Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Happy Day!!!

Today is the day!! Reagan went down last night about 8:30ish, and didn't wake up until almost 7:00am to eat! Yippee!!! I know I say this all the time, but I can't believe how big she is! Everyone kept telling us that these first few months eventually would seem as if they flew by, and I guess that is now true. When I was in the middle of it... like those nights where she wanted to eat every hour and a half... it seemed like I would never sleep again as long as I lived and life would never be the same. Well, life WILL never be the same, and time really has flown, but the little girl is sleeping like a champ and I couldn't be more proud! Yea Reagan!

Reagan and I are flying to Amarillo today to see the fam. Wish me luck since I will be flying by myself with an infant! I will of course have pictures to post upon our return. Until then, here are a few of the little girl with some of her favorite toys. She loves to play these days, and to chew on anything she can get to her mouth!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mommy Questions

Everyone knows that life changes when you become parents. I don't think anyone knows how MUCH before it happens to them! I wouldn't change a thing, but I do have some questions. Some of them I need true answers for from you veteran Moms, some of them I just need to throw out there and get them off my chest!
13 (there are certainly more!) questions I ask myself as a Mom:

1. Why do I almost leave the house (when I get to leave the house!) without brushing my teeth!? I am a major tooth-brusher, but now it seems to be the last thing I think about! Weird.

2. How am I supposed to get her to drink her vitamins? (this is one that I would love an answer for!) I only have found one brand, and they are disgusting!! I mean, she spits them right out, and I do not blame her! Does she really need them? The doc says yes, but since she is nursing, you would think that God has provided all she needs with that. Any thoughts??

3. Why does she always start crying when I sit down to post a blog?? (save as draft)

4. Since I am the one who normally takes the pictures, David is in lots of cute pics with the kiddo. How come I always get our pic taken when I have on no makeup!? Here it is anyways....

5. While I am on the topic of looking rough, why do I still get zits? I mean, pushing 30 should be old enough.

6. When do I know to start her eating other foods, like cereal or baby food? Are these things the doc decides or do I get this info from magazines or what? I never want to be that mom at the Dr. office who asks dumb questions, so I ask them of you.... :)

7. How do I figure out when her 3-6 month clothes start to fit? I think she is in an inbetween phase now, and I am afraid I might wait too long and some of them will be too small before she wears them! Do I just sit down one day and try everything on her at once? Not sure the best procedure for that... especially since I need to wash them first. Help!

8. Why I am so giddy about dressing her up for Halloween?? I mean, you would think she was my Cabbage Patch or something. I want it to be so perfect that I am incredibly indecisive on what she will be!! And since she is the CUTEST in her class at school, she has to have the cutest costume!! Never cared about such things before...

9. What if she never learns to roll over? She hates tummy time with a passion. Is it that big of a deal? Won't she learn soon enough, or should I continue to torture my child on her tummy so that she learns to roll over sooner?

10. What if she doesn't learn to love football?? I fear this dreadfully. One would think it impossible in our family, but I am still fearful. I want her to be raised right!!!

11. We just love her mohawk. I think she is just too stinkin cute in it, but not sure when it gets past the cute point and becomes kinda trashy. Can I just transition it, when it gets long enough, to the on-top-of-the-head ponytail with a bow?

12. Why does she not want to sleep when I want her to, but she just falls dead to the world asleep in her Bumbo seat?! She fights it at bedtime these days, but just leaned over and crashed in her Bumbo without a fight yesterday. It was stinkin cute I must say.

13. How did I get so blessed?! I have such a wonderful family, and I just feel like my chest will explode with love sometimes. Greatest thing ever. ;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

3 Months!

Can't believe the baby girl is 3 months old! She is getting so big already, and has developed quite the personality. We couldn't be more proud of her! Here are a few pics from the last week or so... we haven't taken as many as usual (meaning we don't have hundreds to go through!) because the camera battery has been dying. But we captured a few good moments. Enjoy! Isn't she just too cute?!?!?! :)

These are actually out of order. Daddy went a bit crazy with the powder after bathtime!!
She is so big that she fills up her little bathtub now! And my little dainty, modest girl crossed her legs for the camera!
And Gloria makes her first blog appearance! She just loves Reagan so much... follows her everywhere. This is a typical scene in our living room with Reagan swinging and Gloria hanging out right next to where Reagan is. She even sleeps outside Reagan's door at night these days. Guess she considers herself the protective big sister or something! It really is cute...
Kendra and I bought Cassidee and Reagan matching ACU attire, and this is the first and last time she wore it! It was a really small newborn outfit I guess since it is already too tight! Anyways, since UT was playing a non-team last weekend, she wore ACU clothes for football Saturday! Little future Wildcat!
Ok, this was turned correctly when I put it in here... weird. Oh well. Here is our little "stander", saying hi to Daddy when he got home from work. Standing in our laps is her new favorite thing! She is just so big!!! :)