Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Guess who started smiling yesterday!?!?!?! Sweet Brooklyn! The rest of us have been smiling for awhile now, so you probably guessed right. I caught a few on camera this morning, but they were never at the perfect spot. This was was right after...
Right before... it is hard with digital camera delay!

These two are pretty good... love the smirk! This girl is gonna have spunk.

Thus, I have been on a photo rampage today. The rest are just lots of cuteness that I had to put up... I'm the Mommy, so I get to take as many as I want I guess.
You'll notice we've had 3 outfits/pj's today... she's is really into spitting up right now.
Tired of Mommy's pictures!

Most of the time she is looking left. We can't lay her on her right side due to the shunt, so she always wants to turn her head left now that she is used to it all the time. Here, you can see how her little head is already flat on that side! Poor dear, we try to make her turn it when she is awake as much as possible. Oh well....
This look is totally "her." Pretty much how she looks all the time. Cutie pie. Six weeks old already!
"Whoa." This look reminds me of that baby on the commercials who trades stock.

"Enough with the pictures, Mom!"
Not wanting Reagan to feel left out of my photo craziness, I told her to "Come over here and smile for Mommy." This is the result.
These next two I just love... wish they were more in focus. Looks like they are just having little conversations.

Speaking of Reagan, you can see her gynormous lollipop in that pic. She and her sweet Aunt Mary went out last Saturday on their own "special day" to the museum and lunch. I love how she spoils her! Came home with that thing, and she is still going strong on it. Hilarious. This was right after her nap on their "special day"... immediately asked for her lollipop. I had to give in, we just brushed her teeth several times that day. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love My Job

Reagan and I were playing in the bouncy house... about 100 games of Ring Around the Rosie. (It's a lot more fun in the bouncy house than on the regular floor.) Anyways, we fall down, then Reagan likes to "help" me up by pulling on my hands. Around game 73 or so, she helps me up and then throws herself at me and hugs around my waist really tight.... looks up and says "You're my bestest best friend, Mommy." Makes for a great day. :)

I just had to write that one down for my own sake. And so I can remind her of it when she is 13.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up

Reagan got a fabulous Christmas present that she is putting to great use... the bouncy house. It is great for lots of reasons: it fits in my living room or can go outside, it deflates or inflates in 30 seconds, and I can bounce with her! We've had it up at least once each day since it got here, and we love it!
Here is Mommy, joining in the fun!

Please come visit us so you can bounce with her too!!
I looooooove our looks of pure joy in this one. Totally how I feel! Sweeeeeet girl!
R has been into taking pictures lately. Here are a few of her masterpieces thus far...
The one right before this contained nudity... and I didn't know she took it. Glad I found it and deleted it before anyone saw more of me than they ever wanted to!
Love the self portrait.

She took this one while swinging! I thought it was pretty good, on the part of the photographer, not the subject.
Since having B around, R seems SO big to me! And I am just more and more in love with my girls everyday... can't get enough of them. This particular morning, R was just too cute for words in her school clothes. :)

And this little one makes the funniest faces! Here is one, mid-nap.
No funny face, but she just looks so tiny with that paci in! Can you tell she also loves her swing? Seriously, thank goodness for swings and bouncy seats!
I was burping Brooklyn, and Reagan came up and went forehead to forehead with her, smiling and sweet talking to her sister. It was too sweet, and I happened to have the camera right beside me. :)
Last Thursday, Brooklyn turned one-month old! She has already changed so much, it is amazing. Yesterday at the doctor, she weighed 9 lbs 11oz! Go Brooklyn! Here is our monthly photo shoot in her new pink chair (thanks again, Julie!!)... there were actually several good ones for her age I thought, so I just put them all. :) We'll take them each month with Mr. Beaver.

(This one the color turned out weird You can see her little flexed feet... this is a big prayer for her. The spot where her lesion was on her spine controls the nerves to the ankles. Hers stay flexed all the time, and grew that way obviously, so we will work nonstop to get them to relax with her stretches and PT. She will probably need braces on them eventually to walk, so we pray for that to be an easy possibility.
Again, she is quite little Miss Funny Face.Here, I think she might have smelled her own diaper stink by the look on her face.
And then I think she spotted something disgusting and frightening on the ceiling.
And just a few more of my oldest cutie. We went outside to swing the other evening, and the wind was CHILLY. So, I had to take pics of how sweet she looked in her hoodie.
The swingset produces big smiles everytime!

LOVE this one.
Here is my little monkey about to slide. I can't WAIT til she is 3 and can start gymnastics... she has NO fear and is really strong! She'll love it!
That catches me up for now. Have a great week!! Love to all!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Snapfish.... UGH!

Ok, this is my public service announcement.... DO NOT EVER USE SNAPFISH! I am so fed up with them. Yes, I realize I ordered my Christmas cards late because I wanted to wait until Brooklyn got home. So, I am ok with the fact that they got delivered to me after Christmas. BUT... this is the second year in a row that they have shorted me on the envelopes! How hard can it be, really?!?! The cards are ordered in sets of 20, so the envelopes should also be in sets of 20! I was 38 envelopes short... AGAIN this year! Needless to say, some of my sweet friends and family are still having to anxiously await getting the pictures of my sweet girls :) on a card that says "Happy Holidays"... and it is now Jan 9th and I still don't have the 38 envelopes. Ridiculous. I've called twice, and can only talk with people that I can't understand very well and aren't very helpful. So, I will NOT use this website again, and I advise you to do the same.

And please, if you do not receive a card from us this year, know that it is NOT because I don't love you... we had to cut back some and I just can't get it to everyone! Please accept my "Happy Holidays" wishes in January through blogland. :) And stay tuned for more pictures.

Friday, January 02, 2009

I already miss the holidays....

I am thankful that I have the "I have a newborn at home" excuse to leave my decorations up longer this year. It goes by way too fast, and taking them down always depresses me! So, it'll be awhile before I get around to that, and it is a-ok by me. So, don't judge me if you come to my house...
Here is a small dose (relative term) of our Christmas fun at our house. I loved having everyone here, and it helped keep us sane during NICU and our first week or so at home. R loves having family around, and she loves having presents to open. Win, win. Here are Adley and Reagan finding their piles and stockings.
I think Reagan liked Corbin's storm trooper helmet as much as he did!! Notice her princess panties on over her pj's.... nice.

The kiddos hanging out amongst the loot.
How cute are these four?!?!?!?! Love the matching pj's!
Adley showing Reagan how to work the M&M fan.
Showing Brooklyn her first baby doll!
Look closely at this fan... very cool.
Tracy, we now have VT playdoh too!!! Yay!
Hugs and thanks to Grandmommy for Pirate Larry. All things veggie were quite the hit!
Enjoying a movie with Corbin, although I am not sure why her sad face! These two LOVE each other... it is sweet beyond words.
Outside fun with Adley. Seriously, she loves her cousins so much, and misses them terribly!!
Adley and Reagan have matching NOEL shirts, Corbin's says "Christmas Rocks", and Brooklyn's says "Mommy and Daddy's best present ever." Amen.
We got the best Christmas Eve surprise EVER! Danny, Brenda, and Granner drove 5 HOURS here, just to see us and love on Brooklyn. AND they brought the most thoughtful gifts of all time. This memory will be treasured in my heart forever... I still can't believe they did it. We visited for about an hour, then they drove back home so they could have Christmas at their house the next day. Thank y'all again... and again, and again, and again...
Granner, meet Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Granner. Mom called her Jean, and I didn't know who she was talking about! I love how my friends have grandparents that claim me as "theirs." Love you, Granner!
Here is what Santa left for the girls!!! Reagan's presents were in green paper with her green stocking, and Brooklyn's were red. Santa is cool like that. I guess he had a hard time trying to wrap the baby car seat, so just decided to forget it.
R checking out the scene.
She has been asking Santa since July for "two babies and a clock (watch)." You may remember the mall Santa story?! Anyways, the big guy came through!
"Yesssssss!!!" (sorry, just realized I forgot to get out red eye on all of these pics)
Digging in the stocking.
Then the whole Beaver clan came over for a couple of days o' fun. Here's Aunt Mary sticking her tongue out at the two year old. :) Notice, R wearing the Dora watch.
R teaching Austin how her stroller works. He was SO cute in his Santa suit, and it was too darn hot to leave him in it.
The crew busted out the poker. This is Reagan's first lesson in TX Hold'em.
Scoping out the cards....
...debating her bet...
... betting big with a black.
Presents again the next morning!! R got a Madame Alexander doll from BB. It is gorgeous!
I'm so excited she is big enough to start playing games now!
Here is pretty much how she feels about opening presents!...

This toy is awesome... highly recommend it. Good choice, Mary! You write on the light up screen... great car toy at night. She loves it.
Brooklyn loved her stuff too... but was rude and slept through everything. This girl loves her bouncy seat. This Mommy loves that she loves her bouncy seat.

And here are just a few random shots of the last couple of days. R has a skill I do not have... check it out.
Again, she loves her bouncy. Check out this sleeping position though?!?! Yikes. Oh, and Reagan gave B her Purples that she rejected so long ago. So we'll try and put them to good use.
R really likes to share with Sister. A few minutes later I found her like this... guess R went and found her a toy. And yes, this kid also sleeps with her eyes open. Only the cool people can.
Sharing her Lion and patting her hiney. So sweet!
She was fussing, so R pulled up her stool so she could sit and bounce the seat.
Daddy is comfy I guess. Love that sweet face!!!
And Rach, thanks for the matching pj's!! I love pj's, and I love my girls matching in them even more!!!

That catches me up for now. David goes back to work on Monday, so don't get your hopes up for lots of posts... I'll be sleeping every spare moment I get! But, we are doing great... B is getting MUCH better at nursing, which is a HUGE praise. And she is sleeping pretty great at night too... in her bouncy. I am spoiling her with it now until she is able to lay on her back. But for now, we're good! Happy New Year everyone!