Cute pic of Grandmommy with the kids.

Bathtime back at the hotel with all the cousins!
The second day, our first adventure was to the dolphin pool.
Reagan was pretty calm at this point, enjoying the view while laying on my back.
Once we let her lay down to look by herself, she went nuts! If I would have let her, she would have gone headfirst into that water! She LOVED those dolphins and wanted them SO badly! It was too cute!
Here's Daddy feeding one really close so Corbin could touch it.
The cousins and Flipper.
Reagan holding on to Granddaddy.
All of us, minus David the photographer, with Flipper getting a snack.
Mom got all the kids "vacation presents," and of course it included matching swimsuits for the girls!

Stopped for a picnic before we hit the water park. I have no pictures of the water park since that was risky with the camera. But it was fun, crowded, but fun. (we of course go on a weekend when Sea World set all-time attendance records!)
After the kids took naps and us "big" kids rode rollercoasters all afternoon, we hit the dolphin show. It was a HUGE hit!
David was helping Reagan pay more attention to the show instead of her neighbors this time!
Here is the Beluga whale part of the show.
While Adam entertained Reagan, the kids were LOVIN' the show. That look on Adley's face wasn't staged!!!
Corbin loving it too!
Sweet smile. :)
That night we went back to Shamu's night show. But these pictures show one of Reagan's favorite parts of the trip....
... lovin' on Corbin. She was quite attached to him this trip! Too sweet!
Granddaddy and Grandmommy of course hit a gift shop, and all the kids came home with Shamus. Corbin wanted a baby one.
Adley is showing her Shamu to Shamu.
And here is Reagan with hers, and Aunt Missy of course. She was quite an Aunt Missy fan this trip too, which seemed to suit Missy just fine. :) The only thing better than one Shamu....
... is 2 Shamus. Adley was sweet to share. Seriously, Reagan loves this thing. Even today, she took it with us to run errands. She LOVES it!
Personally, a highlight of MY trip was Cowboys Training Camp!! We didn't get to see a whole lot, but it helped tide me over until the season starts!!
Reagan getting some football lessons from Granddaddy. She didn't pay too much attention though because there were too many people around to make friends with. She is so my social butterfly!

Our last ride at Sea World were the teacup things at the kiddie park. I rode with Adley....
... and Adam with Corbin. It was SO fun! I couldn't quite spin as fast as Adam could, but Adley couldn't tell. :) She thought I was great!
Our last breakfast together, we celebrated Adley's birthday little early since we all won't be together on Sept. 2nd. Sweet snaggletooth picture!

Guess how old she's turning???!!!
Mom got her new bedding for a big 6 year old room. She wanted a change in her room, and she thought these were perfect!
"Best Friends" picture. I love that girl so much!
Her new backpack for school. When did she get so big?!?!
We had such a great time. If you've never been to Sea World, it is fantastic!! Just don't go on the last "summer" weekend! Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for a great mini-vacation!!!