Saturday, March 30, 2013

December!! (My favorite... and really long!)

A certain sweet, blonde, blue-eyed beauty has her birthday in December.  The Thurs before (her bday was Sun the 9th), she got to celebrate at school with cupcakes.
 Her Minnie Mouse party that I had been planning for weeks was supposed to be Sat, and on Fri she woke up SICK. Sickest she has ever been.  At the dr, all he had to do was look at her to know she'd test positive for the flu, and he was right.  That day was SO rough, she was miserable.  But thanks to tamiflu, by Sun she was better.  Ran fever for about 4 days, so we had to cancel her party.  Thus, we opened presents and celebrated at home.

 Morning of her bday, she immediately cried with her donuts.  No idea, other than she was sick and couldn't decide what to feel.

 That's a little better!

A bunch of Minnie-themed stuff for her non-existent party. :(

 I think this was the following Sunday, headed to church.  In SO many of the pics I have of the two of them, Brooklyn is looking and smiling at Reagan.

 That Sun, R got sick.  Took her first thing for some tamiflu, but she tested negative.   Anyways, she had to stay home the entire last week of school before Christmas.  Her fever was about 102, with meds, for 8 days.  Awful.  I even took her back for another nose-swab, but was still negative for at least the flu they can test.  So, we just waited it out since she showed no infection signs.  Here she is eating her cupcakes for her school party that I had committed to make... for her party she didn't go to.  :(  Bummer.  But they were cute and yummy!


 Got permission to go ahead and bring the sickly Reagan to Granddaddy and Grandmommy's house and take the chances with the germs.  She didn't get anyone sick, thank goodness.  And she had so much fun that she forgot she had fever the whole time!  LOVE this Santa and his three elves (fave Christmas pj's ever!)!!!  There were so many of these that I couldn't just put one.  And you can DEFINITELY tell who the weak link is when taking pictures with these four... sheesh.  :)

Christmas "morning" right before presents.
 Stocking stuffers!!

 Annual gift for Corbin.  :)
 Accidental matching pj's gift!

 Little Miss had to immediately put on her new Snow White gown.  Love Adam's look here.  :)
 Grandmommy had a yucky fall a week or so before, which turned her already gorgeous face a rainbow of colors.   :)  Annnnnd... she was rockin' those zebra pants.
 Legos=instant fun.

Only pic I got of my mom playing with Brooklyn and her new toy... sorry, Mom.  :)
 Brooklyn getting lots of tickles!!!!! 

 This was some sort of game where my brother was getting tackled. Greatness.  And Adley looks SO OLD!

 Love my Corbin!
 I did pedi's for the girls, so they plopped here with the itouch while waiting for toes to dry!
 "Adore" is not a big enough word for how my girls feel about their big cousins!
 And you can you tell that B thinks Corbin is hilarious?!

*Back home on Christmas Eve*
Grammy and Poppy came to spend the night with us.  Poppy is a GREAT bedtime story reader, and he read several classics to the girls before bed.


 Little elf-girls, running in to see the loot...
 ... Mommy made them stop for a quick puffy-eyed picture...
 ... then they are off again!  I LOVE THE HAPPINESS IN THIS RUNNING PICTURE!
 Then they just sat and froze, staring at the fireplace (where Santa leaves his gifts).
 Brooklyn needed to thank-you-hug someone, and since Santa wasn't there... I'll take it!

 Just what she asked for!!

I think she liked it!
 After Santa loot, Mommy was asked to open the first gift. 
 Tricky... putting a box inside a box!
 Mommy got "jewels"... picked out by Reagan.  Doesn't get ANY better!
Thank-you hugs after they exchanged presents to each other.
 Somebody was a GOOD girl...  :) both of them, really!
 I love the Christmas aftermath-mess!
 Mommy made them stop their play to take a pic, which they obviously were THRILLED about.
Dr. Princess Merida taking Lamby's temperature... the old fashioned way, I guess.
 Our Christmas breakfast tradition
 Reagan and Poppy got to working on Legos first thing.  LOVE Legos!!!!!
 At dinner later, these goobers were begging for waiting patiently for their pizza.
 The smallest of them took matters into her own hands...

YAY!  Time to open presents!!
 Buzz Lightyear graced us with his presence.  :)
 Grammy and Poppy soaking in the mayhem.
 Happy girl with a new bunkbed for her AG dolls.
 EVERY kid was fascinated by the pirate ship.
 Captain America-girl!
 I think they might have been a little excited!  More Doc McStuffins and Legos!  Yay!

 Etta, contemplating the new Crayola gear.

Funny hats at Christmas are a Beaver tradition.  This one bounces and sings Rockin Around the Christmas Tree!
 Next-day-relaxin'.  Playing new Playstation games!
 Then, build some legos and a new marble track.  LOVE this set!!  Reagan gets SO into it!
 And a make-up session right before bed.  :)
 All the most serious make-up artists work like this, and with their tongues out.
 New (fabulous!) books from Poppy for bedtime stories.
 And I'll end with this one that makes my heart nearly EXPLODE out of my chest:
*Just kidding... a couple more from my phone*:
Sweet girl fell asleep on me in the rocking chair.  When this rarity happens, I find that I could stay there for hours.  I try not to, but I want to!
 My helper with the Christmas lights!!
 At least one of them was sick nearly the entire month, so we tried to still do fun things like drive around and find fun Christmas lights in our pj's.
 One of the few mornings that they both went to school, we walked in the COLD.
 Two sleeping princesses
 Another sleeping picture.  And yes, you read that right... she is dead-to-the-world asleep.  With her mouth and eyes wide open.  I have no idea what freak-parent she gets this from...
 And now I actually WILL end this 100+ picture post with another that makes my heart burst wide-open: