Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amarillo Pics.... from Labor Day.

Um, so these are from Sept. Not sure HOW I forgot to post them, but better late than never! David had to work Labor Day weekend, so the girls and I went to Dallas one night, to Amarillo the next with Granddaddy and Grandmommy. I did a HORRIBLE job taking pictures, and really only got some from our trip to the park. But it was so fun.... seeing Reagan with her cousins is the best thing ever. She loooooooooooooooooves them.
Speaking of loving things, Brooklyn loves to swing!!! All smiles the whole time!

Cutie Corbin. Reagan reminds me daily of how funny it is that Corbin's teeth have fallen out. She says she does NOT want that to happen to her, though.
Reagan loves "twisty" slides.
This one was metal, so she got some serious momentum out of it! Flipped her every time!
How funny is this?

Reagan just sitting there letting them do all the work while she ate her cookie.
At one point, Adley and I had a swinging contest. It had been forever since I had swung on big swings like this.... so fun! I just love that girl to pieces.
Corbin talking to Reagan....
... who was too short to reach it, so had to have help from Uncle Adam.
Fun glidey thing.... no idea what it is called, but they loved it. I love Corbin's face in this one!
And the action shot!
It got a cute look from Reagan too. This was a first for her.

The next couple are blurry since I evidently switched settings on the camera on accident. Shoot. Anyways, Aunt Missy and Brooklyn had a little chat on the picnic table while the big kids played.
Aunt Missy is a BIG help to this Mommy. Love her. Check out Reagan with her (second or third) cookie. These were Adley's birthday cookies... that were her name. R is down to the "EY." They were SO SO cute... a lady at their church gave them to Adley. Super fun, and sweet of her to share.
Again, blurry. But Grandmommy and Brooklyn were "talking" this time... sweet.

Getting printed to hang in my hall!! Granddaddy hooked us ALL up with Cowboys attire for game day! This is as good as it gets, folks. Cutest kids ever. No offense. :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Quick Brooklyn Update and our Dallas Trip

First of all, for all you Moms reading this, click here and sign on with a "promise." It will brighten your day, your kiddos' day, and feed hungry kids. Win, Win, Win. :)
I was planning on doing my next update on the girls AFTER Brooklyn's appt on Monday, but after the evening she has had.... I added it to this post! I am quite positive no one will understand how FREAKIN' EXCITED I was tonight, but she hit a huge milestone tonight! David was still at work, so thankfully she kept up the hard work long enough for me to grab the camera and snap pics and a quick video (it is at the bottom.... couldn't get blogger to put it on top).

She was sitting up, looking longingly at a toy out to her side that was out of reach. She lunged towards it, cross-ways over her body, like a baby would who could just swing their legs underneath them to crawl. We've been practicing this "motion" in PT, as a pre-crawl activity, but she's never really done it without my prompting her. So... I praised her for doing a great job, then "finished" the motion for her by putting her knees up under her body so she would know how it felt. THEN SHE HELD HERSELF UP ON ALL FOURS! She has NEVER EVER been able to hold that position before without someone holding her trunk up for her. EVER!! This is so huge, I can't even tell you how proud I am! Seriously y'all, this is direct answer to prayers!! I texted her therapist and told her, and she immediately wrote back (and I quote) "NO WAY! Guess she didn't get the memo that she shouldn't be able 2 do that!" Just shows us that she has enough hip strength to support her body weight and take the weight off of her arms, and she really shouldn't. Blah blah blah... it's just great news and a HUGE praise! And so early on for a kid like her. I'll stop rambling now.... here she is, the stud. :) Had a hard time getting her big ole head up, but I'll tell you she was laughing and smiling HUGE. She gets so proud of herself.

Got the head up! Look at that 4-point position!!! YAY B!!!

On to exciting things of a totally different sort. We were in town the weekend of the opening game at the "Death Star" aka Cowboys Stadium. David got us tickets! I was so darn pumped. Here is the unbelieveable structure.... it is so huge, it's unreal.

Rode with Alicia and some of her friends. Great to share this with my sweet friend and fellow football FAN!

Us and the Death Star. And a billion tailgaters.

God bless Tom Landry.

The big windows on the end.

And standing up there when they opened them!

These guys were cracking me up. During pregame, it was beyond obvious that they were going to make a big deal of presenting the star in the middle. So, to keep that a big "secret", these guys were what I called the Star Secret Service. They stood there on guard of the star the entire time before the game started... in their suits. Cracked me up.

President and Laura bush headed out for the coin toss.

Part of the pregame extravaganza... a la Jerry Jones.

And we have lift off!!! Or, the Star Secret Service uncovered the turf off of the star with a little pyrotechnics. It was cool though.

Huge Flag with American Idol singing. She did great, which I was thankful. I can't stand when people butcher the national anthem.

My sweet hubby on one of our best dates EVER. Even from the nosebleeds, our seats were GREAT. Thanks to the $40million spent on that screen, there is no bad seat in the house!

After the severely disappointing loss, we ran into Dale Hansen and Coach Joe doing their recap. You can tell on Coach Joe's face how he felt about the play of the Cowboys...

Stuck around a minute and asked Dale for a pic!

Back at Grammy's, Reagan learned a few of the finer points of Spider solitaire.

Hanging out with Daddy and Poppy's pond. Too sweet.

Daddy and Reagan's footprints. Awwww...

I looooooooove this pic. Didn't even stage it.

We got to spend a few hours at Cassidee's house, and Amie and Charlie got to hang out too! Brooklyn got some lovin' from Amie.

Cass and Reagan hadn't seen each other in awhile, so they were attached at the hip. Charlie wasn't sure what to make of Reagan stealing his friend Cass, so he tried warming up to Brooklyn. Poor guy, he wasn't so into hanging out with the baby. She's way boring for a big boy. Seriously, could he BE any cuter in those pants and shoes?!?!

The BFF's were outside the ENTIRE DAY. Came in for food, drinks, and potty. The wind did a number on R's hair throughout the day, but I still got some cute pics. And I couldn't decide, so I put several.


We went to visit Reagan's crush, I mean, Jeremy at the fire station. It is old hat to Cass, and we had to wake her up to go, so she was less than enthused at first.

Brooklyn got loved on this time by Kendra while I snapped photos.
R thought Jeremy was awesome BEFORE this, but after he let her "drive" the fire truck, well, he is GOLDEN.
That's more like it, Cass. :) Seriously... SUCH a cutie pie!!
Speaking of cuteness, Cason got to walk around. Big shot in his cool daddy wind suit.Jeremy finding all kinds of cool stuff to show R. He's her hero.
R in the passenger seat....
.... Cass at the wheel. Having a little chat over the headsets. SO COOL!
Then they got to pull this switch that made the ladder go up and down!

And play with the mini light sabers... for directing traffic. All in all, a memorable day for my girl. THANKS Jeremy!!!

And here is the video from tonight of my little rockstar. Terrible video... I was hurrying because I didn't know how long she could do it, and I was the only adult here!! Sorry! But, I'm glad I caught it!! Can you hear her laughing over my dumb voice??!!